Why Is My Shein Order Delayed?

The growth of unconventional and non-traditional forms of media has created new marketing techniques and branding strategies by working with people who not only have an established following but also very interactive and reactive followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and tik tok. Let us know ‘Why Is My Shein Order Delayed?’.

Why Is My Shein Order Delayed?

Having such success on social media is a direct reflection of the company’s sales that are made by shopping virtually from anywhere in the world and having them shipped to your country. This can therefore result in several problems, especially during shipping by the courier service.

When making any virtual purchase your order can be delayed due to a variety of reasons. At Shein, delivery can be officially considered delayed when a week or 7 days have passed since its estimated delivery date.

This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as a delay in processing a particular item on your cart, a delay in shipping that can be caused by a logistics error, or a shipping company tracking error, the courier service provider might have lost your order and lastly, your order might be delayed because of high order traffic.

Reasons for delay in Shein order

  1. Shein currently handles and dispatches orders to customers from different parts of the world. Depending on your country’s customs law your order might take longer than usual since it must be inspected and have the required documentation.
  2. Courier services handle orders and packages from different companies and depending on how large a company is it might take longer to dispatch after it has received your order for delivery. Errors do occur and your package can be loaded onto the wrong truck or delivered to the wrong address
  3. Due to Shein’s status as a Chinese company, your order might be sent back due to your country’s state of diplomatic relations with China which bans all products originating from the country.
  4. An inaccurate display of your order’s location due to Shein handling and dispatching hundreds of orders daily. It might take a little bit longer for your tracker to update even though your order has moved to the next step.
  5. During special sale offers Shein does receive more orders compared to normal days. Processing all these orders might take a while and it might take a little bit longer if the courier service has also received a lot of packages to deliver.

Available solutions after having a delay in delivery of your Shein order

  1. You can consider an order officially delayed a week/7 days after its estimated delivery date. Always start by going through your email, the company’s social media, and the official app for any delay notices that might have been sent out to notify customers of a delay that might happen or is happening, and the list of affected transportation companies.
  2. Contact customer service support by either emailing Shein or chatting live with a customer service representative. Be patient as you wait to be served once you have an open ticket.
  3. Patience for matters out of your control. As mentioned earlier, orders are not specifically delivered by Shein but are delivered by transportation service providers who sometimes have hundreds of orders and packages. Once Shein has dispatched orders to these companies your order’s location and duration of delivery will simplify and vary.
  4. Canceling your order and asking for a refund. Shein gives its customers a protection period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If your order has been delayed and you’ve tried all the above, you can always cancel and ask for a refund.

Shein refund policy

After 7 days have gone by since your expected delivery date, take a screenshot of the current location of your package in the tracker and send it to customer support. Ask the agent for a refund clearly explaining the reason for taking such action.

The refund will either be made to;

  1. Your Shein wallet is where you can shop and make an order again.
  2. The bank account you used to pay for the canceled order.
  3. The gift card was initially used to pay for the canceled order.

Bottom line

Shein always guarantees its customers either get delivery on time or later depending on the circumstances causing the delay or a refund if their order was undelivered due to a variety of reasons. Stay updated on social media on any delivery delays that the company might be expected to avoid being stressed out. You can also reach out to the customer support team who’ll direct you to the appropriate action once your order has been tracked or they’ve heard about your issue.

It’s also important to always remember that sin does not make deliveries, it works with couriers and transportation service providers who also experience their own set of challenges when trying to make the delivery.

Why Is My Shein Order Delayed?

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