How Much Does the Cast of Outer Banks Get Paid?

Outer banks, an American teen drama show which is currently in its third season is based on a mystery of treasure in an island of North Carolina has gained popularity among the audiences. The island is divided into Kooks and Pogues or we could say the haves and have-nots. Let us know ‘How Much Does the Cast of Outer Banks Get Paid?’.

How Much Does the Cast of Outer Banks Get Paid?

How Much Does the Cast of Outer Banks Get Paid?

The cast earned between $20k and $40k per episode approximately in the start of the show and surely, they have gotten a raise due to increasing craze and success of the show. This is just a start of their massive careers. Since its new season is streaming, let us look how much does the cast of the show get paid per episode.

  1. Madelyn Cline

The American actress/model who plays Sarah Cameron reportedly earns a whooping of around $80k per episode in season 3 as she got a raise after season one and two.  She is one of the main characters of the show who was paid lesser in season one but as the popularity increased in season two, she became the highest paid cast of the show leaving behind Chase Stokes (John B) who is her love interest in the series. She has also starred in the series Glass Onion; A Knives out Mystery, Stranger things and many other TV shows.

  1. Chase Stokes

The American actor who plays John Booker Routledge, the love interest of Madelyn Cline aka Sara Cameron and also the team leader, he starred in movies like The Beach House, Valiant One, etc., and TV shows such as One of Us Is Lying. Initially he turned down the role but as we speak the show is getting renewed for further seasons four and five, his salary may increase. He was rumored to be highest paid actor on the show. He earns $70k to $80K approximately per episode making him almost even to Madelyn Cline, still much money for the boy who used to live in a car before getting the role.

  1. Madison Bailey

She is an actress and a model and plays ‘Kei’ or Kiara Carrera, who is half Kook but becomes full Pogue in the series. She is also known for Dark Lightning (2017) and Creep Show (2019). She earns around $ 40,000 per episode as of season two but might be earning more in season 3 i.e., maybe around $ 50,000 since Netflix hasn’t released the salaries of the cast. She also joined American Horror Story when she wasn’t filming for outer banks.

  1. Jonathan Daviss

He was a football player and started his acting career early by landing on a breakthrough role of Pope Heyward; an intelligent kid with a scholarship ahead in the show, Jonathan has appeared in several movies like Age of Summer and Shattered Memories. Jonathan also recently appeared in Do Revenge (a Netflix movie), alongside a cast that includes Sophie Turner, Camila Mendes, Alisha Boe and Maya Hawke. He is paid around $ 30,000- $50,000 per episode in season 3.

  1. Rudy Pankow

He plays the character of JJ Maybank in the show who is shown to be the most emotional of them and is best friends with Pope and John B. He also did Uncharted (2022) and Chocolate lizards (2023). He used to do theatre and appeared in some short films too. He earns almost around $ 30,000- $50,000 per episode, which balances with his net worth since Netflix hasn’t revealed the salaries of the cast.

  1. Carlacia Grant

She is a Jamaican American actress who plays the character Cleo in the show who was introduced in second season and is loved by the audiences. Best known for her role in History channel’s Roots, she also appeared in 2021 episode of The Resident, she earns around $ 30,000- $50,000 per episode approximately.

  1. Austin North

He plays the role of Topper, who is Sarah Cameron’s ex-boyfriend in the show. He is an elite and leader of Kooks on the show. Being an athlete and always coming of better than everyone, he is hated by the Pogues. He makes almost around $ 30,000- $50,000 per episode in the present season. He started his career with Disney Channel and also starred in Beautiful Disaster and 11:11. 

  1. Charles Esten

He is an American actor, musician and comedian who plays role of Ward Cameron, Sarah’s father in the show. He has been series regular since 2020. He did Nashville in Concert, Bluebird, Thirteen days, etc. His earnings per episode is $ 40,000- $80,000 approximately according to reports.

  1. Drew Starkey

He plays the role of Rafe Cameron, Sarah’s brother, who is an aggressive character in the show. He appeared in Scream-Resurrection and prime video action thriller movie- The terminal list. He also appeared in Love, Simon and The Hate U Give. He earns around $ 30,000- $50,000 approximately per episode.


In summary, the question that has piqued the curiosity of many fans, “How Much Does the Cast of Outer Banks Get Paid?” has finally been answered. As the hit American teen drama series, “Outer Banks,” embarks on its third season, it’s clear that the cast’s earnings have experienced a remarkable transformation since the show’s inception. Initially earning between $20,000 and $40,000 per episode, the stars of the show have witnessed their salaries swell in response to the burgeoning popularity and success of the series.

How Much Does the Cast of Outer Banks Get Paid?

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