Why are there no pictures of Adele’s Son’s?

Adele is a well-known singer-songwriter who has gained recognition all over the world for her powerful vocals and deeply personal lyrics. Adele has nevertheless kept her private affairs under wraps despite her notoriety, especially when it comes to her little son. Adele has discussed parenthood in interviews and posted tidbits of her family’s life on social media, but she has been very guarded about her son’s privacy. Let us know ‘Why are there no pictures of Adele’s Son’s?’ in this article.

Why are there no pictures of Adele's Sons?

Why are there no pictures of Adele’s Son’s?

Adele is renowned for appreciating her solitude and avoiding letting the world into her private life. She could have made a deliberate choice to protect her kid from unwelcome attention and scrutiny, especially in light of the frequent and intensive media coverage of the offspring of celebrities. Adele’s son would probably draw a lot of attention from both paparazzi and fans as the offspring of a famous musician.

Adele may shield him from potentially hazardous circumstances and guarantee that he enjoys a somewhat normal upbringing by keeping him out of the spotlight. Adele may be honoring his preferences and letting him decide when and how he wants to share his life with the world. Adele has emphasized the need of striking a balance between her professional and parental responsibilities. She may be putting her son’s happiness and welfare ahead of her popularity and public image by keeping him out of the spotlight. 

Key points about Adele and her son

Here are some points about Adele and her son:

  • Angelo James Konecki, Adele’s son, was born on October 19, 2012. Simon Konecki is his father; Adele wed him in 2016; they later divorced in 2021.
  • Despite being well-known, Adele has always made an effort to keep her private matters, especially those involving her son, private. There are very few paparazzi photos of the two of them together, and she hardly ever posts updates or photos of Angelo on social media.
  • Adele has explained her choice to keep her son’s identity a secret, claiming that she does so to shield him from the rigors of celebrity and provide him with a typical childhood away from the spotlight.
  • In a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, Adele disclosed that she has a select group of close friends who she relies on to take care of her kid while she is away or at work.
  • Adele has been quite open about her love for her son and the enormous influence motherhood has had on her life and music, despite her efforts to keep her private life private.
  • Adele has also discussed the difficulties she has between parenting and a profession, particularly when going through a divorce. Her kid has served as her pillar of support during trying times, and she has expressed her determination to be the greatest mother she can be for him.

Family of Adele

Here are some recent news and updates about Adele, her son, and her family:

  • Adele, who shares custody of their son Angelo with her husband Simon Konecki, filed for divorce from him in January 2020. In March 2021, the divorce was legally finalized.
  • Adele hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2020 and made jokes about her weight reduction and teased upcoming songs during her monologue. Additionally, she expressed gratitude to her kid for motivating her to keep going and go for her aspirations.
  • Mark Evans, Adele’s father, died in February 2021 at the age of 57 following a protracted fight with cancer. Although there was tension between Adele and her father, she is said to have reconciled with him just before his passing.
  • Adele was allegedly seeing Rich Paul when they were seen together at a basketball game in Phoenix, Arizona, in May 2021. Since her divorce, Adele has not made a public appearance with a love partner before.
  • Adele confirmed the release date for her much-awaited fourth studio album, “30,” in October 2021. According to reports, the album examines the feelings and experiences associated with her divorce as well as the difficulties of parenthood.
  • There haven’t been any new developments regarding Angelo or his location; Adele has continued to keep her private affairs and those of her son private.


In conclusion, Adele has made a conscious and considered decision to keep her private life, especially her son, private. Adele cherishes her family and her son’s privacy above all else and has made it a mission to shield him from the demands of celebrity despite her enormous renown and success. While admirers and the media might be interested in learning about Angelo and Adele’s private lives, it’s crucial to respect her limits and recognise that she has the right to keep certain details of her life private. Adele’s love for her baby and her family is a continual source of inspiration and motivation for her as she makes waves in the music business and releases new music.


1. Why doesn’t Adele share pictures of her son?

Adele has outlined her desire to shield her son from the demands of fame and provide him with a typical life away from the spotlight. She has deliberately chosen to keep her son’s image out of the public glare because she thinks it is vital to keep some elements of her life private.

2. How old is Angelo now, the son of Adele?

Angelo, the son of Adele, was born on October 19, 2012, making him 10 years old by the year 2022.

3. Has Adele discussed her parenting experiences?

Yes, Adele has made a point of publicly expressing her love for her son and the significant influence motherhood has had on both her life and her music. She has also discussed the difficulties she has had juggling parenting and her work, notably while going through a divorce.

4. What can fans expect from Adele’s upcoming album “30”?

The difficulties of parenting and Adele’s divorce are supposedly explored in her fourth album, “30,” which was published on November 19, 2021. Fans may anticipate songs that are intensely moving and that highlight Adele’s extraordinary vocal range and compositional skills.

Why are there no pictures of Adele’s Son’s?

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