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Different personalities, different perspectives. We all know every individual differs from others. And that’s what makes us so unique. Similarly, when fictional characters are drawn, they tend to be given distinct personalities and traits, making them more interesting for the readers/watchers. Fiction is incomplete without its characters, and good fiction is incomplete without a fleshed-out cast. If you are well aware of the MBTI personality test, you must be knowing about the sixteen categories/personality types. ESTPs are one of them. This article will discuss ESTP personality types and different ESTP Anime Characters who belong to this category. If you are a weeb and an ESTP, this article might be fun for you to read. So, let’s get started! Who knows, you might end up seeing your favorite anime character further in this list.

“They tend to prefer action to the conversation. The more directly a matter can be translated into action, the clearer and more effective they become.”

– Isabel Briggs Myers

What is ESTP Anime Characters: An Overview

Among the sixteen personality types given by the MBTI personality test, ESTPs can say to be one of the most energetic ones out there. With their full form standing for Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Perceiving (P), ESTPs or the Entrepreneurs are the life of the party. They are enthusiastic, adventurous, and thrill-seekers who love to be the center of attention. They have a blunt personality who does not shy away from speaking their mind and have a great sense of humor, thus making them a dynamic personality who has an active approach to life.

“Actions speak louder than words,” and that’s what ESTPs are all about. Entrepreneurs believe in learning and achieving something through actions rather than taking notes during a theoretical class. They are highly energized individuals who prefer to navigate their physical capabilities for their own betterment. For them, learning does not limit to study materials; it’s more about how they can apply the theory in real life. They live for adventures, and what’s the best way than applying different theories or ideas in action to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

ESTPs love to focus on their skills practically, and that’s what makes them risk takers too. They test their potential through action, which only stirs their adrenaline. They live in the moment and dive into what they want to do- there is no stopping them. Whatever they do, they are passionate about it, and that’s what only motivates them to jump over the other side.

It’s not the plans they make that inspire them to rush towards their dreams. In fact, they hate making plans. Working in an organized manner is not something ESTPs prefer to do. Rather they would take risks to make their experiences more fulfilling and enjoyable. They enjoy passion, drama, and pleasure, and that’s why they also apply their logical mind to achieve their goals. They sure are thrill-seekers who can be very spontaneous while making a decision; however, that does not mean that they don’t think. They are actually pretty logical who prefer to make any decision while checking out the facts. They are even flexible who can settle for different ideas because it’s a learning experience for them.

Along with their spontaneous nature, Entrepreneurs are also very perceptive. Their ability to come up with rational and logical ideas is because they are observant in nature. They have a unique skill to notice small changes along with what should be changed. This skill of theirs gives them the chance to connect with others which make such sociable person. Like I mentioned before, they are the party’s life, and it is because of this nature of theirs that they can form such strong bonds with others. The things they learn through their observations are not just for their own sake but also for making interesting conversations with others. Their love for philosophy and knowledge gives them all the more reason to engage in intriguing talks.

Apart from their strengths, ESTPs have quite a few negative traits in them as well.

ESTPs are bold and adventurous, true. However, they can make dangerous decisions if they often recklessly jump into a situation without giving it a second thought. They prefer to move at their own pace, which is usually quick and full of excitement. After all, they are living in the moment, so giving any choice a second decision may look like too much of a hassle for them.

This attitude of theirs makes Entrepreneurs impatient, which only adds fuel to the fire. They are not waiting for anyone if the said person cannot match their speed. In fact, they are even unable to concentrate on things that require patience and attention. They are blunt by nature, and their honesty can make them look like insensitive people. They believe in facts and reality, so giving proper consideration to others’ emotions and feelings is not something they always look at. Similarly, they also neglect their own emotions.

ESTPs are also unorganized and defiant who find it difficult to follow the rules. Sure, they like to jump into things without thinking about the consequences, but sometimes, their reckless actions can harm them too. Their fun-loving personality makes them tough to see the bigger picture. They will work on things to make it perfect; however, they can collectively miss out on the whole thing when it comes to putting it together.

Similarly, when it comes to following rules, they prefer to move the opposite way. Rules cannot stop them from doing something. If they are said to focus on something for too long, they will only find it more intolerable for themselves, making them leave it in the middle.

ESTPS In The World Of Anime

No fiction lover wants to see a bland character or an uninteresting story. And it’s the same with anime. The world of anime has given us some really unforgettable characters and stories. And if you are an anime lover, you must be well-aware of your favorite stories and characters.

Authors or mangakas specifically love to give the characters specific characteristics that make them intriguing to the viewers and readers. Why so? Because as viewers/readers, we find them relatable, especially when we find personality traits in them that are similar to ours. And as I mentioned before and talked about ESTPs, I will be listing a few ESTP anime characters further in this section. If you are an ESTP or at least think that you are one plus you love anime, let me tell you, my friend, this list is for you.

Here are some of the most popular ESTP anime characters:


Joseph Joester From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventurous:

Starting off the list, we have one of the most lovable characters in anime history- Joseph Joestar. Jojo’s Bizzare adventures have a huge cast of some fascinating characters, but this man surely has left his mark on the viewers because of his spontaneity and energetic attitude. The Joestar family might have been a family of gentlemen who are polite and respectful. However, Joseph defies all these traits, which makes him all the more loving.

Introduced to us as the protagonist in part two and is one of the major supporting casts in part three, Joseph Joestar never lost his charismatic nature. He is energetic, challenging, spontaneous, analytical, and loves to play pranks. We see him as this hot-headed young man who easily gets provoked during the second part and comes up with some really amazing ideas to outsmart his opponents. He loves to fool around instead of taking any responsibility. One time, he even seems to bluff while defeating Kars, stating he had it all planned out, but in fact, he was annoying him.

As ESTPs are said to be hilarious with their jokes, Joseph has his fair share of signature dialogues, making the audience crack every time. He hates training or following rules but is still a focused man who wants to achieve his goals. He jumps into fights without any full-proof plan (one time even blowing an airplane in an erupting volcano to defeat the main villain); Joseph is the man who is spontaneous to his core.

However, in part three, Stardust Crusaders, we meet a sixty-nine-year-old Joseph who is more mature but still holds his same confident and charismatic spirit. Just like an ESTP, he is a good team leader who has great analytical skills. He can communicate with strangers and locals as a well-rounded businessman to make their journey a success. Furthermore, he is the one who keeps the team of six together.

In the end, Joseph Joestar is an ESTP through and through, whether it is during his younger age or older age.

Mugen From Samurai Champloo

Shinichiro Watanabe has presented the anime industry with some of the most memorable stories and characters, Mugen from Samurai Champloo. If you have watched this series, you must know his character and what he such a badass. Compared with Watanabe’s other infamous character, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Mugen actually is the complete opposite of him, making his character all the more interesting to the viewers.

Even though this show has Samurai in its title, one must not mistake Mugen to be one because, well, he is just made for following the moral code, Bushido, unlike his other companion, Jin. Mugen is no ronin. This has been established in the first episode of the series when we see him just recklessly creating havoc in a small teashop to protect his later traveling companion, Fuu.

Calling him a hero won’t be true enough because, well, he is no hero-type. Mugen is crude, blunt, vulgar, temperamental, and unhinged who loves to compete with others. We see his rivalry with Jin throughout the series and how he wishes to defeat him in the art of swordsmanship. Even as a swordsman, his unorthodox swordplay is based on break dancing while taking bits and pieces from all martial arts forms, making his moves completely unpredictable.

When it comes to following the authority, Mugen does not stick to the rules. He is a former pirate with criminal tattoos and a vagabond who lives by his own rules. We even see his playful and flirty side with other females who have a good sense of humor. However, even though he is not the typical hero, Mugen appreciates his companions and form a special bond with them throughout their journey, especially with Fuu.

Mugen, in every way, is an ESTP, and well, this personality type suits his character the most.

Revy From Black Lagoon

A badass who shows no mercy whatsoever to her enemies or innocents, Revy is one the most well-written female characters in anime. Somewhat similar to Mugen, she is the main gunslinger of the series and the protagonist, who is troubled, loud, rude, sarcastic, deadly, very competitive, short-tempered, cynical, and confident. Unlike her companion Rock, who can say to be a diplomat, she does not prefer to rely on these heavy words but rather does what she feels is right.

Revy is a fun-loving woman who is a sadist by nature and finds joy in the fighting. Despite her merciless nature, she’s also capable of showing humor, and she can be quite a talker when she isn’t angry. She can be provoked in a matter of seconds, and if that happens, she does not hold back. She is spontaneous, adventurous, loves excitement, and is not someone who prefers to follow the rules.

Even though she can be ruthless and reckless, Revy becomes more considerate after she meets with Rock. She actually respects and appreciates her companions, the black lagoon company. She is also pretty analytical when it comes to her fighting skills.

As an anti-heroin, Revy is an ESTP for her reckless, competitive, and humorous nature who loves to enjoy the moment.

Inosuke Hashibira From Demon Slayer

The cast of a demon slayer has unique traits, but what makes the boar man stand out amongst the others is his competitive and spontaneous attitude. A baby human raised by boar, Inosuke has little understanding of human nature. However, as we are first introduced to him, we see an extremely short-tempered and proud young man who always likes to think he is the strongest fighter in a situation.

Among the trio, Inoskue is likely the most unorganized guy with very different and unorthodox swordsmanship. Unlike his companions, he carries two swords with jagged edges, which helps him cut through flesh more to his liking. He is a confident guy who likes to constantly challenge others to show that he is a better fighter. Although, he does that because he likes to be the center of attention.

Gradually, we see Inosuke change, which develops more human emotions and understands the meaning of camaraderie while living with Tanjiro and his other companions. He even learns how to become more skilled with his breathing style and develops new analytical skills, which helps them during fights. He is still a reckless guy, though, who is adventurous and finds thrill in fights.

Yosuke is on this list because, well, his spontaneous and energetic attitude says it all. He is an ESTP because he is competitive, challenging, and reckless yet has great practical skills in swordplay. And in my opinion, his character development is one of the best in the series.

Katsuki Bakugo From My Heri Academic

As the deutogorist of the series, Katsuki Bakugo is a fan-favorite. However, to call him an idealist gero in the world of my hero academic would be incorrect. Brash, arrogant, and impolite, Bakugo is introduced to us as the bully of the protagonist, Izuku, with whom he later forms an on-again-off-again best friends/rivals relationship. He has a huge superiority complex and challenging attitude who likes to show off his skills.

Even though he has such negative characteristics, Bakugo goes through a well-written character development arc to terms with himself. He is still the kid who admires All Might and wants to become a hero like him, even though he could never fit in that idealistic role. He later even agrees to accept his defeat on different occasions and tries to work better for himself.

Katsuki is a short-tempered guy who cannot be called fully mature yet but is sure becoming a somewhat understanding person. Even though he does not show it, he deeply cares for his friends and companions. He is also shown to be very observant and practical when it comes to quirk, making him one of the most efficient students in class 1-A who has good control over his powers.

Katsuki Bakugo shares all the dominant traits of an ESFP, and because of his amazing design and character, he has become such a lovable character among the fans.

Yumeko JabamiFrom Kakegurui

Yumeko may look like an innocent schoolgirl, but she is far from such an idealistic persona. Being a compulsive gambler, Yumeko does not shy away from a challenge and takes any of them head-on. Unlike other gamblers concerned about what they will win and what they will lose, she prefers to enjoy the game because that’s where the thrill comes from.

As a gambler, Yumeko does not hold back during any game. She is reckless and would jump into a game and high-risk bets in gambles, not worrying about what the results may be whatsoever. She does not fear the results; she just enjoys the game. Her knowledge and skills in this field are almost incomparable, making her opponents even more anxious. She is highly observant and can pinpoint even the tiniest details or cheating methods without a sweat.

Yumeko may appear crazy at times, but she is very generous towards her friends. Sure, she wants them to have the same thrill as her during gambling, but she nonetheless appreciates their help. She even recognizes her lack of empathy towards her opponents, which is highly immoral. She later even accepts that she instead feels guilty for her inability to sympathize with her victims.

Her spontaneous, challenging, and observant skills definitely make Yumeko an ESTP.

Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

This classic series has given us some of the most memorable and loving characters of all time in anime, and Faye Valentine is one of them. Being the femme fatal in this series, she shares almost all the traits of an ESTP. She is abrasive, reckless, flirtatious, and sarcastic, which makes her an ideal ESTP.

During the beginning of the series, we see Faye as this lazy and arrogant woman who constantly gets in arguments with her companions; however, this attitude of hers gradually changes as she becomes closer with them. When her memory comes back, she can become a bit more open about her emotions and feel more affection towards the Bebop members, especially Spike. This is one reason she kept running away from there because of her growing attachment towards them.

Faye is a complex character whose story was fleshed out in the series. Even though she was shown at first as this abrasive and selfish woman, she soon becomes closer with the Bebop and finds a new home with them.

Inuyasha From Inuyasha

One of the most beloved half-demons in anime, Inuyasha has left a mark on all those who have grown up with this series. As he had a rough past, Inuyasha is portrayed as this arrogant, reckless, abrasive, impatient, and hot-headed guy who can get provoked anytime. However, we see him develop during the long-running series while still maintaining his somewhat old yet endearing personality.

Inuyasha is an ESTP for several reasons, but one of the most significant traits is his hot-headedness. His rivalry with Koga and him constantly getting irritated from Shippo’s behavior are some examples that prove this fact. Sometimes, he is even shown to act recklessly, especially when Kagome is shown to be in danger.

However, even though he can be out of hand, Inuyasha really cares for his friends, especially Kagome, who eventually falls in love. He may not be very open about his feelings, but eventually, he begins to admit that he cares for them and even proves them multiple times through his actions.

Juuzou Zuya From Tokyo Ghoul Series

With a troubled past, Juuzou made a name for himself as a Special Class Ghoul Investigator. During the beginning, he was shown as this ruthless investigator who did his job for fun and was merciless towards ghouls. This was because of his traumatic past and how he was abused during his childhood, which made him unaware of human emotions.

However, later in the series, we see him mature during the time skip and even become a good leader to his comrades. He even learns more about human emotions and becomes more empathetic. His spontaneous behavior was still very much visible during the fight scenes; however, Juuzou changed a lot for the better.

As an ESTP, he is spontaneous, fun-loving (in his own way) and has good leadership qualities.

There are another few characters who are ESTPs:

  • Envy and Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Tsunade and Kiba from Naruto
  • Hikaru Hitachin from Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • Arisa Uotani from Fruits Basket
  • Garou from One Punch Man
  • Dimple from Mob Psycho 100, and many more.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ESTP. It is hard to find these rare kindhearted personalities. But seeing ESTPs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes the viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters.

ESTP Anime Characters- Top ESTP Anime Characters

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