The Most Popular ISTP Anime Characters


ISTPs in anime have a long list of their own. And to be honest, most of the characters belonging to this personality type are literal badasses who are amazingly written. In this article, I will discuss ISTPs and some of the Most Popular ISTP Anime Characters. So, if you are a weeb and an ISTP, this long list will be pretty interesting for you to read. But before we look at the characters, let’s understand who ISTPs really is if you are not very well aware of this type.

ISTP Anime Characters: An Overview

According to the MBTI personality test, with their full form standing for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving, ISTPs are known as the Carpenters among the sixteen personality types. Also called the Virtuosos, these individuals love to explore with their hands and eyes, understanding and examining the environment around them with rational and spiritual curiosity. Their interest can be shown in their lo e for constructing and making different things as they gather new techniques and information and apply them together to finish their project. They pull out things then put them back together, sometimes even in a different manner, to make it a little better than before.

ISTPs are the mechanics among the sixteen types who want to learn, experience, and build different things independently. They will make mistakes, understand the error, work on it again, and then try to see the outcomes. They prefer people who interest in their work and even join them with the same enthusiasm as long as they don’t interfere in their work.

Carpenters are free to think; they have their own ideas and their own method- so if someone else tries to put their virtues and knowledge on them, they will just put such individuals away from their life. Another trait of these individuals is that they are very private. It is not like ISTPs don’t like to spend time with others. They want to be with someone who takes an interest in their skills and work. If it is a loved one of theirs, they even don’t hesitate to give them a hand in case of help.

Carpenters are unpredictable; not everyone can understand their personality. ISTPs are calm and creative individuals who like to experiment with new things but in their own private space. However, if they find someone interested in their work, they will show them their crazy and enthusiastic side. They live for their work. It is what piques their interest more than anything. They can be very spontaneous when they start enjoying some, and that too with their rational thinking, making them all the more interesting human beings.

Their unpredictable and spontaneous nature, along with their rational and calm mindset, makes them a force to reckon with. ISTPs are creative and practical, and this combination makes them flexible human beings who can prioritize their work in accordance.

They are faithful to their beliefs and ideals and respect those who also believe in humanity’s unwritten rules. During emergencies, these individuals can work with a relaxed head, because well, that is one of their biggest strengths. They are quick thinkers who will come up with a good idea in case of any crisis. Physical risks and getting their hands dirty a little do not matter to them.

They do what they want to do, and they do it with all the love and passion they have for their work. ISTPs live in the moment. Worrying about what the future is holding for them is not a concern. They go with the flow along with putting effort into anything they are assigned with.

ISTPs are full of surprises but their characters also hold a number of negative traits.

As the term “introverted” is already mentioned in their personality type, ISTPs are private people who can be very hard to understand. They are not like someone with whom everyone can go along. They just have this vibe around themselves, which just does not let people in. Their logical and rational mind can sometimes overdo things, which can appear insensitive to others. They want to be emotional and show their empathic side, but it’s just too tough for them to show that side of theirs, complicating things.

Virtuosos can also be very stubborn on different occasions. These individuals like to do their work on their own accord, and if they are suggested anything which might benefit them, they still refuse to listen to it. They like to go with the flow, but this attitude can sometimes appear very inconsiderate to others as they move on without giving any proper excuse or apology if they make a mistake. If someone criticizes their lifestyle or their ideas, they may lash at them with irritation.

ISTPs are also risk-takers because, well, they do what they want to do, and sometimes they want to go for something hazardous, which can harm them later. Because these individuals also get bored during any long-time project, they try to find something new where they can enjoy themselves. It is not like they don’t like what they do. It’s just that they cannot focus for long, which can lead them to make decisions that may not be very advantageous for them.

Now that we know who ISTPs are, let’s see who are some of the most popular ISTP characters in anime.

ISTPS In The World Of Anime Characters:

In the world of fiction, we get to see and know several different and unique characters who leave a mark in our hearts. We can relate to a said character, which makes the story all the more interesting for us. Specifically talking about this personality type, ISTPs have their own long list in the fictional world. But as for now, let us talk about ISTP characters who are a part of anime. As I mentioned at the beginning, if you are an anime lover and an ISTP, this list I will mention below may be an enjoyable reading experience for you. Who knows, you may even spot your favorite character in this list. So, here is a long list of these ISTP characters whom you might adore and find very relatable to yourself:



Starting off the list, we have one of the most popular and lovable anime characters of all time- Levi Ackerman. This man sure doesn’t have a good height, but in terms of character design and development, he is one of the best characters out of them (or maybe I am just biased because I know some people who don’t like him that much). Anyway, talking about Levi, he is an ISTP for several reasons, and if you are an ISTP who loves this character, you might agree with me on this.

Being introduced to us during the first season of the series, Levi has always been this cool, quiet, and badass mentor/father figure to the 104th cadet members who later become his squad members. He is a quiet man with an unapproachable personality, which makes him appear really scary to others. He is blunt and often uses vulgar and insulting comments in front of people who actually irritate them.

During his underground days as a thug, he did not like to take orders from anyone. However, after joining the scouts, his relationship with them became healthier, and he formed a respectable relationship with Erwin. However, his obedience was only towards the Commander of scouts as he still didn’t follow anyone else’s orders.

As humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi also possesses great practical and analytical skills to clash titans and use his 3DM gear. His method of holding his blades is very different from the usual technique, and that’s one of the reasons he is one of the unique characters in the series when it comes to his physical capabilities. Levi has a strong sense of morality and empathy, which he rarely shows. He is merciless towards titans, but he values his comrades and their lives. He even accepts it himself, adding he wants his comrades to make their own judgment.

Like an ISTP who does not show many emotions, Levi is a cold and unapproachable person and is also very emotional for those he really cares about. He is quick with making decisions while also keeping a calm and rational mindset.


As the protagonist of the famous Hellsing series, Alucard can put any other vampire written in fiction in shame. He is Dracula, the man/monster who is the strongest character in the Hellsing universe. Being the protagonist of the series, Alucard is no hero but comes under the anti-hero category.

Alucard is the strongest agent/weapon of the Hellsing organization, merciless when he is fighting his enemies. His loyalty and respect towards his master, Integra, are because of her admirable leadership qualities and personality, but other than her, he bows down to no one else. As an immortal being, he is very egotistical, arrogant, prideful, and loves to humiliate his opponents. He is not a talkative person, but he knows how to tick someone off with his mocking words when it’s time.

One of the most interesting things we see in Alucard’s character is his love for guns. Along with his vampiric abilities, he also has two signature weapons: a pair of intimidating, high-powered semi-automatic handguns named the .454 Casull and the Jackal with which he is really at. He is shown to be very calm and collective during critical situations, and when it comes to manipulating his enemies, he brings out his worst side.

However, even though he is ruthless and arrogant, Alucard also envies humans and is deeply affected by the kind of being he has become. He is called a monster for a reason, but his human side can still be seen to be somewhere alive, especially in front of Seras, whom he indirectly saved from death and made his fledging. He also admires Alexander and Walter for their capabilities and despises homicidal vampires.

Alucard is a very complex character, but to call him an ISTP won’t be wrong. He can be stubborn, but his obedience to Integra is clearly evident. He is calm yet spontaneous, finds fun in his killing job, and has his own ideals and hidden emotions that not everyone can clearly see.


Spike Spiegel has made a name for himself among anime fans, one of the most infamous characters and series in anime history. As the laid-back yet cool and badass space cowboy, Spike fits perfectly under the ISTP personality type.

Spike is portrayed as a calm and sarcastic man who prefers to live his life peacefully while making money by catching criminals with his lazy attitude. He does not work for anyone but himself, and so, he uses his skills for his own benefit rather than protecting others, which he certainly enjoys a lot. However, he does have a caring side, which he rarely shows to others but the people who genuinely understand and appreciate him (his Bebop family). He also has a short temper and can get quickly irritated even though he does not acknowledge his trait.

As for his ideals, Spike is a philosophical man who looks at his life in a hopeless yet optimistic manner. He is still shown to be stuck in his past but, even so, tries to live his present to the very best. Formally a part of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, he is also a skilled gunman and martial artist.

As an ISTP, Spike does have an introverted attitude along with his rational and levelheaded mind. He is somewhat of an optimist at times but also shares a spontaneous behavior too.


Another ISTP on this list, Shinya, is an Enforcer and Akane and Ginoza’s subordinate who has great detective skills. He is portrayed as a calm and cool-headed man who prefers to work alone. As he was demoted from his officer rank due to his increased criminal coefficient after his colleagues’ death, he became more and more detached to fulfill his own goal against the Cibil system.

As a detective, he has a sharp and skilled mind who is very analytical and rational while making any decisions. However, we are also shown how he disobeyed the Cibil system later in the series due to his manipulative and corrupted nature. His attitude towards work as a lone wolf comes from the fact that he does not want to put any other person at risk. He cares for the people he is close to and does not want to risk their lives because of him. Although, he does not mind making a spontaneous and dangerous decision without a second thought.

In the world of Psycho-pass, where humans are obliged to follow the Cibil system blindly, Shinya is the first character who is shown to have questioned the system and even later rebelled against its ideas. He is a rational person who likes to think clearly before making a choice, which makes him such an admirable character.

As an ISTP, Shinya has all the dominant traits of this personality type. His calm and rational personality, along with his risk-taking attitude, makes him a great addition to this list.


One of the most broken and tragic characters in the list and manga and anime, Guts has been through hell and back. His story is nothing but a tragedy with a few happy moments which he couldn’t live for long. Whether I talk about how he was literally born from the corpse of his dead mother or how he saw all his comrades die at the hands of his former best friend, Griffith- Guts lived a life of pain and suffering, and now in the series, he is a man who is out to take his revenge.

Due to his childhood, Guts is portrayed as a quiet man who prefers to work alone. But when he joins the group of mercenaries, he can find the meaning of companionship in his life. He might not be very vocal with his feelings, but he sure is a very kind man who deeply cares for the people he loves. This soft side of his is shown specifically towards Casca, with whom he falls in love.

In the 1997 series, which followed the first few arcs of the manga, it has been established that Guts like to work alone rather than with a group as he wants to improve his swordsmanship. After the Eclipse, he has left a broken man who had lost everything (except Casca, who now has lost her memories). But even after all this, he still holds a strong sense of justice and compassion, willing to fight for what’s right and scorning Griffith for having betrayed everyone he once loved to become like a god.

Being such a complex character, Guts has impacted those who have read/watched this masterpiece of a series. And how his character has been shown, it is possible to say that he is an ISTP.


He may look innocent, but Okita Sougo is a sadist through and through. Being part of such a funny yet amazing shonen series, Sougo is the series’s ideal ISTP, even with his sadistic nature.

Cool and composed, Okita is the 1st Division Captain of the Shinsengumi with great swordsmanship skills. He is blunt, honest, a quick thinker, and somewhat of a bastard who loves to bully Hijikata. He is also shown to have these evil intentions, evil calling himself a murderer, but deep down, he is a compassionate and weak person who hides his vulnerabilities behind his arrogant behavior.

Even after all his blunt and aloof nature, Sougo is also a very caring person. His respect towards his comrades, especially Kondo, a brother-figure to him, and his love for his elder sister, Mitsuba, proves that he genuinely cares for the people he loves. He also saves his comrades plenty of times, even taking blames for their actions as well.

Even though Okita has this disinterested, lazy, and deadpan attitude where he hardly likes to interact or attach himself emotionally, he is also a very observant officer who is well aware of the political issues going around Edo. He is serious when on duty and surely understands the responsibilities that have been assigned to him.


The first male lead from a shoujo anime, Usui, may look like a prince charming, but he is far from that. We are introduced to his character with an aloof and lazy personality as this blunt guy who straight up breaks every girl’s heart who confesses to him. However, his more romantic yet comedic side is shown when he falls in love with Misaki.

As an ISTP, Usui has all the significant traits of this personality type. He is brilliant in studies and sports but shows no interest in his achievements. Rather, his favorite hobby is annoying Misaki. He is the school’s cool-headed guy who suddenly takes these risky actions to prove his point (especially in front of Misaki).

Even though he has his deadpan face, Usui is a good-hearted man who deeply cares for the people he is close to. He may be a little distant because of his mixed heritage and a rough childhood, but he still finds happiness in his life with Misaki later in the series.


Another ISTP list from a romance anime, Tomoya, is portrayed as a delinquent first in the series. He is quiet, aloof, distant, and does not like to make bonds with other people except for his best friend, Sunohara However, after his encounter with Nagisa, who is his love interest in the series, he starts to form a strong and meaningful relationship with others.

Tomoya’s distant attitude is evident in the series as he is not a very talkative person. He is also a very spontaneous person if needed, which gives his character a comedic touch. He can also get irritated pretty quickly and tends to make random make jokes to tease his friends. At first, in the sequel, he remains very aloof from his daughter but later reconciles with her. Even after all his shortcomings, he is still a caring and loving man who genuinely worries for his family and friends.


As the U.A. High and a pro-hero teacher, Aizawa sure has a very lazy personality. He is often shown as a quiet and reserved man who takes a nap after class in his precious sleeping bag. He can also be very cold and apathetic, and impatient, which shows his ISTP personality.

Aizawa is a very observant and rational person who wants to teach his students in the most realistic way possible. He even uses manipulative methods to understand a hero’s true work and how they should handle their skills and quirks during a critical situation.

On other occasions, he is also shown to be a confident man who takes pride in his quirk and teaching methods. Even though he appears to be aloof and unfunny, Aizawa also has his funny moments in the series. He is also a very caring person who believes in his ideals as a hero.

Apart from all the characters listed above, there are a few more characters who are ISTP: Tomoe from Kamisama kiss, Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist, Dutch from Black Lagoon, Mori-senpai from Ouran High School Host Club, Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan, Imai Nobume from Gintama and many more.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ISTP. It is hard to find these rare kindhearted personalities. But seeing ISTPs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes the viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters.

The Most Popular ISTP Anime Characters

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