Best Strategies to Fight Off Darkness of Depression

I Wish I Was Dead- Best Strategies to Fight Off Darkness of Depression? Take small steps by setting goals that are achievable, Listen to music and more. Best Strategies to Fight Off Darkness of Depression Everyone has experienced sadness, but when you are depressed, those feelings of intense sadness seem never-ending. Clinical depression is a […]

Adjectives Starting with the Letter N- With descriptions

Adjectives Starting with the Letter N: New, Natural, Narrow, Nectarous, Nautical, Noble, Nutritious, Novel, Nauruan, Neat, Naughty, Nasal We come across many different adjectives we use daily in our life, adjectives describing different things, adjectives describing using quantities, qualities of a person, etc. Without using adjectives, we wouldn’t know how to give accurate perceptions to […]

Adjectives starting with V- Their descriptions

ADJECTIVES STARTING WITH V: Valiant, Vain, Valorous, Vast, Vaporous, vaulting, Vehement, venerable, Venomous, Veracious, Verbal, Victorious ABSTRACT The adjective is one of the important parts of speech in the English language. An Adjective is a word used in a sentence to give more meaning to a noun or pronoun. An adjective qualifies a noun and […]

Adjectives starting with I- Their descriptions

“Adjectives starting with I”: Intricate, Instinctive, Infallible, Ironic, Invaluable, Insightful, Incisive, Incantatory, Immerse, Idyllic and more ‘Individualistic’? ‘Inept?’ What more ‘I’ adjectives that could be as interesting? Let us go ahead and instill in mind the thirty ‘intriguing’ words on this list. “Idyllic” Means “a pleasantly picturesque place or time.” Origin of Word: from Greek […]

Adjectives starting with P- Their descriptions

Adjectives starting with ‘P’: Plastic, Playful, Pitiful, Pink, Patel, Passionate, Plant, Plain, Periodic, Pointless, Pleasant, Pure, and more The letter P is a pretty significant letter. For instance, we wouldn’t have the word “pretty” without it. This is a letter that, for a while, created some confusion in the world of alphabets. After the old […]

Adjectives Starting With L- Speech Enriching Adjectives And Their Meanings

Speech Enriching Adjectives Starting With L And Their Meanings: Laughable, Lamentable, Lazy, Loyal, Lucky, Literal, Liberated, Loamy and more Adjectives are words that qualify a noun, but sometimes it becomes so challenging to come up with the right adjective to use while communicating. If you have been looking for a list of adjectives to help […]

Adjectives that Begin with the Letter C- Common Adjectives

Common Adjectives that Begin with the Letter C? Cunning, Cheerful, Capable, Curious, Contingent, Conniving, Colorful, Caring, Comic and more An adjective is a describing word for nouns or pronouns to denote the quality of the subject discussed to show its degree. Adjectives can also be used to differentiate something from the other, for example, ‘I […]

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