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SF Looks: Monochromatic Sweaters

  In July 2005, Liisa Jokinen started a street style site called Hel Looks in her then-hometown of Helsinki, Finland. Liisa wanted to document individual, unique looks and styles and to spread inspiration. After doing Hel Looks for almost 9 years, both her and her husband moved to San Francisco, California in June 2014. Liisa […]

SF Looks: December Brought Chills And Neon Prints

December harbors harsh winds and an even hotter sun, seriously sweat sucks — light jackets to full body suits are a requirement to battle the ever-changing climate. Here are some of our fave street looks for the month of December that revitalize our SF “wear anything” hearts! Nicolas, 23 I’m wearing a Club 75 x […]

SF LOOKS: October Layers Up

Grant, 18 “I dress big to overcompensate for my lack of height. What helps is that I already have an eye for style in general. I wear a lot of cropped shirts on warmer days, but on colder days you’ll catch me wearing hoodies and large coats. On the contrary, I wear socks and sandals […]

SF LOOKS: September’s Bay Area Street Style

Julie, 21 “I’m wearing the denim brand called Denime, the rest of my outfit are from the thrift shops in Korea. I mostly get inspired by vintage, but really anything can inspire me. My boyfriend is a huge fan of classic and workwear so he got me inspired by denim and classics, too. My denim […]

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