A Rare Gem- Who knew the Rarest Colors Could be the Prettiest?


The world is like a beautiful piece of art mixed with so many colors. Both colors are known (which have been given names to) and many more unknown, whose names have not been discovered or common. In different parts of the world, names have been given to colors based on prehistoric events, culture, and other factors. Colors are one of the essences of life. They bring beauty to the earth, they vary, and they are everywhere. Sometimes, we wonder about some colors’ names, and sometimes, we wonder, ‘could there be more colors we do not know about? Have you considered a color that starts with X, those names we do not talk about as often? I call them the rare gem because they are all around us, but they are not given so much significance as they ought because their beauty is not seen, and their value, not recognized.

We would often refer to ‘eccentric and unpopular’ colors, which is not entirely the case. It is not always about the popularity of the colors or how much it is being used that dictates its presence and importance, but rather its essence, how beautiful they appear when used, and what symbolic representation it holds for the people.

Just like humans, the rarest parts of ourselves, parts we feel that are not worthy to reveal to the world, parts that we do not talk about frequently, are the most beautiful parts of us. It is not about the parts you let people know or see or those commonly spoken characteristics that you claim to possess, but it is about the hidden qualities that lie within. Those are usually the most beautiful aspects of our lives. True beauty comes from rare virtues.


What If I told you there were several other colors? Rare to find but are pretty in its kind. These colors have always been in existence, but we base little premise on them; they are available all around us due to their attractiveness, but their names are not widely and easily known to use. 

  • Xanadu is an unpopular color originated by the mixture of green and a little bit of grey hue, sprung from a philodendron plant. This color is unique in China, symbolizing health, vegetation, nature, resourcefulness, and vitality. The color is not arbitrarily identifiable or recognized, but it is real, familiar and it is as important as the other colors an artist would use to create a masterpiece. In countries of the world sans China, Xanadu is rarely spoken about.
  • Another unique color is Xanthic. This hue was originally gotten from the Greek word Xanthos which signifies of a yellowish color.” It is similar to the color ‘Xanthous,’ only that this is darker. Humans are cognitive species with the exclusive ability to process things mentally and experience them emotionally. With this, we occasionally have a dire need to feel happy, so we tend to process and uniquely communicate with these kinds of colors that give us the feelings we want. Researchers have proven that when an infuriated man is locked up in a sky-blue painted room, his anger is estimated to reduce by a certain degree – faster than when he is placed in a room painted in red or yellow. This is because the color blue depicts calmness, serenity, and gentility, explaining why it is commonly used at hospitals and medical centers. 

This particular color, to a small degree, stimulates human behavior. Xanthic has proven to be a very useful tool in influencing the psychology of people. It has a way of bringing feelings of excitement, wonderfulness, enthusiasm, making one feel rejuvenated like ‘sunshine’ and generally optimistic about life. Similarly, it serves as a psychological booster of confidence and energy. Food brands usually use these colors because it is a great attention grabber which depicts warmth and appetite. This unique color influences our moods, actions, and reactions subliminally – without being conscious about it.

  • Xiketic is a dynamic color born from a large shade of black and a tinge of purple. Though the color is common, the name is not. The name ‘Xiketic’ was recently discovered, and its symbol indicates sophistication, strength, and elegance. It is commonly used by artists who do not want a complete shade of black. 

Research shows that all the colors in the universe are linked or originated from three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. These colors are domicile and are phenomenal to our existence. Thus, irrespective of the fact that these colors start with the letter x and are not widely known and appreciated, it does not mean they should go obsolete. We need to know and accept them.

Life is made up of memories, but how would these memories, how would these memories look with no color in them? I’ll give you a hint on that, pale, sad, and boring—no Aesthetics. To feel the impact of these memories, we have to remember how colorful they were and what each of those colors meant to us. 

Though these colors are rare, they are also beautiful even when combined to make art. In the same veins, pertaining to human beings, the rarest sides of us makes us beautiful. The attributes we do not pay attention to should be our priceless jewels. 

Without an iota of doubt, there is a nexus between our feelings and the colors we are exposed to every day; which is why when we desire to be happy or at the very least smile, we indulge ourselves with colorful things or environments that do not constantly remind us how gloomy we should feel. Inner beauty always seems to stand out eventually. The subliminal influence these rare colors have on how we feel and think about certain things is an area to be very much interested in. In the end, the rarest colors are the prettiest are soul reaching it.

A Rare Gem- Who knew the Rarest Colors Could be the Prettiest?

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