Is Acorn Tv Free With Amazon Prime?

Acorn TV, which had its genesis in the United States, is an online paid membership video streaming application. It streams several contents like dramas, mysteries, comedies, etc., from countries like Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, etc. It is regarded as the most popular web portal among consumers because you do not get to see commercials, unlike other web portals where you see numerous advertisements. Acorn TV, inherited by AMC Networks, provides services to consumers in European countries and North America. Let us see is acorn tv free with amazon prime in this article.

is acorn tv free with amazon prime?

Several consumers are curious to learn if Acorn TV is free with Amazon Prime. Hence to have a perfect apprehension of the topic, it is better to analyze the entire subject. This section will elucidate in depth several attributes of Acorn TV like the pricing strategy, its features, how to avail the service at a low cost, etc.

Is Acorn TV Free with Amazon Prime?

Acorn TV is not free with Amazon Prime. But all the prime members of the UK and the United States are at an advantage since they have an alternative to choose a free trial for thirty days and one week free trial after they enroll themselves for the first time. After the free trial period expires, you are supposed to pay supplemental 4.99 Euros per month and 6.99 Dollars per month in the UK and the United States, along with your membership fee. In this context, it is noteworthy to mention that to avail of the demo version, it is essential for a consumer to have a prime membership.

Pricing details of Acorn TV

Many users of Acorn TV complain about Acorn TV by saying that it only has restricted content. Hence as per the availability of the content, $5.99 can be considered reasonable. Moreover, if you buy the subscription for a year, you receive a lucrative incentive of a free demo version of two months. In this respect, it is noteworthy to mention that if you want to buy a paid membership for a year, the total amount you need to pay is $59.99. Altogether, the site has a presence of over 320 contents. If you compare it with its strong contenders such as Netflix, whose cost is twice as compared to Acorn TV, enrolling yourself in the paid membership of Acorn TV is a good idea.

How subscribing to Amazon Prime helps?

Availing of Acorn TV service is very easy if you have registered for a paid membership of Amazon Prime. The only simple step you need to follow is to register yourself for Acorn TV by visiting their webpage. This procedure can be highly beneficial as you have the alternative to watch the contents on numerous electronic gadgets. You can watch the content on online portals such as Fire TV. Furthermore, Acorn TV is also accessible on various electric devices after you sign up for the membership. To get the benefit, you just need to input the software on your gadget. However, if you do not have any devices which support such applications, you can purchase the subscription by registering yourself for the membership through Amazon.

Critical Evaluation on the availability of programs on Acorn TV

The quality of the content displayed on Acorn TV is excellent. For this reason, Acorn TV is regarded as the creator of innumerable unique content like Last Kingdoms of Africa, Foyle’s War, Mayday, etc. For instance, The Sounds is responsible for drawing the attention of the audience. The reason for its popularity amongst the audience is the content revolves around marriage. Moreover, the kind of programs consumers get to see is also supreme though the streaming of the contents is only at 720p (progressive scan). Furthermore, the way the contents are enacted is superior, and the storyline is full of twists and turns. For instance, The Nest by Sophie Rundle proved to be a success since her determination to give birth to a child and the extent she goes to find a gestational carrier is highlighted in the show.

Is Acorn TV worth it?

Before investing their hard-earned money to purchase the membership, people consider the types of content available on Acorn TV and whether is it worth watching it. Hence the best option available for the subscriber is to take a demo version for seven days. And if you like the service and the quality of the content, you have the alternative to buy a subscription. You can buy the subscription by paying $5.99 per month or you can buy the subscription yearly by paying $59.99. Moreover, after taking a demo version, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the content, you can cancel your membership. Most of the content available on Acorn TV is good, and if you compare it with their competitors like Netflix, it is less costly.


After a detailed analysis, it can be concluded that Acorn TV is not free with Amazon Prime. However, Amazon prime members are at an advantage since before buying a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis, they can take a demo version for thirty days and seven days in the UK and the United States respectively. Moreover, if they are not satisfied with the quality of the content, they can cancel the subscription. Furthermore, it is cheap if you compare it with their competitors like Netflix.

Is Acorn Tv Free With Amazon Prime?

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