Stores Like Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a brand on its own, which runs and operates the service of selling fast fashion. Fast fashion means high-quality, pricy-looking, elegant, and trendy fashion items. Well, we can not even control ourselves from shopping when stores like Pretty Little Thing exist. These stores always make us fall for their trendy and eye-catching products and designs. They deal in products like trendy pants, bottoms, tops, tees, shoes, sneakers, heels, flats, bags, purses, accessories (glasses, earrings, neckpieces), etc. 

Stores Like Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing generally looks pretty to teenage girls. Girls in their teenage years always tend to look trendy, fashionable, and aesthetic. For the same, they shop from Pretty Little Thing. But if Pretty Little Thing is not enough for your needs, then don’t worry. Because we are here with the list of Top 10 stores similar to Pretty Little Thing, only for you! For that, here are some stores similar to that Pretty Little Thing:- 

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  • Boohoo 
  • ZARA 
  • H&M 
  • Shein 
  • TopShop
  • ASOS
  • Nasty Gal
  • Revolve 
  • Forever 21 
  • American Eagle 

Stores Like Pretty Little Thing

So basically, Pretty Little Thing exists as one of its fashion brands that deal in different products related to fashion and beauty on a low budget. This feature attracts women these days. Now if you want to know each one of them thoroughly, about their products, prices, items, and other services. Keep reading to know if all the places are as good to shop as Pretty Little Thing, or even better than it. 


The chart-topping company belonging to British Regions and Headquartered in Manchester, the United Kingdom named Boohoo, is loved by each one of us. The company generally deals with products desiring huge orders from the age group of 16 to 30-year-olds. The company is well known and a huge success with a net income of £47.4 million. The two most popular companies in fashion named Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal are its subsidiaries. Ordinarily, the firm deals with the production and business of clothing products and items all around the United Kingdom as well as out of it with the help of online shopping and payment. 


The Spanish multinational company/corporation served worldwide currently, our own favorite ZARA is the next store in our list of stores similar to Pretty Little Thing. The company has more than 2,200 stores all around the world and also serves its products and items through the online mode of shopping loved by everyone in this generation. The company belongs to Spain and is currently headquartered in the city of Arteixo in Spain. It was founded 47 years ago in 1975 and is very much successful as of now. According to research, the company’s revenue generated in the year 2028 was more than €18,000 million. The company provides options for clothes, shoes, baby clothing, beauty products, swimwear, and scented perfumes. You can go to the official website of the company to look out for the latest fashion designs. 


The second largest retailer in the field of clothing, our one and only Hennes and Mauritz stylized as H&M is the next store in our list of stores similar to Pretty Little Thing. It was founded 75 years ago in Sweden by Erling Persson in the year 1957. The company belongs to Sweden and is currently headquartered in the city of Stockholm in Sweden. The company deals in retail business and currently is served worldwide. Apart from existing as one of the largest retail businesses in the world, it also shares a part of existing as a used employer. The company employs more than 120,000 workers all around the globe. According to the sources the company runs in more than 72 countries around the world. Adding to the same it has more than 5000 stores as well of now. The company usually deals in selling clothes and accessories the most. You can visit the official website to shop for the brand-new collection of H&M. 


The fast fashion Chinese company Shein, generally known as SHEIN is the next store in the list of our stores similar to Pretty Little Thing. This is the store of outstanding fashion collections that we usually find in the malls. It generally belongs to the country of china but runs in many countries throughout the entire world.  The Nanjing-based company founded in the year 2008 is very well known in each country for its trendy items. It has been recorded that the company made around $10 billion in revenue in the year 2020. It has more than 100k employees working. Shein has become the fashion shop for trendy girls in current days. You must have seen the social media influencers going out and having fun in their lives with amazing and latest fast fashion clothes of the company shein. The company mostly deals in clothing items, but it also sells shoes and jewelry. You can visit the official website of shein to know more about it. 


The London headquartered company Topshop has been very well-known for the past 58 years. The company has been in the market for more than half a century. The popular British fashion brand is not an independent contractor but a subsidiary in current days. It was acquired by another company in the past during the year 2020. Due to this the stores with a number 510 in more than 58 countries were stopped and closed. Still, the fashion brand runs through online businesses and facilities. People who are customers of TopShop buy the products of their e through the official website of the company. The company was legalized in the matter of bankruptcy and hence was announced to be closed. Still, the other company and company makers who acquired TopShop, deal with the retail brand smoothly in the current situation. The company deals in clothing, fashion, shoewear, jewelry as well as cosmetic items. You can visit the official website of TopShop to know more about the exciting deals that they have. 


AsSeenOnScreen knew and called ASOS is the next store in our list of stores similar to Pretty Little Thing. The British clothing industry is a public retail brand that is currently running out and operating in more than 190 countries throughout the entire world. The company is having a target audience of young adults and generally manufactures and sells brands for them only. As far as know, the industry was formed back in 2000, around 22 years ago. The company ASOS is also engaged in the online shopping market. It generally deals in products related to clothing, shoewear, cosmetics, and beauty products. Make sure to visit their official website to check what’s cooking. 

Nasty Gal 

With total revenue of £98.8 million, our next and forward brand that is similar to pretty little things and comes to the list is Nasty Gal. The company was running and going smoothly for the ages from 2012 to 2018 but due to the bankruptcy chapter launched, it was bought up by one of its top competitors in the market. The company deals in products for its target audience which is the youth market. After being brought up, it still runs under the company as a subsidiary of the group. The American company based in Los Angeles deals in trendy and exciting clothing and fashion. 

Forever 21 

The private apparel industry founded over 38 years ago known as Forever 21 is the next name in our list of stores like Pretty Little Thing. The store is based in America and has its headquarters in Los Angeles California. This very popular brand known as Forever 21 is in the market for ages and has its sort of reputation in the line. The company is having more than 43000 employees and serves throughout the entire world with more than 550 locations worldwide. It is involved in selling men women and children’s fashion. It sells clothing items, beauty products, household-related stuff, and much more. To know more about Forever 21 that too in detail, you can for sure check their official website and find out what latest collection they are carrying with outstanding deals.  


In Conclusion, here we are at the end of the article. This was the list of stores that we have gathered for you in case of similarities with Pretty Little Thing. In the article we have discussed what similar stores are and all the products that they deal in. Hope that you liked the article. Thanks for reading out! 

Stores Like Pretty Little Thing

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