Is Hulu Free With Amazon Prime?

Many streaming services are promoting bundles and deals; people are now wondering whether Hulu comes free with Amazon Prime. Many Hulu deals come with better cost-effective alternatives, but you cannot get it free with Amazon Prime. Hulu has loads of tv shows that you cannot binge anywhere. There is a separate price that you have to pay for watching shows and movies on Hulu.  

Is Hulu Free With Amazon Prime?

Is Hulu Free With Amazon Prime?

To simply answer the question, no, Hulu does not come free with an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime does not have collaborations with HBO, Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services. Other bundles and subscription options come with Hulu, but those are all paid and you have to subscribe.    


Hulu was launched in 2007 as an on-demand video streaming service with millions of viewers. Hulu has now become a big name against giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hulu was owned by NBC, Facebook, Yahoo, and Fox. Hulu and Disney came together in 2009 as a bundle. Now, Disney has complete control of Hulu with Comcast as a silent partner.  You can look for top series like Euphoria or any other Disney series as well. 

Hulu Original Shows: 

  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Normal People 
  • Ramy 
  • PEN 15 
  • Letterkenny 
  • Castlerock  

Hulu also offers LiveTV. You can watch sports, prime-time cable television shows and news with access to an entire catalog of shows and movies. 

Hulu Subscription 

Hulu offers a thirty-day free trial to all its subscribers. This package has access to its entire library of resources such as on-demand movies, shows, and Hulu Originals. Hulu comes with a Disney+ bundle with ESPN Plus at a monthly price. You do not want to miss deals because they are a gold mine for subscribers. Hulu is owned by Disney and has access to over 1400+ shows. Most shows are on it the day after they air. Their fan base is unlimited with movies and shows topping the charts. 

Hulu has a lot of options for its subscribers: 

  • The basic plan: You have access to thousands of tv shows and movies from Hulu’s library, but it has ads. You can also take an annual subscription of $59.99/year.  
  • The ad-free option: You can get Hulu ad-free with the offers in the basic plan for $11.99/month. 
  • Hulu and Live TV: You can access everything in the Hulu Streaming Library and their live tv and on-demand channels also. 
  • Hulu No ads and Live TV: It gives the same deal as Hulu TV and Live TV but with no ads. You can also have ad-ons: HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, Unlimited Screens add-ons, and Starz.                                           

Why Does Hulu Not Come With Amazon Prime? 

To answer the question, Hulu and Amazon Prime are direct competitors. Hulu is a streaming service that offers live TV shows, while Amazon Prime offers other benefits with Prime Video. Prime members cannot binge on Hulu options. These services are very distinct and they have different subscriptions. HBO is accessible on Prime and Hulu but you must have an HBO subscription. Hulu is an independent contractor and has alternatives to broadcast other packages. If you have a FireTV stick, you must have Prime Video. You can use the one-month free trial and then you can cancel it if you do not want to use it. Amazon does not own Hulu and there is no link between them. You can access other subscriptions with Amazon Prime but not Hulu. 

Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus Bundle 

Ever since Hulu has become a part of the Walt Disney family, its first-class viewer experience has gotten better with a bundle deal containing Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for $13.99/month. If you do not want ads to disturb you, you may opt for the $18.99/month package. This way you get multiple services for one price.  

Hulu and Sprint Unlimited 

If you use Sprint Unlimited, you can get the Hulu basic deal for free with your current plan. If you want it all ad-free, you may upgrade by paying. If you use Verizon, you can take the Verizon Hulu offer.   

Hulu and Spotify

Hulu comes free with Spotify for students with ads. You can pay Spotify to remove the ads. If you’re a student, you can bundle with your tv provider with other subscriptions. You can use the students’ plan to gain unlimited benefits while enjoying both songs and shows. 


Hulu is not free with Amazon. You can subscribe to Hulu to watch thousands of shows online and binge on different tv shows and movies. Only external memberships, like Fox, are accessible by Hulu or Amazon Prime. It would be best to have Hulu individually with you. You may sign up for the introductory free trial and then later uninstall it if you want. 

Is Hulu Free With Amazon Prime?

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