Year: 2020

December’s Best Bay Area Restaurants To Order Takeout From

With the latest SF shutdown, our beloved dining and drink small businesses are in dire situations, especially with the lack of local and national government aid, unemployment running out for the thousands unemployed again, etc. So my dining column gives you monthly greats in takeout and delivery to help support (please pick up, if you […]

Bob Cut’s Plans for 2021—How We’re Evolving and Making Essential Business Pivots

We’ve made it through the end of 2020. What a bittersweet sigh of relief. It goes without saying that 2020 was one of the most challenging years on every one, person, and business in the United States of America. Some have stayed afloat, others sadly being swept in the tides—we’ve come to a crossroad in […]

Secret Recipe: Late Autumn Cider — Clinging Onto Autumn With a Death Grip

Currently we’ve been drinking down some of our favorite cider recipes to offset the sickness that plagues our work space. We suggest making these recipes for a whole family event or even for those runny nosed friends who crawl back for more. Though we may be coming into September, Autumn doesn’t feel like it’s been […]

Hike Your Best Life: The Best Nature Walk for Car-less San Franciscans

Put down the phone, you guys—and lace-up those Nikes, instead. One thing we find particularly special about San Francisco is that it’s a major destination city surrounded—but one surrounded by boarderless, accessible nature. The beach, the bay, the woods, the hills are all within proximity, just a stone’s throw from  public transportation stop. (For many […]

Heading Outdoors? Do It For The ‘Gram at These 3 Gorgeous Spots

In case your Instagram, stories, or other social media needed some greenery (or if you actually wanted a new hike), take moment before X-mas and get your butt outside. We don’t want to write a whole explainer of why you should go—these spots for a quick holiday hike are more than why. 1. Bernal Heights […]

What’s In A Name—The Elements Of Your Chosen Family

When you walk during a ball, the judges before you look for elements that grant you the permission of 10’s across the board. These elements can vary depending on the category you decide to walk but regardless, all of the elements must be brought in order for you to be welcomed. These elements are key […]

Secret Recipe: Braised Kurobuta Pork with Okinawan Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

A perfect holiday recipe (that screams chic) brought to you by chef Bryan Jones of the St. Francis Winery. For those who think ‘non-conventional’ in the kitchen, go ahead and impress your family with your new found cooking skills. No need to thank us. Ingredients: 3 pounds pork shoulder 4 quarts pork stock 2 onions, […]

#SaveSmall: Emi Grannis Jewelry Is The Perfect Way To Ring In The Season

Welcome to this small column produced by the Bob Cut intern staff. We posted to our social media giving brands, artists, and small business free space to promote whatever they need in a time where the federal government and the local levels won’t offer relief though expecting small businesses to close. So enjoy the promotions […]

COALESCE—Facing These Moments—with Artists in residence Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo

2020 is coming to an end—we can all thank our stars and garters. But for those who feel that they may have unrecognized baggage from the firestorm of our new decade, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Artists in residence Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo have experimented with collaboration on all fronts through […]

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