Month: April 2020

San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora Holds Online Auction To Safeguard Their Future

It’s trying times for any business, especially those in the creative, dining, and cultural spaces. And one such institution, San Francisco’s lauded Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), is struggling — with hopes that their online benefit auction will help support them in the weeks, perhaps months still to come. The sidewalks around California Academy […]

April Editor’s Letter: Finding Your Anchor

On nights that involve sheltering in place in my apartment—going to bed hasn’t been easy. Knowing that the same will come tomorrow hasn’t been a refreshing thought in my mind. All of the plans I had made, gone, all of the errands I could finish, dashed, all the people I wanted to see, virtual. This […]

Secret Recipe: The Churro Recipe Great All Year Round With Barcino

Whether it’s holidays or even the middle of July, how do you resist an amazingly fluffy churro? We mean, how could you not? We got to meet the Barcino Pumpkin Pie Churro and man, our mouths are sufficiently watered. Get to know this recipe and let us know if you make it for your loved […]

The Weekend Is All About Seeing The Sunnier Side of Life Through Meditation And Digital Nature Walks

The Bay keeps trucking along. Don’t tell us that we’re canceled, we will always find a way to keep the motion in the ocean. In times like these we always turn to nature, creatives and healers. They provide the joy, the calm, the escape–and they always seem to express how we are feeling in ways […]

Señor Sisig Teams Up With The City Eats Help Satiate Those Affected By COVID-19

It feels like we’re in a vacuum on monotopic, demoralizing news nowadays, with each 24-hour span yielding higher COVID-19-related death tolls, case counts, and economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. But amid these uncertain times, it’s refreshing to recognize that some people and organizations (like Señor Sisig and The City Eats) are doing their part […]

Ganja Yoga, Tarot Workshops, and More This Weekend In The Bay Area

Virtual is the new reality and taking the dog out for a walk has become a moment of joy. We by nature are social creatures and not even a pandemic can stop us from connecting and sharing the human experience. As our new normal sets in, online experiences and events are becoming more important, allowing […]

April’s Best New Bay Area Restaurants and Old-School Alternatives To Order To-Go From

We are in crisis and our beloved dining and drink community was, essentially, devastated overnight. For now, my column morphs into a takeout-and-delivery model. This guide from at Serious Eats helps us navigate safety, alongside this handy “cheat sheet”, while sites from CNN and WSJ to The Atlantic echo low-risk factors of delivery/takeout.  As we […]

How James Lewis Tucker Made The Aesthetic Union Work in the Bay Area

A practice is something an artist dedicates their life to. It’s the lifeblood that gets them creating. It’s not just about making beautiful projects using a time-tested tradition, at The Aesthetic Union, James Lewis Tucker and his small yet mighty team take pride in providing a space their customers can count on. James Lewis Tucker […]

The Weekend Is Full Of Art, Comedy, and Music: Here’s Your Virtual Weekend Agenda

This weekend is a great reminder of the resiliency of our Bay Area communities. It’s been over 20 days since we have all been at home, and some of us have started talking to plants and hiding in the bathroom to get some space—but we persist. We keep creating and we keep showing up. So […]

Secret Recipe: The Black And Blue Berry Gin & Tonic For Summer Long Sipping

Though today may be National Gin & Tonic day, everyday can be Gin & Tonic day if you use delicious seasonal ingredients. And because you can. In the Bob Cut spirit, we wanted to create a drink that was simple but also very beautiful to make. And talk about easy as well. This Blackberry-blueberry collaboration […]

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