The Plural of Diagnosis- How to use it in a sentence?

The Plural of Diagnosis


Numerous errors have come about separating ‘diagnoses’ and ‘diagnosis.’ Some say that the ‘diagnosis’ plural is Diagnoses, while some likewise say that it’s Diagnose. This article will clarify the distinctions and help you with the most straightforward approach to recall them. What is the Plural of Diagnosis?

Definition– The Plural of Diagnosis

Diagnosis is the way toward recognizing the reason and answer for infirmity or disease. For infirmity alone, circumstances can likewise be analyzed to discover the reasons for the issue and look for an answer. In certain unique circumstances, it very well may be countable or uncountable. Along these lines, the plural of Diagnosis is “Diagnoses.”

The Plural of Diagnosis is Diagnoses. 

The thing Diagnosis has a Greek root, which is the induction of the plural Diagnoses. There is no elective English plural structure.

About Diagnosis

verdict History and Etymology for the word ‘diagnosis’: Latin, from Greek, the word diagnosis, from diagignōskein to recognize, from dia + gignōskein

Meaning: Normal form    diagnosis   di·ag·no·sis | \ ˌdī-ig-ˈnō-səs, -əg- \

We can characterize the diagnosis as the arrangement of situating out what’s causing signs and manifestations, an issue or harm in an influenced individual, and the assessment arrived at principally dependent on the framework. The demonstration or arrangement of running over or sorting out an unhealthy situation via a clinical test, research facility test, and so on. A mindful test and assessment of the insights to capture or give a clarification for something. 

A choice or assessment is basically dependent on such a test. A short clinical depiction for grouping. A fast portrayal of the distinctive characteristics of a living being concerning ordered grouping. The character uses the method of a clinical backer of a condition, turmoil, or harm made through the method of looking at the signs and manifestations and side effects and indications offered using an influenced individual. 

(medication) The personality of the character and motivation behind a disease. The personality of the character and reason for something (of any nature). 


Greek diagnōsis insight from diagignōskein to separate dia-aside dia–gignōskein gnō-to return back to know, parent gnō-in Indo-European roots. We can get any information clearly with American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, in Fifth Edition 

From Latin diagnōsis, from Ancient Greek διάγνωσις (diágnōsis), from διαγιγνώσκειν (diagignóskein, “to parent”), from διά (diá, “aside”) + γιγνώσκειν (gignóskein, “to learn”). 

‘Diagnosis’ Sentence relevant examples: 

She got higher off making an arbitrary diagnosis appear out of nowhere. 

She’s found to get ways of life and individuals around her, following a diagnosis of a sickness. 

When the plague is incessant in a region, the diagnosis is direct in truly checked examples of the bubonic sort, whatever amount less so withinside the various assortments. When it isn’t generally regular, the diagnosis is not the slightest bit simple, and in pneumonia and septicaemic examples, it’s miles impractical without bacteriological help. 

I need a diagnosis, and I need a cure to intend to battle this disease. 

The excess decade of the nineteenth century will stand apart withinside the records of clinical mechanical skill due to the term wherein serum therapeutics and serum diagnosis had their introduction to the world. 

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Words Near Conclusion Withinside the Dictionary 


Quotes can make you interesting:

  • The United States has a noninterventionist and separated culture that got together with a worldwide and interventionist act. This significantly unsafe and febrile mix, which remarkably works with the task of the controllers and chauvinists, needs an extraordinarily cautious and nuanced diagnosis. I don’t feel that analogies from the radical model, in any case charming, are satisfactory.

  • A diagnosis says that I am crazy yet considering a particular objective: one that has been able and recorded in present-day times, yet what’s more by the old Egyptians, who portrayed a condition like schizophrenia in the Book of Hearts and credited psychosis to the risky effect of poison in the heart and uterus. The old Egyptians understood the meaning of finding instances of direct. Uterus, madness; heart, a unit of alliance.

  • On either event, he could simply adhere to the expressed reason for the law, anyway than for every year in the law there was a nay, and it by and large boiled down to essential comfort. Like a psychological diagnosis, it could, by and large, be rearranged around to fit anything you picked.

  • There is a huge load of work out there to eliminate people from the circle in things like clinical diagnosis. Nonetheless, if you eliminate individuals from the circle, you are in danger of ending up with a freezing sort of AI that really has no sensation of human interest, human sentiments, or human characteristics.

About diagnoses: plural form diagnoses\ ˌdī-ig-ˈnō-ˌsēz, -əg- \

(Diagnoses: Also, it is a non-specific measure that does not discriminate between types of mental disorders, nor does it provide for precise clinical diagnoses. These lines are cited from )

Plural type of diagnosis. Third-individual particular basic present characteristic type of diagnosing. 

Diagnoses Sentence relevant examples:

In the article, Lizard consideration is attracted to the numerous characters, making it troublesome, if certainly feasible, to give diagnoses appropriate to all reptiles and all snakes. It is tough to define any fixed boundary in Egypt among wizardry and medication; however, it is interesting to take note that straightforward diagnoses and remedies were utilized for the more reparable infections, while mysterious formulae and talismans are held for those that are more diligently to adapt to, like the chomps of snakes and the stings of scorpions. 

The facts confirm that some particular structures, like the Brisingidae among starfish, A strophiura and Ophioteresis among ophiurans, repudiate the typical judgments; yet this neither darkens their efficient position nor does it change the way that since early Palaeozoic times, these two extraordinary gatherings of stellate echinoderms have advanced along independent lines. 

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nurture professional

Words Applicable to Diagnoses in the Dictionary


Quotes can make you interesting:

  • As any expert can prompt you, the most fundamental development toward recovering has the right diagnosis. If the disorder is definitively perceived, a nice objective is obviously practically certain. On the other hand, a horrendous finding generally infers a dreadful outcome, paying little heed to how capable the specialist.

  • I trust it’s a genuinely critical thing for an expert to sort out some way to investigate and sort out some way to push toward research, something there is certainly not an ideal chance to show them in clinical school. They don’t really sort out some way to advance toward an issue, yet diagnoses are an issue, and I accept that year spent in research is incredibly critical to them.

  • Diagnoses aren’t the end, anyway, the beginning of preparing.

  • Regardless, various people never discover the rashness of such a request and continue tolerating that, given adequate information, they can describe and explain a person. The dispute has reliably existed among trained professionals and specialists about the authenticity of character examination.

  • Some confidence in the advantages of the endeavor and give their callings to perpetually critical nosologically precision. Others, and among them I consolidate myself, wonder that anyone can treat diagnoses properly. It can anytime be seen as more than an essential bundle of signs and leadership qualities. In any case, we end up under continually extending pressure.

Why Is There Confusion over the Plural of Diagnosis? 

Diagnoses are the best way to make the thing diagnosis plural. Disarray emerges because some erroneously accept that finishing off with s should frame a plural that adds es to the furthest limit of the word. When a thing closes with is, you need to supplant the ‘is’ with ‘es’ to frame the plural. This is because its plural structure gets from Greek.

How to use:

  • He went for a few diagnoses from various specialists until the last one found the issue. 
  • Several diagnoses were taken on kids under 2 years to ensure they are liberated from polio.
  • Hippocrates was known to make diagnoses by smelling his patients’ perspiration.
How is the Plural of Diagnosis, “Diagnoses”? 

Diagnosis is a particular word; in getting the plural structure, the “I” before the last “s” is changed to “e” to show that it’s the plural structure. This is like words like Crisis – Crises, and so forth.


The noun diagnosis may be countable or uncountable. It can be used as a verb. In extra-general, normally used contexts, the plural shape can also be the diagnosis. However, in extra-precise contexts, the plural shape can also diagnose, e.g., in connection with numerous diagnoses or a group of diagnoses.

The Plural of Diagnosis- How to use it in a sentence?

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