Ulta Beauty Holiday Hours – Open & Close Hours

Ulta Beauty is a retail chain that specializes in dealing beauty and particular care products, as well as salon services. A large variety of beauty products, including makeup, skincare, hair care,  scent, and bath and body treatments, are available from the retail chain Ulta Beauty. Its commercial headquarters are in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and it was established in 1990. Let us know about ‘Ulta Beauty Holiday Hours’.

Ulta Beauty Holiday Hours

Still, or perhaps you want to contemporize your makeup look for the leaves, ULTA Beauty has all the products you could need If you’re planning to get the beauty practitioner in your life a gift. Whether it’s a special set of eyeshadow palettes or the perfect hair care products, they’ve you covered. Still, it’s important to a flashback that the ULTA Beauty Holiday Hours may vary depending on the store. So let us look at what to expect from Ulta beauty on holidays.

Ulta Beauty Hours of Operation  

A well-known American retailer in the US is ULTA Beauty. It’s available virtually far and wide in the main American metropolises. On weekdays, they’re open from 10 am to 9 pm, and on weekends, they’re open from 10 am to 6 pm

Ulta Beauty Hours On Weekdays 

During the week, Ulta beauty locales are typically remain open for 10 to 11 hours each day. The hours will vary from store to store, and if a shop is deposited in a boardwalk, that may also have an impact on the schedule. Protect hours are generally 

• Monday 10 am – 8 pm  

• Tuesday 10 am – 8 pm 

• Wednesday 10 am – 8 pm

• Thursday 10 am – 9 pm

• Friday 9 am – 9 pm

 Ulta Beauty Hours On Weekend 

Ulta beauty locales are generally remain open a little bit longer on the weekends. Still, Sundays can be a little gruelling because some stores near before than usual. The regular retail hours on the weekends are 

• Saturday 9 am to 10 pm  

• Sunday 11 am to 8 pm  

Holiday Hours For Ulta Beauty

On leaves, Ulta Beauty stores will operate during certain hours, so it’s necessary to check the website before a visit. During some leaves, the shops may alter their regular operating hours and close early or stay open only part of the day. Also, some leaves may be commemorated with different hours.  

• 1st January – New year’s day( 10 am – 6 pm) 

• Third Monday in the month of January- Martin Luther King Junior Day  

• 14th February- Valentine’s Day 

• President’s day 

• 47 days before Easter Sunday- Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday  

• 17th March-St. Patrick’s Day 

•Friday before Easter – Good Friday  

• Monday after Easter- Easter Monday  

• 5th May- Cinco de Mayo  

• Alternate Sunday of May- Mother’s day

•May’s last Monday – Memorial day  

• 19th June – Juneteenth 

• June’s third Sunday – Father’s day  

• 4th July( 10 am- 6 pm) – Independence day

• First Monday of September( 10 am- 6 pm) – Labor day 

• Alternate Monday in October – Columbus day 

• 31st October – Halloween  

• 11th November – Veterans Day  

• Friday after Thanksgiving( 6 am- 10 pm) – Black Friday 

• Monday after Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday  

• 24th December( 7 am- 6 pm) – Christmas Eve 

• 26th December( 10 am – 8 pm) – Boxing day

• 31st December( 10am- 6 pm) – New time’s Eve   Closed leaves

• Easter Sunday – First Sunday after Full Moon 

• Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday of the November 

• Christmas Day – 25th December 

What Should I Do If Ulta Beauty Is Closed?

Don’t worry If your neighbourhood Ulta  Beauty has closed for the day or has formerly closed. On their website, you may always place an online order. With purchases of $50 or further, shipping is free, and you ’ll also have access to special online deals. As a volition, you can also purchase the same goods and services from other beauty shops that Ulta Beauty does.  

How Numerous Locales Does Ulta Beauty Is Operating?  

As of now, Ulta Beauty is Operating in 1300 locales.  

Social Media Channels For Ulta Beauty 

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the social media channels where Ulta Beauty is active. Ulta Beauty constantly shares information about new products, deals, and events on social media. On these sites, you can also find out the Ulta Beauty hours(Open and closed hours) 

Final Reflections 

Ulta Beauty has everything you need to make yourself a special one, no matter how you decide to celebrate! The shop will do everything in its power to make your big day the stylish it can be, from excellent beauty goods to first-rate customer service. You’re set to have a stress-free shopping experience now that you’re concerned of all of their store hours, how to detect your neighbourhood store, and what to do if the store is closed. Ulta has the goods and services you bear to look and feel your stylish, no matter the day of the week, the weekend, a vacation, or a usual day. 

Ulta Beauty Holiday Hours – Open & Close Hours

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