TEXTILEHAUS On Building A Fine Art Piece Through Fabric Techniques

TEXTILEHAUS is a brand built on meticulous technique but for founder Anastasiya Yatsuk, being able to create TEXTILEHAUS, especially in San Francisco, is all for her.  A brand that has been built off her personal life and affinities, Yatsuk is coming into her own as she takes the brand from personal pleasure to cult beloved […]

Customer stories · GitHub
Customer stories · GitHub

#SaveSmall: Emi Grannis Jewelry Is The Perfect Way To Ring In The Season

Welcome to this small column produced by the Bob Cut intern staff. We posted to our social media giving brands, artists, and small business free space to promote whatever they need in a time where the federal government and the local levels won’t offer relief though expecting small businesses to close. So enjoy the promotions […]

“Shore”: Building Community on the Coastline

Last Thursday, Adrien Rovero’s interactive installation “Shore” was unveiled to the public. Created in collaboration with PCH engineering, “Shore”  was the centerpiece of San Francisco Design Week 2019’s opening night. Although the exhibition is (very) temporary—it opened on Thursday night and only remained open during the daytime the next day—“Shore” opened Design Week, pushing ecologically […]

Inspired By Chinatown: MANDO Clothing

As children of Chinese immigrants growing up in the Bay Area, cousins Andrew and Aaron Mando were constantly influenced by an intersections of cultures, an overlapping of worlds. Upon entering the workforce, they found jobs in tech, that uncompromising new legacy of our city, but often wondered how they could marry their business acumen with […]

This One’s For the Girls: Women-Run Businesses Worth Supporting

We asked, you responded. And with fervor, we might add. The Bay Area feels strongly about businesses helmed by women, and we’re here to celebrate those companies. We posed a question on Instagram Stories—”who is/are your fave women-led business(es),” we wanted to adequately highlight some of the lady-bosses that the community has come to love. […]

Inside the Studio: Dropbox’s San Francisco Headquarters Is Serious Goals

Like something out of the London journal, we’ve got to admit that San Francisco’s Dropbox has one spectacular office space. Mixing in all our favorite Pantone shades, we’ve gotta ask — what’s the rent? The file-sharing beast’s mission was to make multiple spaces where people can connect on a comfortable level rather than trying to […]

A Pleathora of Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Trailblazing California’s Aesthetic

Ask the average citizen to name a famous American architect and you can bet that their answer will be Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright gained such cultural primacy for good reason: he changed the way we build and live. Designing 1,114 architectural works of all types—532 of which were realized—he created some of the most innovative […]

This Artist Wants You To Reflect on Public Safety in a Disaster

As we celebrated the 112th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake, we forget that the same fate could happen to us today. Local artist Brian Singer knows and feels that this could all be to real in the near or late future. But being an activist for public safety in his own rite, Brian is an […]

The Chicest Outhouse You Will Ever Stumble Across In Santa Cruz

Stumbling upon Imgur, we came across a post that simply read, “we built an outhouse”; intriguing to say the least. Essentially, Jeff Waldman and his girlfriend really enjoy a nice bathroom to relieve themselves in. The two decided to build out an entirely chic outhouse on their property in Santa Cruz and as Waldman describes—it’s […]

The Latest Design Carpentry Collab Between Erica Tanov and Russell Fong Will Give You DIY Envy

Time for a seasonal interior design makeover, gang! There’s nothing better than working on a project with a friend and, actually, see it come a mere thought to a tangible product. And that’s exactly the case for lifestyle and fashion designer Erica Tanov and her longtime friend, Russell Fong, a luthier and craftsman who got […]

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