21 Ways To Get Involved with Earth Day 2021 in the Bay Area and Beyond

Mother Nature really is living her best life these days— sans the swaths of humans regularly driving, littering, and polluting the outdoors. So on this sunny April day in the seven-by-seven, let’s do our communal parts to honor and salute her… via our 5G and LTE connections. Waters around the world are clearing; the air […]

Indoor Dining And Museums Are Back But Is It Too Soon?

San Francisco has been the safest city to be in during the highs and lows of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from being the first to shelter-in-place to eviction moratoriums, the city and its leaders have been using their heads. But now, we’re a fatal limbo state that could put us behind again, you see, San […]

November’s Best Bay Area Restaurants To Order Takeout From or Dine Al Fresco at

During the pandemic, our beloved dining and drink communities continue to struggle to hang on, so my dining column includes takeout/delivery, sans indoor (currently closed as of Nov. 29th), but when the time comes again to eat indoors (here, our tips on how to dine indoors safely).  Please join me in helping to keep our […]

Five Key Tips To Celebrate a Shelter In Place Party During Quarantine

For our birthday month goers—we see you. It’s hard to be upbeat and lifted when there is so much going on in the uncertain. But we don’t want to make the uncertain affect the one day you get to celebrate. That’s why our editor’s put together a pretty simple list of key takeaways for those […]

From Treasurefest to Better Feels—This Weekend is as Bright as the Bay Area Weather

We’re in the last weekend of May and man, how time has flown. It feels like yesterday we were trying to figure out our Zoom accounts, how does a breakout room work, how does OBS works (for our streamers reading). But now, we’re at a mastery level and the style and sophistication of everyone’s streaming […]

May’s Best New Bay Area Restaurants and Old-School Alternatives To Order To-Go From

During this pandemic, our beloved dining and drink community was devastated overnight once we all began sheltering in place. Alas, my column has taken to highlighting takeout suggestions from laudable eateries and watering holes. A highlight of my day is ordering from any one of the hundreds of world-class restaurants in the Bay Area. Join me […]

Celebrate the Human Spirit Through Dance, Wellness, Culture This Weekend

The sun is shining, the air is clear, and there is plenty going on in this magical city of ours. What I love most about the Bay Area is that we still know how to have a good time even in the face of adversity. Now, when we celebrate, we also perform acts of philanthropy; […]

From Turkey to San Francisco: Living Overseas During A Pandemic

It’s springtime on the Aegean coast of Turkey and it’s almost warm enough to swim in the sea. I hadn’t intended to witness early season flowers—the ones that don’t stick around for the sweltering Mediterranean summer—especially the telltale gelincik (poppy) that delightfully blooms across the region to mark the beginning of the countdown to summer. […]

Kites, Pictures, and Music—Oh My! Your Weekend Guide is Full of Events To Attend

It feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel, trying to break through—if you squint your eyes, you can almost see it. With our city slowly starting to open back up, I can’t help but imagine and fantasize about all the parties and outings with friends and the friends I haven’t met […]

Food Runners Continues Feeding San Franciscans While Saving Perfectly Sound Food From Going To Waste

The current pandemic is doubling as a litmus test for both class and privilege — one that’s now catalyzing an even brighter focus on Bay Area food deserts and underserved, low-income communities.  A quick scan of your surroundings while on your socially distant walk to realize COVID-19 has both revealed and deepened the cracks in […]

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