Does Nordstrom Accept Prepaid Cards?

Nordstrom is an American fashion retailer company that offers clothing, shoes, cosmetics, fragrances, and accessories for men, women, and kids. A chain of stores with headquarters in Seattle and founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin, they are committed to giving men, women, and children the best when it comes to fashion. Nordstrom prides itself on its free shipping, free returns, mobile shopping, retail partnerships, and things that ensure customer satisfaction above all else. There are over 350 Nordstrom, Nordstrom Local, and Nordstrom Rack locations all over the world. Their online shopping app can be gotten on google play store and apple store. Let us know “Does Nordstrom Accept Prepaid Cards?”

Does Nordstrom Accept Prepaid Cards?

Are prepaid cards accepted at Nordstrom?

Currently, Nordstrom does not accept Prepaid or debit cards as one of their payment options. As much as customers have asked to have this feature added, they have not and also not given a reason as to why this is not a part of their payment option. This is frustrating to customers worldwide but Nordstrom has listened and found a way to improve customer satisfaction through NORDSTROM GIFT CARDS. 

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Nordstrom Payment Methods

Nordstrom has provided a perfect option for the option of- no prepaid card and that is the Nordstrom gift card. Prepaid cards could be likened to gift cards. Prepaid cards are cards with stored-up money on them and whenever you like you can spend up to the amount on them. Nordstrom gift cards are Nordstrom Prepaid cards. The Nordstrom gift cards could come in two forms. Physical cards or E-codes. Physical cards can be purchased from physical stores while e-codes are digital codes purchased online. Nordstrom gift cards can be purchased at the Nordstrom gift card site, amazon, target, Walgreens, Staples, etc.

How to use a Nordstrom gift card Online

Nordstrom gift cards can only be used in a Nordstrom store. If you want to use a Nordstrom gift card you need to follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  • Enter the gift card number, along with the access code in the payment section at checkout.
  • Click on the “Checkout” button.

How to Check Your Nordstrom Gift Card Balance Online

Sadly, Nordstrom gift cards are not everlasting and you could run out of their monetary value to purchase any substance with them. How do you check the balance?

  • Go to the Nordstrom website- www.
  • Input your gift card number and access code.
  • Click on the “Check Balance” button.

Nordstrom Prepayment Giftcard

For over a hundred years, the brand “Nordstrom” has been a leading name in the fashion world and it would be completely terrible if their payment options were limited to one option. So, they offer many available payment options to enable flexibility and aid purchases from their customers. Other payment options available include; Credit cards, Visa MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Discover Network, and Nordstrom Gift Cards. All these payment options are seamless and easy to use. Nordstrom also doesn’t accept cash, CODs, cheques or checks, money orders, or gift purchases for online purchases


Prepaid cards are not an acceptable payment option at Nordstrom stores but they accept other payment options. Customers needed a prepaid card option and Nordstrom listened and gave Nordstrom gift cards. The major disadvantage of Nordstrom gift cards is their limitation to usage at only Nordstrom stores. This is a great concern for most customers as most of them lose money through gift cards yearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use PayPal in Nordstrom stores?

Yes. Nordstrom receives PayPal as their means of payment. Nordstrom partnered with PayPal since many of their customers already use it as a payment option. Over the years, PayPal has become a dominant means of payment and customers can pay through PayPal online and at a physical store.

What other store uses Prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards have gradually become a way of life more than just a payment option. It is widely accepted in many countries. Excluding Nordstrom stores, many stores accept prepaid cards as a means of payment. You can use prepaid cards at stores like; Walgreens, Target, and Amazon.

Can I use Apple pay at Nordstrom stores? 

Yes. Nordstrom stores accept Apple pay as a payment option. This is the only way you can use credit or debit cards on Nordstrom. Once your debit or credit card is connected to your Apple pay then you are good to go. Apple Pay was built specifically for iPhone, watch, Mac, and Ipods so to use Apple pay, your device must support IOS. 

Is Nordstrom gift card available to all regions?

Yes. Irrespective of your location Nordstrom gift card is available to you. Nordstrom stores are located physically in the United States of America and Canada only but shopping on their online store is not restricted to your location or region.

Does Nordstrom Accept Prepaid Cards?

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