Does Crate And Barrel Accept Affirm?

In the modernized world of today, everything and everyone is advancing towards a better future. People want to modernize their lifestyle according to the present, they want their homes, fashion and everything according to today’s trend. Renovation of houses is a common practice these days, there are many modest home decor and furniture brands of today that give us the chance to make the appearance of our home modern. We can choose the most comfortable and convenient way to buy such things manually or  online as well. The answer to the question: does Crate and Barrel accept Affirm is YES. Only If we are from the United States of America and making online purchases through the Crate and Barrel official website or mobile app then we can use Affirm for payments. A year ago, Crate and Barrel did not have this option, they have made this option available in the year 2022. But Affirm is only available on online purchases made in the United States of America, manual purchasing does not have this option. Though there are many other various methods of payments we can use when shopping from Crate and Barrel.

Does Crate And Barrel Accept Affirm?

Crate and Barrel

Crate and barrel is a home furniture and decor brand. Its headquarters is in Illinois, United States of America. It is a private international brand. They have over 100 branches in various countries such as Canada, Mexico, United States of America, Columbia, Costa Rica,  Peru, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Taiwan and Singapore. They sell home accessories, furniture and home decorations. It was first founded in 1962 in Chicago by an American couple and hasn’t been closed ever since. 


Affirm is one of the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) finance systems in the United  States of America. It is one the fastest growing BNPL firms in the world.  It was found in 2012. Affirm gives the consumer the option of how he\she wants to divide their payment. Just pay some of the total price of the goods we’re buying and pay the rest according to the purchase. We have to either pay weekly or monthly, depending on the total amount. It is basically a short term loan(usually divided into 4 gradual installments but can be up to 12, depending on how much it is).

Other Methods Of Payment At Crate And Barrel

As mentioned above Crate and Barrel provides its customers numerous options to pay from so there won’t be any problem for anyone around the globe. Here are a few other methods to choose from.

1. Any Credit Or Debit Card

The option of paying from any credit or debit card is available for everything, anywhere. So it’s the most common and oldest ways of online or manual payments.

2. Paypal

Paypal is one of the safest online payment methods of today. We can easily transfer payment using PayPal and buy anything we want.

3. Apple Pay

For Apple users, Apple pay is the most convenient way to pay when buying anything whether it’s manually or online.


Venmo is also only available in the United States of America. International customers can not use this for payments.

5. Crate And Barrel Credit Card Or Gift Card

Crate and Barrel, the brand itself provides its credit card and gift cards for its customers. The holders of this credit card can access many other benefits and perks as well.

6. American Express

American express is a widely used international method of making payments. It can be used while shopping from Crate and Barrel as well.


At the conclusion we have learned that Crate and Barrel does accept Affirm but only for U.S citizens and all the purchases made in the territory of the United States if America. No international customer can pay via Affirm. Crate and Barrel does not support any other BNPL(buy now pay later) method of payments online but provides several other ways of making payments instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answer to some of the most repeatedly asked questions related to the topic:

1. Can Anyone Get The Crate And Barrel Credit Card?

Ans. Yes. Anyone and everyone can get the Crate and Barrel credit card if we apply for it and get approved. Once we get approved and get the credit card we can avail all of its advantages.

2. Can Affirm Not Be Used Anywhere Except The United States Of America?

Ans. No. We can not use Affirm outside the United States of America but it is possible that we might be able to use Affirm internationally in the near future.

3. Does Crate And Barrel Accept Any Other Bnpl(Buy Now Pay Later) Payment Methods?

Ans. When manually shopping, Crate and Barrel accepts 2 BNPL methods; Afterpay and ZipCo for financial ease.

Does Crate And Barrel Accept Affirm?

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