How To Uninstall Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging social medium application. It is the medium where users can communicate through text messaging, voice calls, and video calls as a portion of various communities called servers.

How To Uninstall Discord?


As a fast messaging social medium application, discord enables users to communicate via voice calls, and text messaging. Discord is a type of app that makes users exchange text messages and participate in video calls. Hence, the Discord app requires some steps to follow to uninstall the application. 

The process of uninstalling a program from a computer is a straightforward process that requires unique knowledge. The act of uninstalling a program simply requires to launch of the Control Panel, thereafter the user needs to select the program desired, and click on the dropdown uninstall button display. It is important to note that some uninstall programs leave some dirt on the computer after uninstallation.

Also, uninstalling the Discord app from the system does not permanently remove the files from a computer. Most time some users get feedback like “The files are still open somewhere” during the process of deleting those files.

The Task Manager is one of the features in the PC menu. Users cannot remove the discord file from his/her computer until it is first disabled from the Task Manager. This reason is that the Discord app solely operates in the background of the system. For a user to end the Discord process from the Task Manager he/she must uninstall it properly. 

Uninstalling Discord from Windows PC

There are steps to follow to completely remove discord from the computer. The steps are 

End the Discord run from the Task Manager: It is well-known that the Discord app runs in every system background. This is the more reason the user needs to uninstall the app from the Control Panel, by terminating the process.

Firstly, the user needs to click on the particular icon, and then right-click on the app icon. After clicking on the app icon, select “Quit Discord”. After that action, click on Task Manager. There is a need to check if the Discord app is running in the background.

Immediately the user locates the Discord process in the Task Manager, he/she needs to right-click the icon and select the End Process icon. If you find more processes, end all of them one after the other.

Uninstall the Discord app from Control Panel: To Uninstall the discord app, there is a must to open the Control Panel to uninstall the application.

Delete the Discord folder from File Explorer: Immediately after the user uninstalls the Discord application from the Control Panel, it is advised to delete (remove) the application folder (discord app) from File Explorer.

Delete Discord from Registry: Deleting the Discord key from the computer Registry. This action helps delete all the waste of Discord from the computer.

Restart your computer: Restarting the computer enable the uninstallation for the Discord app to stop running on the computer.

Removing Discord from the Computer startup

Any user that wants to disable any working program or Discord app from running on computer startup on Windows 11/10 from the program “Task Manager”. To remove the discord, there is a need to right-click on the Taskbar, then select Task Manager to open it.  Clicking on the ‘More details, enable the user to select the Startup tab on the system. Thereafter, select the Discord app process, and click the Disable button to execute the action.

Uninstalling Discord on an Xbox

There are steps to remove discord on an Xbox. The following are the steps to uninstall discord;

  • Firstly, Turn on the Xbox.
  • Click the Home button on the controller.
  • Locate the “My games and apps” menu on the controller.
  • Locate  the “Discord Apps”
  • Thereafter, Highlight the Discord app on the list of apps on the controller.
  • Click the Menu button on the controller.
  • Thereafter, uninstall and click “A” on the controller.
  • Then Choose Uninstall All.

Discord is immediately removed from the Xbox when the above steps are carried out. The action creates space for other applications and games.


There are different methods any user can apply to remove or uninstall the Discord app from any electronic device. To understand the process of uninstalling the discord app, there is a need to have full knowledge of Discord’s auto-run feature. The removal of the Discord app requires clearing off the cache on the system. This action creates significant space on the device for other apps to come in.


What is Discord?

Discord is a social media application that enables the exchange of text messages, voice messages, etc. among users.

What are the steps to uninstall the discord app?

Click the Control Panel on the system, select the specific program, and click on the uninstall button

How To Uninstall Discord?

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