How Much Does It Cost to Run a Soda Fountain?

The early ninetieth century welcomed soda fountains in full swing as people of all ages gathered in these enterprises to gratify their thirst. These chic businesses offered their customers ice cream, soda water (carbonated), and remedies for medical purposes. However, these stations competed with bars within societies for a long time as some adults considered […]

Secret Recipe: Late Autumn Cider — Clinging Onto Autumn With a Death Grip

Currently we’ve been drinking down some of our favorite cider recipes to offset the sickness that plagues our work space. We suggest making these recipes for a whole family event or even for those runny nosed friends who crawl back for more. Though we may be coming into September, Autumn doesn’t feel like it’s been […]

Secret Recipe: This Spring-Style 18th Street Cobbler Is What You Need To Make Stat

Though we’re seeing spring showers and cold winds have been more apparent, spring offers warmer days and sweeter drinks. So go ahead and make this Lo-Fi 18th Street Cobbler at home to welcome in the season. And for those who aren’t in touch with their inner bartender, don’t fret. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, and […]

Drink This: West + Wilder’s Wine In A Can Is Oh So California

We mean, how could you not? It’s wine in a can. But for the team of West + Wilder, the can idea holds true to its name—a drink that is inspired by West Coast lifestyle and continues to push wilder and wilder flavors only found on the best coast. Started by longtime Sonoma friends, Matthew Allan and […]

Secret Recipe: Pomegranate Sangria For An Ending Summer Celebration

Put your mixology skills to good use with this Sangria recipe filtered with pomegranate and citrus flavors — Not a good bartender? Check out our list of delish Sangria to consume in SF whilst dining. What we love about Sangria is that if we ever feel guilty about going out and partaking in an alcoholic […]

Gut Feelings: Brian Igersheim Talks Kombucha

Leave it to the North Bay to take an already popular food market and somehow infinitely improve it. We’re only half kidding when I say there must be something in the water once you cross the threshold of the Golden Gate Bridge. Food movements flourish there. Land is sacred. Agriculture is honorable. And most recently, […]

The Bob Cut Guide To Beer Drinking This Fall

There simply isn’t anything else quite like cracking open a cold one. Post-hike, on game day, amongst friends, at the brewery, on the green—you name it. A beer is a beer is a friend of ours and we’ve rounded up a few of our most favorite, most local breweries for you to sip, sip, repeat […]

Off The Menu: Farmshop Marin’s Summer Selection Is As Fresh As It Gets

This summer we’re all about keeping it fresh and local, which is why we adore a farmer’s market driven restaurant that draws ingredients from all over California. Just off the outskirts of San Rafael sits Farmshop Marin, the farm-to-table California culinary creation of Jeff Carciello. Embraced by locals and passerby’s of Wine Country alike, this […]

Take Me to Margarita; It’s National Margarita Day

They say salt is the cure for everything, but we think it’s most effective on the rim of a margarita. More specifically, on National Margarita Day. Uber specifically, in San Francisco. Luckily there are some delicioso margs packed into this city’s seven square miles, so let’s talk about the best margs to mark the occasion. […]

A Holiday Cocktail Menu That We Can Definitely Drink To

If the holidays were ever a time to drink, Bluestem Brasserie has launched a Dickens Christmas holiday cocktail menu that puts the holly jolly in today’s modern X-Mas. If you’re wondering if the featured image is a glass of milk, well… we hope Santa isn’t driving. And don’t feel guilty about grabbing any of these […]

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