Is Postmates Worth It?

Postmates is an online food delivery app like other apps like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and a few other food delivery platforms. Using Postmates, you can order food from your device. It will be delivered to your home in a few minutes. Postmates also convey groceries, drinks, and other items in addition to food. The start of Postmates was unique in that when it was started, Postmates was the first application that delivered other products and food from different restaurants. In 2011, Postmates started its journey in San Francisco, and it was developed to transport food and other services to your home in minutes. Let us see is Postmates worth it.

Is Postmates Worth it?

Is Postmates Worth it?

Postmates is one of the leading online food delivery platforms that provide efficient delivery, particularly at lunchtime, and delivers food over long distances because most of its deliveries cover a long distance. Postmates’ app not only brings quality food in a quick time, but it also offers other quality services like drinks, groceries, and more products and services you can get through Postmates app. 

Postmates offers various job opportunities in different fields. Employees of Postmates get comprehensive salaries and benefits. Postmates has two sides as we do not only get efficient food deliveries and other product deliveries, but you might face some issues while using Postmates. When we consider the reviews of Postmates customers, we find that most customers are dissatisfied as they were not happy with their purchases with Postmates. According to a resource, the ranking of Postmate’s food delivery platform is 153rd among various food delivery sites.

Advantages of Postmates:

Here are some advantages that you can get when you use the Postmates app, which will help you determine whether it is worth it anyway.

  • The number of restaurants Access: You get access to a wider range of restaurants on Postmates, such as Burger Kind, and many other popular local restaurants are available to place your food order with Postmates.
  • Efficient Tracking Facility of Orders: This makes Postmates worth it because you can track the live location of your delivery driver as Postmates has inbuilt GPS tracking on the devices of its drivers.
  • Service Availability: If the drivers of Postmates are available late at night, you can order your meal even late at night. However, it is uncertain when Postmates will stop delivering food at night, but if you live in a busier area, you can place your orders 24 hours a day at Postmates, and you will get your delivery on time.
  • Postmates App is Easy to Use: In some food delivery apps, you see many options, but most of them do not perform their designated functions, while when you use Postmates, you find it user-friendly, and you get two simple options on the app where you can decide whether you want to pick up or deliver the order. Likewise, many other features you will get when you use the Postmates app
  • Quick Delivery: Postmates tries to deliver most of the orders within an hour, as it instructs its drivers to arrive on time so that the customers can receive their orders hot and fresh. Quick delivery of your orders makes Postmates more worth it, as it saves customers’ time and delivers fresh meals.

Disadvantages of Postmates:

Everything has two sides, and Postmates is no exception. We get some quality features from it, but there is another side of Postmates where we will learn about some issues we encounter while using Postmates.

  • When we consider the review of driver employees of Postmates, then according to them, working for Postmates is not worth it as they get a low rate while waiting, and Postmates does not cover vehicle costs because whichever vehicle you use for delivery, you have to pay its expenditure by yourself.
  • The pay rate of Postmates is low in comparison to its competitive websites, such as Doordash, Instacart, and a few others.
  • The market coverage of Postmates is not that big; however, since Uber Eats has partnered with Postmates, it has expanded its business, although the order rate of Postmates is not as high as that of DoorDash.
  • Sometimes, customers face issues with the app version of Postmates because they are not happy with the items delivered by the service. Customer service is also an issue for customers because they do not get satisfactory solutions to their problems.
  • Some more issues that count as cons of Postmates are the delivery fee, service tax, credit card problems, payment issues, and a few other such problems that decrease the efficiency of Postmates.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether Postmates Is Worth It:

Postmates Unlimited Plan:

If you have a subscription to the Postmates Unlimited plan, you can get delivery of your orders for free. If your order value is more than $12, then you do not have to pay a delivery fee, and you can avail of a discount of 5% on service charges, which is 9% on all orders you make on Postmates without the Postmates Unlimited Scheme. Besides, if your grocery order value on Postmates is over $30, you will receive your delivery for free. Postmates Unlimited could be a good deal for regular customers of Postmates.

Discounts and Offers:

Postmates understands its charges and customers’ feedback on these charges, and to balance these charges, Postmates offers discounts and promotions on its products and services. You can get a signup bonus on Postmates. It also provides discounts on orders. Sometimes, you can get a subscription to the Postmates Unlimited plan for free for a limited time when Postmates offers promotions.

Multiple Products and Services:

Postmates does not offer only food delivery services on its platform, but it provides some other services, such as pharmacy delivery, which makes Postmates worth it. Although this service is limited in some areas, other apps like Postmates do not offer pharmacy delivery services. You can order grocery products, water, beer, alcohol, and other products using Postmates. When you access all these services through Postmates, you can say that it is a worthwhile and efficient app to use for various needs.

Is it worth for Delivery Drivers to work for Postmates?

Everyone wants to earn some extra money with their wages, and Postmates could be the perfect organization to work with if you want to gain more than your salary, as you can earn up to $25 per hour at Postmates by delivering orders in certain areas. Postmates does not require any specific vehicle for delivery, as you can bring the orders however you want. If you work as a driver at Postmates, you can earn an average of $12 to $18 per hour. The basic pay for Postmates drivers is $0.95 for pickup and the same for drop-off, and if you are waiting at the pickup location, you will get $0.09 per minute for waiting for the orders. Drivers can also earn through tips from customers. The earnings of a Postmates driver are dependent on the number of deliveries made in a day, the distance between the restaurant and the customer’s location, and some other factors that determine the pay range for drivers at Postmates.

Salary for the Employees of Postmates to Determine Worth for them of Postmates:

Postmates offers competitive wages to its employees because it knows if the workers are happy, they will work harder for the growth of Postmates.

If you work as a product analyst at Postmates, you can earn an average of $100,794, and the wages for copywriters are $74,459 at Postmates. The stipend for product designers is $125,973 at Postmates, while a software engineer can earn an average of $140,549 at Postmates. Postmates pays an average of $145,172 to a senior product designer, and a product management director will receive an average salary of $153,890, while a senior engineering manager can earn $209,332 at Postmates.

Employees working on hourly salary at Postmates can earn an average of as following.

Customer service associate employees will receive $15, and delivery drivers can earn $15 per hour. Event coordinator employees’ hourly wages are $26, and freelance photographers will get $27 per hour at Postmates.

The salary of the employees of Postmates varies according to experience, working hours, working field, achievement, performance and a few other factors that determine your wages at Postmates. 

Some Benefits for Employees of Postmates That Make It Worth Working:

Postmates cares about its employees, as it provides some important benefits to them in various fields such as insurance, bonuses, and some others as mentioned ahead. Postmates offers various insurance plans to protect them and their loved ones. Postmates employees are covered under different insurance plans such as vision, dental, life, medical, disability, accidental, and health insurance coverage. Employees will get the benefit of Postmate’s profit-sharing retirement plan with the added advantage of a defined benefit pension plan, including a defined contribution pension plan, which helps employees live a comfortable life after retirement.

Postmates employees get other advantages at Postmates, including a signing bonus, bonus pay, a referral program, an employee discount program, vacations, store discounts, sick leave, a stock purchase plan, and many other benefits.

Requirement and Process to Get a Job at Postmates:

Postmates Job Eligibility Requirements:

If you want to obtain a job at Postmates, then Postmates has decided some eligibility criteria for its various job positions in different fields, and candidates must fulfill these eligibility requirements if they want to begin their professional career with Postmates.

  • Postmates has set an 18-year-old minimum age for getting a job there, and you must have completed your high school diploma or other equivalent courses.
  • Candidates who want to join as Postmates drivers must have an updated and valid driving license, and they must fulfill a few other eligibility requirements to become a Postmates driver.
  • Postmates prefers to hire those candidates who can work according to the business hours of Postmates and are ready to work in any schedule and location of Postmates.
  • Candidates must have excellent communication skills and perform multiple tasks according to the requirements at Postmates.
  • Postmates demands prior experience for most of its job positions, and if you have experience, then your chances of getting a job at Postmates will increase.

Not only these but Postmates demands various educational eligibility for its different job positions, and candidates who want to obtain a job at Postmates must fulfill the academic requirements of Postmates to start their career with the company.

Job Application Process for Postmates:

Candidates can begin their job application process at Postmates by accessing the official website of the company or through some other job posting platforms, then they should visit the careers portal page of Postmates and search or filter for the job they want to apply for by entering keywords or job positions open at Postmates. You will reach the account creation page or registration page of Postmates Career, which you can do by inserting your active email address and creating a password according to your preference. Then you can login to your account, where you must fill in the mandatory details required such as phone number, email, name, previous pay range, and experience descriptions. Besides these, you should carefully fill in the other required descriptions of the job application form for Postmates.

Postmates will shortlist the applicants according to their eligibility and experience, then call you for an initial screening and ask some questions like your name, residence, educational descriptions, and a few other basic questions. If the candidate clears the phone screening phase of Postmates, then the hiring team will call you regarding the schedule of an interview or send you an email for an interview, and if you want some help in the interview with Postmates, then you can take the assessment test for Postmates, where you will understand whether you will be the best fit for Postmates or not and the workings of Postmates and other descriptions. Once you clear the interview phase of Postmates, then it will send you a job offer letter or call you regarding your selection for that specific job profile.


Postmates is a popular food delivery platform that offers other products and services along with food delivery. According to various reviews by customers and employees, Postmates has two sides: one that shows the quality features of the service and the other that shows the cons of working with Postmates and other issues that customers face while using the service. You can find a job at Postmates if you fulfill most of its eligibility requirements and earn a handy payout at Postmates. Postmates app has some efficient features that attract customers to it and make it worth using and saving them money.

  • How much time does Postmates take to deliver an order?

The delivery timing of your orders on Postmates depends on the distance of the customer. However, it may take an average of 30 to 50 minutes to deliver your order to your doorstep.

  • How many orders do Postmates get in a day?

According to a report, Postmates has executed more than 50,000 deliveries in just six months, which means that it gets an average of 7,143 orders a day.

Is Postmates Worth It?

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