Does Roblox Accept Prepaid Cards?

There are uncountable video games in today’s world. Solely for entertainment purposes however some people hugely like to play video games as a hobby or choose it as a profession, such people make sure that they have access to every feature available in the game whether it’s free or charged. All highly developed video games include some In app purchases which can be bought by the players. To make these purchases there are various kinds of online payment methods that can be used depending on the conditions of the game we are playing. Let us know ‘Does Roblox Accept Prepaid Cards?’.

Does Roblox Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Roblox Accept Prepaid Cards?

The answer to the question: does Roblox take prepaid cards is YES. Roblox does accept prepaid credit cards and Visa gift cards. There are so many methods of payments Roblox accepts. Visa gift cards also function like prepaid cards. When we are making purchases from a browser app, prepaid cards can be used. There are numerous ways of making payments which depend on how we are accessing Roblox.

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is a very popular video game. It was released in 2006 for the public. This game provides the player a platform to program the game according to their likings and the player can also play the games created by others as well. At first this game wasn’t very famous but after 2010 it’s popularity grew to a considerable amount. The game gained a huge amount of players specifically in the global pandemic, Covid-19. The game developers are simultaneously upgrading this platform and introducing new features to the players from time to time.

Why do we need actual money for Roblox?

Even though the game itself is free of charge to play, there are some in-app purchases which can only be made by real money such as some special in-game supplies and characters. The premium upgrades can only be used if we buy them, same goes for premium membership as well.

Methods of payment:

Following are the options we can use depending on how we play Roblox:

1. Browser app:

There are 4 ways we can pay through, if we are playing Roblox using a browser app. 

•Credit or Debit card:

We can use the credit or debit card of any major bank when making a purchase through a browser app.

•Prepaid credit card:

The same purchase can also be done by using a prepaid credit card.


PayPal is another convenient way of making or receiving online payments. We can make purchases in Roblox using it as well.

•Roblox gift cards:

Roblox itself gives some specific players gift cards on certain conditions. If we have received a gift card then we can also make purchases in the game through it.

2. Xbox one-app:

There are two ways of payment available if we are playing Roblox on Xbox.

•Roblox Xbox one app:

Roblox has its own app on Xbox as well, so we can make purchases  from it as well.

•Xbox live website:

When playing Roblox through Xbox we can also go to the official live website of Xbox and make payments from there.

3. Mobile apps:

Roblox is also available to pay through smart phones. We just have to download the app from the app store or play store. There are 3 options available when we want to make purchases in Roblox using the mobile phone. We can only make in-app purchases through smart phones.

•Google play:

We can use google play to make in-app purchases in Roblox.


Similar purchases can be made by using iTunes.


Amazon is also an alternative way of making purchases when playing roblox through a smartphone.

Advantages of using a prepaid card in Roblox:

Roblox provides special benefit to it’s players when they use a prepaid\gift card to purchase something. Every gift card and prepaid card comes with an additional gift upon using it and also comes with a unique code, that code enables the user to get a free exclusive item from the Roblox virtual shop.


In the end we have come to know that Roblox does accept prepaid cards for making in-app purchases and we can also get its premium membership. The platform provides a lot of ways to make payments so that the players could buy anything they want in the game conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the answer to some most repeatedly asked question related to the topic:

1. How expensive are in-app purchases in Roblox?

Ans. There are no specifications, we can choose how much we want to spend. The price depends on what we want to buy.

2. Can we play Roblox for free?

Ans. Yes. It’s up to us. We can either spend our money in Roblox or play it entirely free of cost.

3. Can we buy Roblox premium membership using a prepaid card?

Ans. Yes. We can buy Roblox premium membership by using a prepaid card.

Does Roblox Accept Prepaid Cards?

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