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Fiction often plays a huge role in everyone’s life. Whether we’re talking about movies or books or any other entertainment source, looking at different stories presented by different writers/directors always takes us to a different world. Sure, we are usually found intact in our seats, looking at the screen or turning around the pages, but our minds start to get lost in the story, and soon, we find ourselves become a part of it. However, we get so attached to the story because of the characters in it, the one that brings the story to life. Here are some INFJ Anime Characters.

No matter how much of a great world-building we see, a story is always incomplete without its characters. And without good characters, the whole world-building can fall apart in no time, and that’s basically a fact. Writers often want their characters to have some traits which make them more interesting to the readers. Bland characters with one-dimensional traits will only make the story boring. So, like any other living individual, these characters are brought to life by giving them a profound personality. They are given their strengths, weaknesses, past, and journey to reach the future; all of these, along with many other aspects, make these fictional characters interesting. And so, if we find ourselves relating to one of those characters, we become more and more attracted to the story.

If you have ever heard of the MBTI personality test, you must be well-aware of the INFJs, one of the sixteen personality types. While watching any form of fiction, we relate to those characters in whom we can see ourselves. And so, in this article, I will be talking about INFJ characters in anime. If you love anime and apparently, have this same personality type, this article might be a fun read.

But before we jump into the list, let’s try to understand who INFJs really is in case you are not much aware of this type. So, let’s get started!


“INFJs’ nonstop search for learning, self-growth, and development—and wishing the same for everyone else—makes them very reassuring to others and people worth emulating.” – Otto Kroeger, Type Talk at Work

  • Being the rarest personality type in the world, with only 2% of the general population, INFJs can be one of the most complex yet generous personality types. With the full form standing for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging, they are also known as the “Advocate” or the “Counselor” who wishes to help others realize their potential.
  • INFJs are not someone one rarely sees because they are literally very secretive. Their key traits, as mention above, showcase that they like to spend their time alone (Introverted), focus on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details (Intuitive), are usually emotionally driven (Feeling), and like to form new plans rather than doing things spontaneously (Judging). They are actually one of the most honest and creative people who come with original solutions for others based on their own life challenges.
  • Advocates may have a very idealistic view, but they are not dreamers who don’t believe in the world’s reality. Instead, they want to help the world become a better place, starting with the people around them. Their insightful nature makes them see the world through others’ eyes; they are not exactly empath, but they can feel others’ emotions and motivations through their very understanding and observing nature. They like connecting with others as their purpose in life is to understand and help others.
  • They also have their own ideals and principles, which they strongly follow. Sure, these individuals are not someone to constantly speak up about their views, but if ever their views are questioned or threatened, they will definitely take a stand for that. Their secretive and mysterious nature does not often showcase their versatile qualities, but these people are more than what they show the world.
  • INFJs may like to help others, but that doesn’t mean they easily make friends with them too. These individuals search for emotional intimacy in a relationship, and that’s why they prefer not to let everyone in their life. They only let a few selected people in their life with whom they share an honest and genuine relationship and show themselves as the people they really are. They even learn from these experiences as they try to connect with themselves and understand what kind of human beings they actually are.
  • Advocates like to think things through rather than making a spontaneous decision, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t show enthusiasm in their work. These individuals are passionate in whichever field they are sent in, whether it comes to their professional life or personal ones. With their creativity, imagination, and compassionate nature, they strive to work for the greater good. Their goals are not something trivial but, in actuality, are somewhat more thoughtful and impactful. There is no doubt in the fact that INFJs are not easily found. They can be so thoughtful and compassionate and brave and passionate are rarely seen among others. However, their kind and idealistic nature can sometimes harm their life too.
  • INFJs are said to be overly sensitive people. These individuals are deeply immersed in emotional connection, but it can leave a lasting impact on their minds if the relationship starts to fail. They can also be pretty reactive when their ideology is being questioned. Their optimistic and idealistic view may not be applicable in every situation, but even so, their desire to attain perfectionism can put a lot of strain on their mind.
  • Furthermore, Advocates also tend to engage themselves in tasks for others’ sake that they forget to focus on their own well-being sometimes. They often assist others during crucial times when it comes to themselves. They find it hard to open up. They are secretive and mysterious, which can sometimes lead to immense frustration because they are too reluctant to talk about themselves with others. They don’t like asking for help, and sometimes, they even find it difficult to understand their own capabilities.
  • These individuals are also said to have high expectations. They want to do things perfectly and want things to happen, like how their idealistic mind imagines. They set the bar so high sometimes that if they fail to achieve something to their desire, they can completely lose interest in it and can even spiritually exhaust themselves for that failure.
  • Now that you know about this rare personality type, let us look at some of the anime characters who belong in this category.


  • As I mentioned before, seeing unique characters in any form of fiction is always a fun experience. And it’s the same with anime. Here, we get to see and know several different and unique characters who leave a mark in our hearts. We can relate to a said character which makes the story all the more interesting for us. Specifically talking about this personality type, INFJs have their own long list in the fictional world.
  • Just like in the real world, INFJs are very rare to be seen in anime as well. Their idealistic and creative nature, along with their compassion, makes them very kind yet intriguing characters in their own way. As I mentioned at the beginning, if you are an anime lover and like to learn more about typology, this list I will mention below may be an enjoyable reading experience for you. INFJs sure are pretty rare to be found, and if you are one as well, this list will help you find some fascinating INFJ characters. Who knows, you may even stumble upon your favorite character in this list. So, here is a long list of these INFJ characters whom you might adore and find very relatable to yourself:



  • From a despicable antagonist to a true hero, Itachi Uchiha’s character began as a misunderstood man who became one of the most beloved characters of the series. A kind, quiet and compassionate kid during his childhood, Itachi was always a pacifist by nature. Gifted with the Sharingan, he was born a genius who always had a peace-loving nature, but as the series progressed, we see him becoming one of the most tragic characters of all time.
  • Itachi, from the very beginning, was very insightful and observant of his environment and the people around him. He wanted to understand the shinobi world in a more rational manner, which made him stray away from other people. His desire to create a world with peace made him take a shinobi path because he looked at the bigger picture rather than sticking with his own needs. However, as the political issues started to get tense in the Leaf and civil war almost broke out by the Uchiha clans, Itachi took the dirty task upon his shoulder to murder his entire clan for peace and his little brother Sasuke.
  • Surely, in the beginning, Itachi is shown as a merciless and cruel rouge shinobi who had no sense of kindness whatsoever. However, when we see his past and come to understand how much he has gone through, it slowly becomes clear how much he deeply loved and cared for his brother and his loved ones he couldn’t save.
  • His view of saving the world from the shadows made him an enemy as he decided to even push his own brother away without ever telling him the truth and manipulating to hate him from the depth of his heart. Sasuke did exactly what Itachi told him to, but when he died, realizing his plans failed, only making Sasuke an enemy to the Leaf, does he come back from the afterlife one last time to tell Sasuke the entire truth.
  • As I mentioned, Itachi began as a despicable character who had the roughest and one of the most tragic lives in the series. His pacifist nature, his idealistic mind, his love and compassion for his loved ones, and his somewhat mysterious and distant character are what make him an INFJ. Itachi was selfless, caring, threw away his own dreams, and carried out a massacre of his own people while living with the guilt till he died- he was the anti-hero who died as a legend.


  • Idealistic, compassionate, selfless, and polite, he is more than just a comical character. Being one of the major characters in the series, Katsura can say to be the stupidest yet one of the most brilliant characters in the ridiculously amazing series of Gintama. Usually called by his signature nickname “Zura” by his friends, especially Gintoki, he is the leader of the Joui faction who is out there to change the corrupt political system of Edo.
  • Being a samurai who strongly believes in a warrior’s code, Zura is a quiet and calm guy who does not like to make any jokes. However, his serious nature makes him more hilarious, as we often see him act nonsensically, which adds more comical details in his odd yet endearing character.
  • Keeping his comical part aside, Katsura is a nobleman who, just like his three friends, also once was a notable man during the Joui war. Known as “Runaway Kotaro,” his battle strategies mostly included keeping the damage less than charging irrationally. During his childhood, he was considered a prodigy who grew up all alone and poor as he never made many friends and was more of an outcast until he met Gintoki and Takasugi. He was also the first friend of Takasugi, who was disowned by his family, which showcases his kindness.
  • Zura may not appear to be a brilliant man because of his oddities, but he is a pretty brilliant leader who is respected by his comrades and enemies, the Shinsengumi. After his teacher’s death, he sure did choose the violent path for changing the corrupt world, but his viewpoints slowly changed as he tried to solve this problem with a more peaceful approach. He is also very insightful of the people around him. He is often ready to help others without any reluctance (as he is happily ready to help the woman he loves, Ikumatsu, without ever asking to return his feelings).
  • Advocates are known for their idealistic yet realistic views, which see the bigger picture while also helping those in need. And Zura definitely manages to have these dominant traits in his character as he continued to hold onto his resolve of becoming “a samurai who is both more cowardly and stronger than anyone else” so he could protect his comrades.


  • Born quirkless, Izuku is the protagonist of My Hero Academia who is introduced to us as a shy and timid boy who wishes to be a hero. With All Might being his inspiration, Izuku, from the very childhood, wanted to become an idealistic hero who wants to bring peace and happiness to the world.
  • Being an INFJ, Izuku shares almost all the dominant traits of this type. He is idealistic, selfless, compassionate, kind, and a little awkward around people but has a great understanding of others’ feelings. This is evident during the beginning of the series when we see his growing rivalry with his former childhood friend/bully, Bakugo, who always had faith.
  • After inheriting One for All’s power from All Might, Izuku trains hard to become a reliable and efficient hero who can help others in need. As the series progresses, we see more of his selfless and sacrificing nature as he continues to stick to his strong sense of morality. Oftentimes, he is also shown to be very insecure about his abilities, but still, he fights his own self and strives to become better in the next phase.
  • His character can be very dynamic because of how much he changes throughout the series and changes from a timid kid to a determined hero. Before gaining his quirk, Izuku often collected information about other heroes’ strategies, which later helped him develop his own plans and moves. As a hero, he always tries to connect with other people and understand their pain, making him such an idealistic character.


  • Unknowingly raised like cattle in the beloved orphanage, Grace Field House, Norma is the most brilliant child among all the kids living there. He is shown as a calm, rational, calculative, and compassionate person who deeply cares for the people he loves. He is a complex individual with his conflicting mortality who often appears to have a reliable nature.
  • As the series progresses and Emma and Norman find out the orphanage’s truth, he decides to follow Emma’s plan to escape. He does that only for her sake, though, telling Ray that he is not as selfless as her, but he still wishes to help her out in this. Sure he is a realist, but after hearing Emma’s resolve, he follows her idealistic plan and develops an idea for their escape.
  • Being a rather manipulative and analytical person, Norman becomes more confident with his ideas. He shows his more determined side, who is ready to gamble with his full-proof plans. However, we see him putting immense pressure on himself as he constantly checks whether his plan is coming out to be perfect or not. He even hides his own true feeling behind his calm and collective nature and often give emotional support to others even though he is the one in need the most.
  • As an INFJ, Norman is shown to be a creative and rational boy ready to sacrifice himself to protect the people he loves. He is a perfectionist who is highly insightful of his environment.


  • As the rat among the twelve zodiacs, Yuki is one of the main protagonists of the series portrayed as a calm, smart and reserved prince who is untouchable. Because of his attractive personality, he is admired by many in his school but still finds it very hard to make friends.
  • Due to his dark and abusive childhood, Yuki often remains distant from others. Even though he finds himself surrounded by many people, he finds it all to be a lie as the people still don’t see him for him but rather his attractive exterior. One of the reasons he envies Kyo is how easily he can socialize and make friends. After meeting Tohru, he forms a wonderful bond with her as he finds comfort and affection in her, which he later describes as being more “motherly” than romantic.
  • As the series progress, we see Yuki becoming more open about his feelings as he starts to recover from his past. He is also the first to notice Kyo and Tohru’s relationship as he comes to understand that they are in love with each other, which shows his observant side. After becoming the student council president, he forms close friendships with the council members, especially Machi and Kakeru. Among these two, Machi is the first and only person to deny his prince-like personality as she believes he is “lonely.”
  • Despite his shortcomings, where he often blames his past, Yuki starts to become well-aware of his mistakes and tries to become a courageous and better person who can take a stand for himself. Even though he is a mysterious guy who often does not speak up about his feelings, he deeply cares for all his friends and his rival, Kyo.
  • Yuki’s insightful and caring nature along with his desire to change himself as well as the people who once wronged him is surely an INFJ for valid reasons.


  • She may look like a rather “mature” and arrogant girl in high school, but Ayane is more than what people speculate about her. She may have a bad mouth at times and is called even a “slut”, she is a genuinely kind and loving individual who deeply cares for her loved ones.
  • As we are first introduced to her character, we see Ayane as a very kind and loving person as she, with Chizuru, easily makes Sawako her friend. Generally, she is very passionate and strong-willed, but later on, we see how much cold and calculative she can be. She is a very insightful person who can determine a person’s ulterior motives, especially when approaching her.
  • She may look very cool and easy-going, but in fact, Ayane is a pretty private person. She does not speak of her emotions very freely and only feels comfortable with her genuinely close people. Her introverted side is very much evident as she often maintains a distance from others. On many occasions, she also seems to have difficulty talking about her own emotions as her real face is hidden behind her “mature” ones.
  • Being an Advocate, Ayane is compassionate and kind who is very passionate about the things she does. Her genuine love for her friends and her helpful nature shows she truly is a great person even though not everyone can see through her facade.


  • As a maid, Ai Hayasaka is extremely loyal to her mistress Kaguya. She is calm, level-headed, and understanding when it comes to Kaguya’s demands and rants, as she is often the one who helps her out during her mistress’s course of making the student council president confess to her.
  • Being by her side since childhood, the relationship of Ai and Kaguya is more than just maid and mistress as they literally see each other as sisters. Ai has always been very caring and loving towards the rather cold and confident Kaguya. She is also shown to be an outstanding tactician who can carry out her duties with no problems.
  • From the very beginning, Ai has always cared deeply for Kaguya, even sometimes sacrificing her own desires for her well-being. She is not usually very open about her feelings but deeply cares for her loved ones and is willing to do everything she can to help them. Ai’s nature makes her an Advocate as she is one of the most kind-hearted characters in the series.


  • Even after turning into a demon by Muzan, Tamayo remains an ally of humanity as she devoted most of her life to researching the science behind Demons and Demon Transformation. She is one of the most intelligent and rational characters in the series, which is kind and compassionate towards other humans.
  • It sure comes as a shock when we learn that she is a demon, but these speculations are soo erased when she decides to help Tanjiro and Nezuko. Her humanity still resides deep within her heart as she makes it her mission to assist injured or sick individuals with her expansive medical knowledge.
  • As she is an INFJ, she is highly against violence as she refuses to kill people but rather survive on the blood donated by others. However, she is also a mysterious woman who does not openly talk about her past or emotions.


  • From a vengeful nationalist to a peace-loving doctor, Grisha had been to hell and back to begin a new life inside the walls of Paradis. As a doctor, he was a very kind and generous man who always helped others and lived a peaceful life with Carla, Eren, and Mikasa until the wall was breached.
  • During the beginning of the series, he does not look like a very suspicious character; however, by season three, we see his past and how much different he was before. Being a restorationist of the Eldian Empire, Grisha secretively began a Marley movement along with his first wife, Dina Fritz, and other comrades. He was shown to be very passionate about his ideology which he later even tried to feed upon his first son, Zeke Jaeger.
  • However, after failing his mission and almost losing his life, Grisha was saved by Eren Kruger, who suggested he live his life inside the walls and start a family there. Once again, given a chance, he did as he was told but now lived his life in a peaceful manner where he genuinely appreciated and cared for his loved ones as he tried his best to keep them from any harm.
  • Grisha’s life may not be the best, but he sure did try his best to become a better man. He is an INFJ because of how he further changes into a pacifist who deeply cares for his family and others and wishes to save them from this world’s cruelty.


  • INFJs are known for their kind and compassionate nature, but this character is far away from it. The twisted and complex character of Johan Libert is not that easy to understand, but if there is a category he can fall into, it is of an INFJ.
  • Being the main antagonist of the series, Johan is a psychotic killer whose thoughts are more likely to depend on his perception than logic. He is shown as a very calm and level-headed person who is very manipulative and has great analytical skills. His insightful nature helps to think a step further than Dr. Tenma and reach his goals just as he planned.
  • Throughout the series, we see him with no remorse for any person whatsoever except for his twin sister, Nina, and to an extent, some respect for Dr. Tenma, who saves his life. His twisted view of existence and life makes him a fascinating and intimidating villain who no longer has no connection with his humanity. Johan may look smiling at times, but deep down, he is an empty shell that no longer cares for emotions as he has become distant from his own self.
  • Apart from all the characters above, there are another few INFJ anime characters you may know: Gin from Hotarubi no Mori e, Ririka Momobami from Kakegurui, Prince Canute from Vinland Saga, Gilbert from Violet Evergarden, Shoyou Yoshida from Gintama, Kagaya Ubuyashiki from Demon Slayer, Kaoru Hitachin from Ouran High School Host Club and many more.
  • So here is a list of INFJ anime characters you may know and love. As I mentioned initially, it is definitely hard to find these rare personality types, even in any form of fiction. These compassionate yet calculative and mysterious individuals are not someone who let everyone in their life easily. And now that this personality type is being portrayed in anime in such an interesting way sure puts a smile on a weeb’s face.
INFJ Anime Characters

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