Does Bovada Accept Prepaid Cards?


Bovada is an online betting website available to people all over the United states except in some states. Since 2011 Bovada has been operating for the game and betting entertainment. It also provides poker rooms that include famous tournaments and cash games. In October 2022, Bovada became one of the most-used online betting websites. Two of the reasons they have such popularity among people are their several marketing campaigns and the accessibility of their site. Bovada deals in sports betting, casino games, live dealers, poker, and horse race betting. Let us know does Bovada accept prepaid cards and the deposit methods Bovada offers in this article.

Does Bovada Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Bovada accept prepaid cards?

Yes, Bovada accept prepaid cards. Deposit methods are one of the most crucial factors in online casinos such as Bovada. Every player has different preferences for depositing money; if it isn’t available, they might switch to other websites. On the site of Bovada, it allows you to use prepaid gift cards, which is also one of the reasons Bovada is so popular among the general public of the United States. The only restriction that Bovada has is that the card should be VISA or MasterCard, which can make international transactions since not all VISA and MasterCards can’t do that. 

Which deposit methods Bovada offers?

Western Union

A most accessible method of depositing money in Bovada is through any of the numerous western union locations available in the United States. However, according to your deposit, Bovada charges a 6 – 15% fee. The fees keep getting smaller as the amount you are depositing grows. If you are depositing more than $300, Bovada now refunds the fees charged by them. If you deposit money using this method, you should create an account at Western Union and contact customer support at Bovada. They will provide you with a code and a name to make your transfer. The same method can also be used for withdrawals.


You can deposit through many locations of MoneyGram, and one of the benefits is that the free for MoneyGram is less than western union. The transfer fee is closer to 5 to 10% of your total. Again, for this method, you will need to contact customer support for it. This is an excellent and convenient method to transfer money but not very cheap compared to other options such as bitcoin. 

Visa or MasterCard

The most convenient way of depositing is through Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card. Some of the cards might not work since there is a hold on international transactions until authorized by the card owner. So just call up the bank and get your hold removed. The first deposit is free; meanwhile, Bovada charges a minimal fee on the rest of the deposits. The prices range from around 5% on each deposit to cover their processing fees. Sometimes even if the hold is removed or the owner authorizes the transaction, the VISA or MasterCard might not work. In that case, you can explore other deposit options available at Bovada. 


Bovada incentivizes depositing through Bitcoin. It can process the transaction only in 10 – 15 minutes, and there is no fee while depositing through bitcoin. The minimum deposit amount is $10, and the $5000 maximum is for Bitcoin users. You can find all the steps you need to follow to use Bitcoin as a deposit method. 

Payments not accepted at Bovada

There is more than one reason your deposit or payment might fail at Bovada’s website. If you’re depositing through a debit/credit card, it is not 100% sure that the deposit might occur. It can fail due to any restrictions on the card, or you can try again. Using one card three times is not recommended since if it fails the third time, you won’t be able to use that card again for 24 hours. Also, be sure that the gift card you are trying to use is approved for international transactions; otherwise, it won’t be approved. To be safe, use a gift card of $25 at least to cover the depositing fees and minimum deposit amount. 

What deposit method is best for you?

Since there are multiple options to deposit your money, which is the best? If you want to avoid the Bovada fee or charges and want the transaction to get processed in a few minutes, Bitcoin is your go-to method. However, you can also explore other options, such as credit or debit cards. But the processing time will be longer, and the fee will be higher. Moreover, prepaid cards are the last available option if your credit/debit card doesn’t allow international transactions or you don’t have a VISA or MasterCard. 


Yes, Bovada accepts prepaid cards though it has to be a VISA or MasterCard, which can happen through which an international transaction can happen because there are some VISA or MasterCards that do not support international transactions. Even if you still can not deposit through a card, don’t worry. There are many other easy methods to make deposits, such as Bitcoin, Prepaid gift cards, MoneyGram, and Western Union. There are many games and services that Bovada offers, such as sports betting, Casinos, Poker, and Horse betting. Bitcoin is the best method right now as it is the most incentivized due to being fast and smooth. It is also free of any charges, unlike other methods. 

Does Bovada Accept Prepaid Cards?

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