Adjectives Starting with the Letter N- With descriptions

Adjectives starting with the letter ‘N’

Adjectives Starting with the Letter N: New, Natural, Narrow, Nectarous, Nautical, Noble, Nutritious, Novel, Nauruan, Neat, Naughty, Nasal

We come across many different adjectives we use daily in our life, adjectives describing different things, adjectives describing using quantities, qualities of a person, etc. Without using adjectives, we wouldn’t know how to give accurate perceptions to things we perceive every day or explain the slightest of small things we experience in situations. Adjectives are the first content taught in English grammar too early grades starting from the 1st grade up to the beginning of high school since it is considered one of the most important contents and must be taught to every child while schooling.

What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that adjusts a thing or thing phrase or depicts its referent in etymology. Its semantic job is to change data given by the thing. Adjectives are one of the English language’s primary grammatical features; albeit verifiably, they were classed along with things. Adjectives can tell us a lot more about nouns and pronouncements since they enhance the entire sentence and lift the noun to make it sound more direct and descriptive. There are many types of adjectives we can look at while considering placing them before using the desired noun in a sentence. The most common types consist of majorly 6 kinds. They are listed as mentioned below:

  1. Descriptive Adjectives – This kind is used to describe the following noun—examples: Short, great, large, petite, slow.
  2. Qualitative Adjectives – This kind is used to give in the meaning of quantity of the following noun—examples: Whole, many, last, second, numerous.
  3. Possessive Adjectives – This kind is used to show the obtainment of possession—examples: Hers, mine, theirs, his, ours.
  4. Interrogative Adjectives – This kind is shown to propagate the curiosity behind nouns used in sentences, which converts a normal sentence into a question. Example: What, how, when, who, whose.
  5. Distributive Adjectives – These adjectives are used to show what the noun will distribute in a quantitative meaning. 

Examples: Each, neither, any, and every.

  1. Demonstrative Adjectives – This kind of adjectives are used to demonstrate the noun in different sentences. Examples: These, those, that and this.

Now that we have understood the introduction of adjectives, the meaning of adjectives, and their kinds, we can now dive into understanding the adjectives starting with the letter ‘N’ and understanding examples and their meaning:

  1. New – Means to recently create or having to start existing. This falls under 

Example:  A new car, a new house.

  1. Natural – Means to as found in nature and something that is not man-made.

Example: The leaves are naturally green.

  1. Narrow – This means having a small distance from one side to the other, especially when measuring length.

Example: A narrow bridge.

  1. Nectarous – This can refer to a substance found in nature, like nectar found in flowers or anything that can be sweet or delicious.

Example: The nectarous flavor and taste of flowers are key to attract Hummingbirds.

  1. Nautical – Means anything related to ships, sailing, navigation, etc.

Example: A chart showing a few nautical elements required for sailing.

  1. Noble – Means a quality one possesses of good morals and unselfishness.

Example: A noble king always rules the kingdom diligently and generously.

  1. Nutritious – Means foods containing an immense value of nutrients to provide immunity for the body.

Example: A food pyramid chart for a human adult showing a nutritious quantity of food.

  1. Novel – Means a long story written about imaginary characters in fictional events. 

Example: The collection of the famous J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.

  1. Nauruan – Means the inhabitants of the tribe Nauru present on the island country of Nauru near Micronesia, can even mean the language they speak. 

Example: A post stamp of the dancers from the Nauruan tribe.

  1.  Neat – Means a neat thing, person, quality one has everything in right order, being organized.

Example: She has a very neat desk table at the office.

  1.  Naughty – Means to behave badly, to not do as told.

Example: The children in the class are very naughty.

               You naughty girl, you gave me such a scare.

  1.  Nasal – Means to describe things related to the nose and the functions of the nose.

Example: Sometimes nasal passages swell due to allergies.

               Bob has a very nasal voice.

  1.  Nifty – Means to do something very neatly or cleverly seeming to be very pleasing.

Example: It was a nifty arrangement for the right partnership.

               There were nifty places in my neighborhood.

  1.  Non-profit – Means an organization which does not aim to make profits in the course of its time.

Example: The best organizations to work for are the non-profit making ones since they always help the poor and needy.

               Sarah works for a non-profit organization right across town.

  1.  Nimble – Means someone who moves their hands, legs, fingers easily and quickly.

Example: She always shakes her legs so nimbly when she is anxious.

               Max slowly descended from the ladder and nimbly stepped aside.

  1.  Nationwide – Means activities, announcements or events happening or existing all across the country.

Example: The government has declared a nationwide lockdown on account of the coronavirus.

               A nationwide response has been taken into account to implement new improvement schemes for the rural areas. 

  1.  Negligent – Means giving responsibility to someone and they behave negligently by not doing what they ought to do.

Example: Boys at a young age are very negligent compared to girls.

                I forgot the loaf of bread is so negligent towards bringing it back home.

  1.  Needless – Means something that is extremely unnecessary.

Example: The death of Princess Diana was completely needless, she was the people’s princess after all.

          The lawyers cleverly defended their clients to avoid needless risks.

  1.  Nary – Means never, not.

Example: Nary leaves a stone unturned.

                Nary was a child left behind.

  1.  Nauseating – Means if someone’s behaving in a terrible manner, unpleasantly, or disgusted by, it is described as nauseating.

Example: The college student’s behaviors are extremely nauseating these days.

To conclude, we have learned twenty different adjectives starting with the letter ‘N’ above.

Adjectives Starting with the Letter N- With descriptions

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