SF LOOKS: September’s Bay Area Street Style

Julie, 21

Starbucks Rewards Hacks – Know Mo...
Starbucks Rewards Hacks – Know More

“I’m wearing the denim brand called Denime, the rest of my outfit are from the thrift shops in Korea. I mostly get inspired by vintage, but really anything can inspire me. My boyfriend is a huge fan of classic and workwear so he got me inspired by denim and classics, too. My denim jeans are a gift from him. I want my outfits to look easy and comfy. I like clothes made out of organic fiber, 100 % cotton or linen, and clothes that look too big on me.”

Wasteland, a turtleneck from No shop, and a red trench from Vacation. Basically all my favorite vintage shops in SF. I’ve been really into wearing red recently. It’s a strong color I used to shy away from, but now I’m embracing it. Well-made basics with interesting design details are what I look for, like how the black turtleneck fabric has an embossed checkered texture.”

Levi’s Type II jacket, a Kapital Chambray shirt I picked up in Tokyo, and the jeans are a new fit made by me. My style is inspired by old school America, WWII garments, vintage work wear, Bruce Springsteen music – so as you can tell, lots of denim. Aside from that, I’d say my style is just a classic mid-century look, with a little twist.”

Kel, 24

“I am wearing an FW11 Undercover Reversible Freyed Coat, FW15 Undercover Long Shirt, Robert Geller Wool Tights and Maison Margiela German Army Trainers. My style is influenced by heavy, overbearing silhouettes, early 90’s grunge, Ian Connor, Rei Kawakubo and Hiroshi Fujiwara. I read heavily about the design process and like to wear anything with some kind of neat concept attached to the designer’s collection(s) or artistic direction, “loud” or “quiet”. I don’t really care of what isn’t or is conventional to wear on the street.”

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SF LOOKS: September’s Bay Area Street Style

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