How Big Is a 50in x 60 in Blanket?

 HOW BIG IS A 50in x 60 in BLANKET?

HOW BIG IS A 50in x 60 in BLANKET? 50” x 60” is perfect for a Double or Standard Size Blanket. Inches (Width- 90) (Length- 108) (Width- 229)

We must know the size of our blanket so that when we buy something, we Know the size that suits our comfortability of using it while sleeping and best match into our beds, sofa, and couch and for a toddler’s crib. And sometimes blankets are Perfect gifts for a wedding or any event and occasion because it is beneficial. Many do not sleep when there is no blanket, especially in cold weather. It is very Versatile, so you should know the size you want and your bed size.



 Inches (Width- 10)

(Length- 10)

Centimeter     (Width- 25)

Length- 25)


Inches (Width- 14)

(Length- 17)

Centimeter (Width- 36)

(Length- 43)


Inches (Width- 30)

(Length- 35)

Centimeter (Width- 76)

(Length- 89)


Inches (Width- 40)

(Length- 40)

Centimeters (Width- 102)

(Length- 102)


Inches (Width- 42)

(Length- 52)

Centimeters (Width -107)

(Length- 132)


Inches (Width- 47)

(Length- 47)

Centimeters   (Width- 119)

(Length- 119)


Inches (Width- 45)

(Length- 60)

Centimeters    (Width- 114)

(Length- 152)


Inches (Width- 52)


Centimeters    (Width- 132)

(Length- 152)


Inches (Width- 66)

(Length- 90)

Centimeters   (Width- 168)

(Length- 229)


Inches (Width- 90)

(Length- 108)

Centimeters    (Width- 229)

(Length- 274)


Inches (Width- 96)

(Length- 108)

Centimeters   (Width- 244)

(Length- 274)


Inches (Width- 108)

(Length- 108)

Centimeters    (Length- 274)

  (Width- 274)

These are the different Blanket Sizes….

30”x40” is for baby or perfect to use for nursery (Baby Size Blanket)

  • Suitable for a crib

40”x50” is good for 2 years old up to 4years old.

50” x 60” is perfect for a couple (Double or Standard Size Blanket)

  • Perfect throw blanket on a bed, sofa and couch

60” x 80” is perfect for a family (Queen or Large Size Blanket)

  • Covers the top of the standard size 
  • Cuddle blanket

90” x 90” is perfect for Family (King or Jumbo Size Blanket)

  • It fits in a family especially if naughty sleeping

The average length of baby Newborn – 18” -20”

For 12 month – 28” -30” up to the baby size chart 

This blanket size chart is based on a queen size mattress and throws a blanket.  By knowing these sizes, you now have an idea when you are planning to buy some. Let us convert Inches to Centimeters for those who are more aware of centimeters. Have a better idea of how big is a blanket.

10 inches (in) = 25.40 centimeters (cm)

20 inches (in) = 50.80 centimeters (cm)

30 inches (in) = 76.20 centimeters (cm)

40 inches (in) = 101.60 centimeters (cm)

50 inches (in) = 127 centimeters (cm)

60 inches (in) = 152.40 centimeters (cm)

70 inches (in) = 177.80 centimeters (cm)

80 inches (in) = 203.20 centimeters (cm)

90 inches (in) = 228.60 centimeters (cm)

100 inches (in) = 254 centimeters (cm)

Now that we know the blanket’s right size, it is faster to buy bedding and bedding Where children, couples, and the whole family are more comfortable. It is difficult when the blanket does not fit or is small. You still need to bend the bed just to fit. It is still difficult to sleep when the weather is cold and the body is lacking. When there are many mosquitoes, it is better when the whole body is covered with a blanket so that it does not fall into insects, especially children, and adults, because dengue approaches them. It is better to be comfortable when you sleep; you are still secured to avoid mosquitoes.

Not all blankets are the same. Each blanket is different in size and length, as is the texture and appearance, there is a thin blanket, a thick blanket, and a soft blanket there is also a blanket that is a bit rough so find out what kind of blanket is what you really needed and feel it to appreciate sometimes it is on the type of cotton of a blanket is what matters than the design but somehow looks of the design gives priceless happiness too especially kids that very appreciative and loves cartoon characters like for girls hello kitty, Disney princesses and cats and for boys superman, Spiderman, batman, captain America, avengers or different superheroes, dogs, and different favorite animals.

Better choose wisely so as not to waste money and your effort buying. The blanket is just an ordinary item as it seems in bed but provides tremendous help, especially in comfort. Not only for sleeping that can use a blanket, but can it also be carried if you are going to a distant place it is needed for a long trip. A blanket gives more body heat than just a jacket or pants.

Spread the positivity. God Bless!

How Big Is a 50in x 60 in Blanket?

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