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It is only normal to want to save money on shipping services. There are various shipping options on eBay but whichever one you pick or use, there is a way to save money while using them. Using these tricks, you can have enough money on shipping services while shopping on eBay. Selling on eBay is a great way to make some extra money. Of course, you would want to work out the best methods to ensure your customers are happy. Shipping cost beats down the profit for the seller but do not worry because there are ways to cut down shipping cost if you want to increase profit. 

Shipping Cost

With the following ways, you can cut down the cost of shipping

1. Go For An Efficient Packaging Service

The whole essence of packaging goods efficiently is to save them from getting destroyed or damaged when in transit. If they are destroyed, there will be an additional cost of returning and then re-sending. There are methods to use when packing your goods to be delivered. You can use bubble wrapping or fillers to package the products. Dismantling products is also an efficient packaging method. If these products are likely to get destroyed when in transit then consider dismantling them for safe delivery. 

2. Make Use Of Discounts 

For sellers on eBay who ship regularly, discounts are offered to them by the carriers. Many carrier companies like Ups and FedEx offer different discounts to sellers. To know the available discount, check their website. 

3. Offer Free Shipping 

Free shipping is one of the oldest tricks and is now common on eBay. Free shipping is one way to attract a lot of customers to your product. You may ask, how do I make up for the loss? Well, all you have to do is to input the cost of shipping into the cost of the product. Customers love free things, so apart from reducing the shipping cost, you are gaining an audience. 

4. Buy All Your Shipping Supplies In Bulk

Whatever it is, buying in bulk always saves money and time. Buying everything you need to supply your products in bulk will help you save money and reduce the cost of shipping per item. I am not saying you should get a warehouse, just create a small space where you can store the shipping items. 

5. Compare Various Shipping Prices

Do not be misled to think that all shipping services offer the same shipping price. Every company that ships goods for sellers have a different shipping cost. Some are greater than others while some are cheap. Before deciding which company to use, compare the prices of them all and select the cheapest and most efficient one. 

6. Acquiring Shipping Insurance 

You might not see the need for shipping insurance right away but gradually you’ll see how important it is. Shipping insurance comes to play when you have damaged goods and customers might want a refund. Insurance on your shipping services helps you take care of the “loss”. At the end of the day, you will not have lost so much as you thought. 

Finding out what your customers want from you is a good way to increase your profit

When customers scroll through eBay searching for an item to buy, they have certain things in mind. 

1. Free shipping 

Many people will be attracted to an item with free shipping no matter the cost of the item. 

2. Fast Shipping 

Nobody likes to wait for more than a week for their orders to arrive. Improving how fast your product gets to the consumer will bring customers to you. To do this select a shipping agency that operates fast enough to deliver their goods and make sure they offer cheap delivery services. 

3. Local Centers For Distribution

With centers of distribution spread across, customers will not find it difficult to get items fast. This can also save you from expensive shipping services. If you have a lot of orders coming from a particular area, you can deliver your products in bulk to the local center in that area. You can now ask customers to go to the local center and pick it up when they have the chance. This is very effective and will save you and the customers from spending too much money to ship items. 


Note that different things can affect your shipping cost. First, find out what you can change about your shipping methods and weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. On eBay, you can either use the shipping service provided to you by them or you use a third-party shipping service. Whichever way you choose, you can always use the tips listed above to cut down the cost of shipping. Reducing the weight of your product is one way to reduce the cost. Like they say ” the heavier the product, the higher the price”.

Shipping Cost – Know More

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