Your Amazon Order Says Delivered But Is Not Received is one of the world’s most valuable brands which has an impact all over the world. It is America’s multinational technology company. It is one of the five big information technology companies with Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Alphabet. This company Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos. He initially started from his garage on July 5 in 1994. This place was in Bellevue, Washington. But now their headquarters are present in Seattle, Washington, and Arlington, Virginia, U.S. Let us know ‘What Does It Mean When Your Amazon Order Says Delivered But Is Not Received?’.

Your Amazon Order Says Delivered But Is Not Received is launched in 1995 which is 25 years back. There are many users of this website. In 2006 it had 615 million users and after that to 2016 data it had 130 million customers visiting this website each month. Whenever there is the Christmas holiday season there is huge traffic on this website due to the company investing a heavy amount in server capacity for the website. Also according to the Alexa internal ranking, is the 3rd most popular website in America and the 11th most popular site in the world.

Products and services amazon provides to customers

Amazon provides several products and services to its customers worldwide. Some of those products are:

Amazon Fresh: It is the subsidiary of the amazon company. It is a type of service which provide or deliver grocery to the customers which are majorly available in US cities but are also present in other international cities

Amazon Prime: this service gives access to the customer to additional services also they are included in the premium members as compared to the other amazon customers. They get special preferences like early delivery of goods and streaming free music. To get access to this service one has to get paid subscription.

Alexa: it was brought by amazon in 2013 and was used as an amazon smart speaker and then amazon echo dot and echo studio. It is a virtual assistant technology.

Amazon music: this music streaming platform came to the public on September 25, 2007. This is also operated by Amazon. 

Kindle: this is also marketed and designed by amazon. This allows the users to download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, and magazines.

Amazon Fire TV: This is a network appliance that delivers digital audio and video content to customers. This content is streamed via the internet. The device should be connected to a high-definition TV. After getting this device one can also get access to the local content.

One can easily get access to the amazon app by downloading it from the play store then they can order anything from that app like groceries, electronic items, cosmetics, stationaries, etc. In general and also this depends on what is the location of the delivery according that an item gets delivered at a particular location. Sometimes according to location, it can take a week or above to deliver the item. It also depends on the availability of the item in the nearest store. In case it is not present then also it can take time to deliver the item or parcel. 

What does it mean when your amazon order says delivered but not received?

it means that after tracking or getting a message from the app the item has been delivered to the address but the item is not received by the person. 

There can be many reasons for this situation:

  • Someone else in the house received the parcel and forget to tell the receiver 
  • Someone in the neighborhood received the parcel 
  • Sometimes it shows delivered before delivering the item. That can be the error of the app.

What one can do in this type of situation?

  • They can ask their neighbor whether they received the order
  • They can ask their family member if they received the parcel and forget to tell
  • One should wait for at least 48 hours.
  • One should check their mailbox where he and receive all their mails.
  • One can look around the delivery location.
  • Ask the delivery boy about who received the parcel and where he delivered the parcel.
  • Also, check the shipping address whether it is correct or not.
  • After all, if one is not getting the information of his or her parcel within 30 days then one should contact the seller for getting the information about it

How to contact amazon and get information about the missing parcel? 

One can directly call the customer care executive and ask about the parcel if they don’t get their missing parcel within 30 business days.

Also, don’t get stressed because of that amazon will process your request if all the information about the parcel you entered is correct. Also if you don’t want the parcel one can request for the return of their money. Complain that they didn’t get the parcel at the correct shipping address. Amazon will process the complaint and one will get the solution about that.


This article talks about the condition in which a person didn’t receive the parcel but got the message that their parcel has been delivered. In that, we talked about many situations that can arise from the receiver’s side or the company’s side. Sometimes the item is received by another family member or by a neighbor one should ask them too. Or sometimes the customer gets the message before getting the parcel that can be due to any technical error. But if this isn’t the situation and still the customer doesn’t get the parcel then one can contact to customer care executive.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Q: what one can do when the amount got deducted from the account but the order isn’t placed?

A: yes this can happen. In this situation, there is the choice of the customer whether he still wants to order or can request his or her money back. Or first, they can ask for their money and after getting the money they can again order their item. this totally depends on their wish. 

Your Amazon Order Says Delivered But Is Not Received

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