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In Two Weeks ‘Asians Are Strong’ Stops Two San Francisco Car Robberies and It Is Not Slowing Down

As AAPI hate crimes remain at an all-time high, Hudson Liao, founder and executive director of Asians Are Strong, and Jeremy Jong, the organization’s head of community management were not about to be passive and take it. On May 2nd, Liao and Jong had just finished their free self-defense workshop and were eating and drinking […]

5 Important Black Leaders in Bay Area History You Should Know

We should be doing this every day, but the 28 days in February are dedicated to highlighting and celebrating all things Black history. Black History Month is also a reminder that although many important African-American figures have paved the way to success and change for others (many of them doing this work in the Bay […]

#SaveSmall: Emi Grannis Jewelry Is The Perfect Way To Ring In The Season

Welcome to this small column produced by the Bob Cut intern staff. We posted to our social media giving brands, artists, and small business free space to promote whatever they need in a time where the federal government and the local levels won’t offer relief though expecting small businesses to close. So enjoy the promotions […]

Looking to Refresh that Feed? Here are Instagram Profiles You Need to Follow for The New Year

If you needed a 2018 Insta spruce, here are five accounts that you should be watching this very moment. A post shared by yoseline 〰 cabrera (@yslnc) on Dec 12, 2017 at 8:28am PST @Yslnc Yoseline Cabrera (or lovingly referred to as Josie) is a fashion influencer, stylist, and all around cool girl who takes […]

Inside the Studio: Eden Slezin Reimagines Design

When designing his collection, Eden Slezin sought inspiration from his “life and loves.” For him, that meant an old-school military influence, a working class upbringing, and a sustainability pulled from his work as a backpacking guide in the Grand Canyon. The result? A denim-heavy, utilitarian line that demands the attention of any room. That’s exactly […]

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