Why Is My Grubhub Order Delayed?

Grubhub Inc. is an American online and mobile prepared food ordering and delivery platform. The company has it’s headquarters at Chicago, Illinois, United States. It was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Just Eat Takeaway since 2021. Let us know ‘Why Is My Grubhub Order Delayed?’.

Why Is My Grubhub Order Delayed?

Why Is My Grubhub Order Delayed?

The main reason behind a delayed order maybe a busy restaurant or unexpected traffic. Sometimes, your food status at the site is DELIVERED but you haven’t received  your food yet, you just have to wait a little for the driver to reach at your place.

Other possible reasons behind the delayed order might be:

  • You have a large order that takes time to process:

You must have ordered food in bulk that may take more than usual to process. Food might be getting cooked at the restaurant which is taking more time to get prepared.

  • There might be bad weather:

    The driver might face bad weather on the way to reach your destination which may take him some extra time to reach you. Bad weather may include strong winds or heavy rain.

  • The customer might have filled out the form incorrectly:

The Delivery form filled out by the customer might be filled out incorrectly. There might be several mistakes made by them. Some of them usually includes: filling wrong mobile number, wrong address, wrong name of the customer, wrong email address or something else.

  • There might be some incomplete documents sent:

The delivery form might be submitted incompletely by the customer. This may include: incomplete contact details including customer’s mobile number and email address, incomplete name of the customer or incomplete residential address of the customer.

  • Difficult to find or outdated address:

The addresses filled by some customers might be hard to find  or might be outdated which means the customer might have shifted from that address to another which may cause inconvenience to deliver the food on time.

  • The address might be located somewhere distant:

It might take some extra time for the delivery boy to reach distant residential addresses from the initial restaurant. The customer might wait for some time if their address is far away from the restaurant.

  • A restaurant might be busy:

A restaurant might be busy at a particular time which may delay your order to deliver at your residential address. It means that they might be serving their other customers who are at their restaurant.

  • There might be traffic:

There might be unexpected traffic on the way that the delivery boy face while coming to your residential address which may cause delay to deliver your order on time.

  • Food delivery status is DELIVERED but the food hasn’t arrived yet:

It means that the delivery boy is near your location and will arrive at your destination in just a few minutes and you have to wait just for a few minutes. If it is still causing delay, it may be possible that the delivery boy is having difficulty to find your address.

What to do if my Grubhub order is delayed?

  • If your grubhub order is delayed, GRUBHUB GAURANTEE is something which might help you. You have to tell them by sending an email that your food hasn’t  been delivered on time and the time when it arrived. If it is late then they will send you an email of GRUBHUB GAURANTEE PERK which you can use in your next order.
  • You can call the restaurant and ask about the food delayed and when will it reach you.
  • You can also go to Customer Care of Grubhub via chat and you should have your order number for sure for a faster service.
  • You can even cancel your order if it’s  delayed and you no longer want it. Grubhub provides refunds for the orders which might be delayed, or missed. It may take 5 or more business days to get your refund.


Grubhub has introduced refunds and free perks for their customers if their order is taking longer than estimated time to get delivered to them to improve their services. The customers also hold a responsibility to wait for some extra time for the delivery boy to reach them. The above mentioned reasons might be one of them which is making them cause the delay. You can also tip them in between 3-5$. Grubhub also penalizes their drivers for rejected or missed deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Why my Grubhub order is cancelled?

Grubhub will mail you or call you to let you know the reason of cancellation and will provide you with full refund.

Q- Why my Grubhub order is delayed?

Grubhub will mail or call you to let you know the reason of dand will provide you with full refund.

Q- Do Grubhub drivers know if you don’t  tip them?

Yes, they can see their total payment amount they receive for each order.

Q- Does Grubhub provide refunds in real?

Yes, Grubhub will refund you usually in 5 business days. It may take longer for some other financial institutions.

Why Is My Grubhub Order Delayed?

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