Every Laid Back Nature Lover’s Dream: The Get Out Releases Line of Stylish Tents & Adventure-Ready Gear

Getting outdoors has collectively become a form of therapy over the last year, and for us Bay Area folk, we’ve got a range of options as to how we enjoy it. From picnics in the park to backyard barbeques to mini overnight camping trips, we can do it all. And The Get Out is here […]

Millsite Canyon Trail - Gumdrop Edi...
Millsite Canyon Trail - Gumdrop Edition

Outdoorsy Things To Do for People Who Hate the Outdoors

Let’s be real, California has a high-key vibe for doing things outside. You hear about all the Bay Area has to offer, and aside from the city, you’ll hear all about the great trails and hikes that surround the city. You’ll be pestered with invites for BBQs on the beach or a weekend long camping […]

Places to Meditate and Get Out Of Your Head in San Francisco

The universe, while judicious, is also random and cruel. (Read: it’s December 27th, 2020.) San Francisco is an odd urban mix of chaos and serenity. Yoga and meditation studios are just as wide spread and culturally acceptable as 80-hour workweeks and $4,000 rental prices. So, naturally, our slice of Northern California is teeming with little […]

Hike Your Best Life: The Best Nature Walk for Car-less San Franciscans

Put down the phone, you guys—and lace-up those Nikes, instead. One thing we find particularly special about San Francisco is that it’s a major destination city surrounded—but one surrounded by boarderless, accessible nature. The beach, the bay, the woods, the hills are all within proximity, just a stone’s throw from  public transportation stop. (For many […]

Heading Outdoors? Do It For The ‘Gram at These 3 Gorgeous Spots

In case your Instagram, stories, or other social media needed some greenery (or if you actually wanted a new hike), take moment before X-mas and get your butt outside. We don’t want to write a whole explainer of why you should go—these spots for a quick holiday hike are more than why. 1. Bernal Heights […]

Five Trails For Every Type of San Franciscan You Know

Though this year has already sucked the life out of us—it doesn’t mean we can’t go for a walk or two and just decompress. We made this list for those who need options to get outside while being locked under stay-at-home. And yes, going for a run, walk, or going to the park is still […]

Redwoods and Rivers, California and Me

As a one year old, I fell asleep in an inflatable canoe and was almost lost on the Eel River. True story. Our family dog, a chocolate Lab (the most loyal of all Labrador varieties), saved me by pulling the line back to shore. Perhaps this is where my fearless trust of nature stems. It […]

Go See Mysterious Corpse Flower Bloom at the Conservatory—Safely Of Course

Look but don’t touch—no matter how tempting it is. The San Francisco figure head has come back around this season to bloom once more—even in this pandemic. But why is it so special? For our botanists out there, it’s like seeing the moon’s eclipse, no glasses needed. The flower takes seven to 10 years to […]

Things To Do: Where To Really Enjoy Your Day In Peace And Harmony

Ahh planet Earth, you have been so good to us. We appreciate you beyond measures. We show you our gratitude by growing gardens and trees, utilizing recycling bins and composting stations, and picking up littered trash on beaches and land. Mother Nature has provided us with countless breathtaking landscapes, so let’s look at some of […]

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