Colors that Start with Y- Their descriptions

Colors that Start with 'Y'

Colors that Start with ‘Y’: Yellow, Yellow Green with Silver, Yellow orange, Yellow (Pantone) (FEDF00), Ying Yang (DADCBE), Yucca (68786B) and more

Have you ever been at a party, and a trivia question comes up asking you to mention five colors starting with the letter ‘y’ that Crayola has produced? This might seem like a rare occurrence, but it is not an impossible scenario. In case you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to mention Crayola colors that start with the letter ‘y’, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some of you might still have doubts about the previous scenario. You might be thinking, well, I don’t play trivia games, so it doesn’t concern me. Having this knowledge isn’t restricted to trivia nights only; it can also be a fun conversation starter. You could ask your friend to mention a color that starts with the letter ‘y’ and watch them struggle while you list them out like the magnificent goddess or god you are. To attain such powers, you don’t have to worry anymore because Crayola colors start with ‘y’.

Colors that Start with ‘Y

  • Yellow: This is always the first color that pops into everyone’s head. It’s a true classic.
  • Yellow Glitter: Honestly, anything with glitter in it automatically becomes my favorite. Yellow plus glitter describes a sunny day and that’s another reason to love this color.
  • Yellow, L/T.
  • Yellow, Medium: Seeing yellow medium makes me hungry because it reminds me of hamburgers for some strange reason. I do not even know why, but it increases my cravings for a burger.
  • Yellow Green: Yellow and Green are great words when separate, but together, they remind me of that emoji that’s used to express disgust or vomiting.
  • Yellow Green with Silver Glitter.
  • Yellow Sunshine.
  • Yellow to Green.
  • Yellow with Rainbow Glitter: This is my favorite because it contains glitter and not just one color of glitter, but the rainbow. Plus, glitter is always fun.
  • Yellow-Orange.

Of course, Crayola colors are not the only colors that begin with ‘y’ that you can find. More colors are being discovered daily and while some have really beautiful names, others are downright funny and ridiculous. Listed below are colors starting with ‘y’ and their hexadecimal codes. 

  • Yabbadabbadoo (008B97): This color sounds like it is the name of a town from an animated movie. It is actually a phrase from the Flintstones and a video game from the 80s. I guess this is what happens when you give people the power to name colors.
  • Yale Blue (0F4D92): Like the name of the school it is named after, this color gives off a royal vibe. If you ever want to feel regal, surround yourself with this color and swords and you would feel like royalty. I also like the sound of Yale; it is a nice sounding word.
  • Yam (CC6600): As I stated earlier, asking people to name colors, gives them too much power. Who wakes up one day and says, “Hmmm, I’m feeling me some yams today, so I shall name this color yam”. The color is a pretty color, but whenever I see it and think of the name, I would be consumed by a great hunger.
  • Yankees Blue (1C2841): Most Yankees fans would obviously love this color. I can’t reconcile this color with sports. Whenever I pictured sports in my head, the color red always represented it. 
  • Yasna (544A50): I’m not a huge fan of this color, but the sound of the color is just the best. I love the way it rolls of the tongue. The name of this color is so beautiful.
  • Yeehaa (006C98): When I first saw the name of this color, I’d admit that I laughed a bit. It reminded me of yeehaw and my brain found that funny for some strange reason.
  • Yellow (FFFF00): The classic ‘y’ color. Yellow is such a pretty color, especially when it is a sundress or a kimono and it is so flowy. It just makes me feel like a sunflower.
  • Yellow (Ĉ) (FCE883): This color is yellow, but a different shade of yellow. It reminded me of sweet corn and made me hungry. I think with my stomach a lot.
  • Yellow (Munsell) (EFCC00): This shade of yellow reminded of the texture of velvet. I could feel the texture without touching any velvet.
  • Yellow (NCS) (FFD300): There so many variations of yellow and I wonder how people keep coming up with so many shades of yellow.
  • Yellow (Pantone) (FEDF00).
  • Yellow (Process) (FFEF00).
  • Yellow (RYB) (FEFE33).
  • Yellow-Green (9ACD32): Any mixture of yellow and green reminds of grapes or olives or the vomiting emoji. There are no other options. That’s all I can think about whenever I see that color.
  • Yellow Green (C5E17A):  It is similar to yellow-green, but the shade is different. It is like lipstick, you can see the difference in color but you do not know how to explain it, that’s how I feel right now.
  • Yellow Metal (716338): The name of this yellow seems like a good fit for a heavy metal band. That’s a really good band name. If you want to start a band, I suggest you use Yellow Metal.
  • Yellow Ochre (C6AE4E): Ochre made me think of orchards and made me picture an orchard but all the trees and fruits are yellow, there are no browns or greens, just yellow. The color itself is similar to turmeric.
  • Yellow Orange (FFAE42).
  • Yellow Rose (FFF000).
  • Yellow Sea (FEA904).
  • Yellow Submarine (E8D233).
  • Yellow Sunshine (FFF700).
  • Yellowish Green (7FBF00).
  • Yen (333333).
  • Yen Blue (000033).
  • Yen Cyan (003333).
  • Yen Green (003300).
  • Yen Magenta (330033).
  • Yen Red (330000).
  • Yen Yellow (333300).
  • Ying Yang (DADCBE).
  • Yosemite Campfire (ED4C44): This is my second favorite color name because it reminds one of the Yosemite Campfire site.
  • Your Pink (FFC3C0): This is the cutest name ever. If I had a Pokémon, I would definitely give it this name.
  • Yucca (68786B).
  • Yukon Gold (7B6608).
  • Yuma (CEC291).

There might not be many colors that start with the letter ‘y’, but there are certainly enough to make you a trivia god or goddess. Most of the colors are yellow or shades of blue, but they are all beautiful colors. Now that you are armed with this knowledge, go forth into the world, be knowledgeable, and be a fun conversation icebreaker.

Colors that Start with Y- Their descriptions

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