RC Willey Furniture Warranty – Know More

Buying new furniture can be exciting as well as daunting. So, it is understandable to cover all the grounds of the return, refund policies, and warranties before actually buying the furniture. If you have decided to make your purchase from RC Willey (RCW), you are in luck. Besides its long range of options of furniture to choose from, RC Willey’s furniture warranty is worth having. RC Willey’s philosophy of providing quality merchandise at a fair price to customers reflects on their warranty of appliances including furniture. So, they extend their pledge of protection even after the manufacturer’s warranty period ends. They also have a Consumer Protection Plan.

RC Willey Furniture Warranty - Know More

All About RC Willey Furniture Warranty

RC Willey has sold all kinds of home appliances since 1932. It includes electric products, furniture, upholstery, outdoor tools for the home, etc. And RC Willey claims to abide by the same policy they started with 90 years ago – providing customers with quality merchandise and excellent service at a fair price.

This responsibility, known as the Pledge of Protection, starts from the day of purchase and extends beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. They have trained factory technicians for repairing all eligible products. And if it cannot be repaired, they even exchange it in some cases.

RC Willey does not have any proper warranty on furniture as a whole rather provides different types of warranties to cover all your furniture and appliance purchases. It can be your upholstery, wood, etc.

  • Fabric Protection – If the upholstery on your new RCW sofa is made of cotton, linen, hemp, silk, or any other fabric, RCW’s Fabric Protection will cover for seam separation, tear, accidental stains, rips, and burns. They offer two warranties for three and seven years respectively.
  • Leather Protection – Your leather needs extra care so it has a warranty of its own. RCW offers three and five years of leather protection warranties for any accidental rips, burn, stain, leather cracking, and peeling.
  • Wood Protection –  RCW’s wood protection warranties protect against stains caused by beverages, chipping, dents, cracking, peeling, accidental gauges, dents, silvering of mirrors, accidental breaking, etc.

Terms And Conditions

Some terms and conditions need to be met for a product to be eligible for the RC Willey warranty claim. And those are

  • The internal parts of new furniture, its replacement cost, etc are covered under RC Willey’s warranty if the failure is due to normal use, material, or manufacturing defect.
  • If the manufacturer’s warranty includes in-home furnishing, RC Willey will also provide the same. But the customer may have to pay for pick-up and delivery.
  • If successfully claimed, RC Willey will pay for any new or remanufactured part to meet the original standard of the product. The customer may retain the replaced parts. But they must send the part to RCW if demanded.
  • The protection plan is valid and redeemable only when the warranty is paid in its entirety.
  • Some products like cables, belts, light bulbs, knobs, and door gaskets are not covered by the warranty. Products damaged due to negligence, misuse, vandalism, an act of God, etc are also not eligible for the warranty. Routine maintenance charges, rust, and corrosion preventive measures, and commercial production do not come under the RCW protection plan.
  • If the product is the same as it was purchased or its price is well below RCW’s average retail price, the product is not eligible for warranty. You can have the full money back in case of reselling or replacement.

Claiming RC Willey Furniture Warranty

Making a warranty claim for your dysfunctional RC Willey furniture is easy and simple. Follow the process mentioned below

  • Go to the official website of RC Willey or its mobile app.
  • Click on the ‘i’ button named ‘Help’.
  • Click on ‘Extended Warranties’ from the drop-down menu
  • Scroll down to see different types of warranties for different home furnishing products including furniture.
  • Select the type of warranty you want to claim.
  • A form will open. Fill in your personal information, Claim information (like account, number invoice number, etc.), and a brief description of the affected part(s).
  • Submit the form. The service center of RCW will contact you for further proceedings.
  • Alternatively, you can call customer service to enquire about your warranty. Their helpline number is 801-464-2340 or drop a mail at the address 2301 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115.

Other Appliance Policies by RC Willey

RC Willey’s pledge to protection extends to all the products they sell and it is not limited to only furniture. So, rest assured, if you have bought anything from RCW, they have got your back. The types of warranties are

  • Mattress Protection – RCW has a ten-year mattress protection warranty for accidental spills on mattress covers.
  • Electronic Protection – You can enjoy your extended period of manufacturer’s warranty on your electronics with full parts and labor coverage.
  • Appliance Protection – RCW extends the manufacturer’s warranty on appliances for repair. They also have an exchange policy if the issue cannot be fixed.

RC Willey is a well-known brand of home furnishing company. And its purposeful warranties, attractive offers, and customer-friendly policies are the reason for this popularity. Additionally, you will be refunded a part of your warranty if you never use it. So, you can never go wrong with RC Willey and you will be satisfied with its pledge to protection.

  1. What is the Warranty Buy-Back Program of RC Willey?

If you never use your warranty claim of the consumer protection plan, you will receive a certificate with 50% of your warranty money that can be used towards your next RC Willey purchase.

  1. Does RC Willey match the price?

Yes, RCW’s Low price guarantee enables you to get your furniture at the lowest price among all local, full-service retailers.

  1. Does RC Willey offer protection of appliances against lightning?


RC Willey Furniture Warranty – Know More

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