Is BritBox Free With Amazon Prime?

In the era of the digital world, everyone wants to save time. People desire more entertainment without breaks or ads. And the solution for the same is to go for the paid subscriptions of digital services like streaming. This desire gives rise to the streaming service widely. BritBox and Amazon Prime are the providers of streaming services, which includes live events, current affairs news series, films, and dramas of British television series. Let us see is BritBox free with amazon prime.

Is BritBox Free With Amazon Prime?

Is BritBox free with amazon prime?

Unfortunately, the Amazon prime subscription can not be used to access BritBox. The only BritBox can be accessed and watch the services where it is signed up.

What is BritBox?

Britbox is a streaming service by BBC and ITV jointly in the UK. The great streaming video collection of British TV ever. It is an online video subscription service operating in different countries. The main focus of this streaming is on British television series and films that mainly feature the collections of British box sets in one place. 

There is a free trial of BritBox that helps to take a practical experience with the video streaming service. One can opt for a monthly or a yearly membership after a free trial. This channel streams videos from mysteries to histories, news series, live events, and comedy to cookery BritBox brings you the best from British telly direct from the UK. 

The subscription in different countries are as follows. (Taxes may apply depending on the state)

United States$7.99$79.99
South AfricaR99.99R99.99
Finland€7.99 €59.99

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service by Amazon that gives access to multiple prime member benefits that are available at a premium to other Amazon customers. It is a membership service that involves different perks members enjoy unlimited free and fast shipping, ad-free Prime Music, one-two-day delivery, e-books, Prime Video, access to exclusive sales, free movie streaming, and other services. It has a subscription on a monthly or on yearly base that differentiates in costs. These prime memberships are available in 23 countries of the world. 

Is BritBox free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime and BritBox are both paid subscriptions and digital services by Amazon and BBC & ITV and can be opted for subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. As they both are different services served by companies hence need to pay their charges differently. 

BBC Director General Tony Hall, meanwhile described it as “a new streaming service delivering the best home-grown content to the public”, adding: “The service will have everything from old favorites to recent shows and brand new commissions.”

Currently, BritBox is not a free service provided by Amazon Prime. One needs to take Amazon prime subscription and a BritBox subscription independently. If a person has taken Amazon prime membership, then he can avail 7-day free trial of BritBox when they wish to start the service of BritBox for the first time. But if he wishes to get a subscription for a month or a year, he needs to pay in addition to the BritBox streaming service. It is an add-on subscription to Amazon prime, not an included subscription, and costs you a sum of $7.99 per month, after the period of a free trial. This subscription may get canceled before the end of the free trial period, and there will not be a subsidiary charge.

The straightforward answer to this question that “Is BritBox free with Amazon prime” is No. This streaming service is an independent and chargeable service that is not free with other subscriptions. You may add it to your subscription package by paying an added sum for the service.

If a person wants to opt for a BritBox subscription, then he may visit the BritBox site and can view the terms and conditions of the trial period and purchase. A free trial of Amazon BritBox can only be started when you are an eligible prime member and the trial can be ended, before the end of the trial period without paying more charges.


 Hence, from the above, it is concluded that BritBox is not a free streaming service with Amazon Prime, Whereas it is an add-on to Amazon Prime with a further charge of $7.99 every month. There is a provision for a free trial that can cancel any time before the end of the trial period.

It is to be noted, to start the free trial of an Amazon BritBox subscription, it is compulsory to have an eligible prime membership.

I hope it is clear that Amazon BritBox is not free with Amazon prime membership while an add-on to the service. The service is getting updated day-by-day with a variety of new features and modes of entertainment but, it is an add-on to amazon prime.

Multiple choice questions:
  • Is BritBox free with Amazon prime?

Ans. No, It is an add-on to the prime membership with add-on charges.

  • What are the perks of being an Amazon prime member?

Ans. Free two-day shipping, Amazon prime savings, e-books, Exclusive and early access to grand sales, videos, grocery shopping, kinds of music, etc.

  • Is there a free trial period for the service?

Ans. yes, there is a 7-days trial for BritBox and a 30-day free trial of Amazon prime. 

Is BritBox Free With Amazon Prime?

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