Why is FNAF 5 called sister location?

Why is FNAF 5 called sister location?

Video games and the video game industry have become one of the most leading industries in the world. While there are many genres of games that people enjoy, horror games are at the top. With advanced sound effects, graphics, visual effects, and atmosphere settings, horror games simulate a great sense of tension and fear among the players. One such horror video game that is unique and is popular is the FNAF series, also called Five Nights at Freddy’s. This article will see how this game stands out and why the fifth iteration was called Sister Location.

What is FNAF?

Let us start with the story of the game. FNAF, as the name mentions, allows a player to take the role of a nighttime employee. In this game, you must use cameras, tools, and disguises and defend yourself against the animatronics for a whole night till it is 6 AM, for five days. What makes the game so unique?

  • The game is for five days, and the difficulty spike keeps increasing as the nights pass by.
  • There are so many different types of animatronics to defend yourself against them.
  • The different animatronics behave differently and have unique attack patterns and ways you must defend against them.
  • It makes the game also strategic and makes the players think and act quickly based on the sightings.
  • The game has a strict battery management system. It forces the player to think wisely and not waste valuable resources.
  • The game also has random camera and equipment failures; hence the players have to be on their feet to repair them as quickly as possible.

While many games try to be graphically superior and offer more, FNAF keeps everything at the primary level. The character, in most games, does not move, and all you must do is look at the cameras and close the vents accordingly. The game also has the reputation of being scary. While in some games of the series, a player can realize when they are about to die; there are jump scares that make the game terrifying.


In 2016, the fifth game of the series was released, named Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location. It came as a surprise to many fans, as it deviated from the main games. It made the player walk around different rooms and solve puzzles, rather than being stuck in one room and looking at cameras. Despite this, the game was praised and was an intense iteration and considered one of the hardest in the series.


In this game, you play Michael Afton, the son of William Afton; jump scares are responsible for making the animatronics. Throughout the game, he guides by an A. I assist the employees. He is also interrupted by an animatronic called Circus baby, who has various skills such as making ice creams, blowing balloons, etc. It makes the player think about whom to follow, and that creates a dilemma.

Why is it called sister location?

While all the games happen at Freddy’s Faze bear Pizza, this game takes place at Circus Baby’s entertainment and Rental, an underground facility under the pizza restaurant. It is called a sister location because it happens at a different fictitious location but is related to the main story.

On the fourth night, Michael is captured by an animatronic named Ennard, an animatronic made from different animatronics parts. During the fifth night, the bodies of 2 technicians can find hanging, and we come to know that Ennard is the real antagonist of this game, and he has come back for revenge, and we must fight him off on the final night.


Based on the player’s decisions, there are two endings to the game. One conclusion requires the player to obey the orders of Ennard and follow his directions. It ends in the player kill by Ennard. Ennard then disguises himself as Michael Afton and escapes from the facility. But, Ennard forces to let go of the disguise, as Michael’s body begins to decompose. In the latest update, we get to see that Ennard enters the sewers and lies there. Michael also mysteriously stands up and narrates to his father the entire incident. To get the alternate ending, the player must finish the mini-game in the main game and disobey Ennard’s orders. 


FNAF Sister Location also features a mini-game, which the player has to complete and get a specific ending of the various endings within it, to get to the alternate end of the main game. Finishing the mini-game makes the player play the final night in a different room, this time being hunted down by Ennard himself. Even if the player wins, Ennard follows Michael to his home and appears in his room.


The game received a positive response from the fans but a mixed response from the critics. The reason being the deviation from the original gameplay and what made the game famous and unique in the first place. The game succeeded in creating one of the terrifying atmospheres in the FNAF series and has good jump scares in the game. The game currently has a very positive rating on steam.

Here are some FAQs and information about the game:

  1. Where can I download the game?

Can download FNAF sister location from Steam for PC and the PS4 and X box stores. The game was also released on android and for the Nintendo Switch as well.

  1. How much does the game cost?

The game FNAF Sister location costs $8 currently, and the price will reduce during steam sales and events.

  1. Do I need to know the story of previous games to play this?

While the FNAF Sister location does not have a big story on its own, it considers as a deviation from the original games, and having no prior knowledge about the series or the previous games will not affect your enjoyment, nor is it necessary.

  1. Is the game FNAF Sister location too scary?

While there are not many jumps scares, and a player can deduce when one is about to come, the game creates tension in the atmosphere, unlike other games of the series due to the added feature of moving.

  1. How to have the best experience from the game?

It is not only limited to this game but all horror games. Playing the game via headphones will provide the best experience for this game.

Why is FNAF 5 called sister location?

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