How much should you spend on a dresser?

How much should you spend on a dresser?

Say you’ve just purchased a house and you’re in desperate need of furnishing it, with your choice of furniture. You’ve spent days, months even,  hunting for just that right piece of furniture to fit in with everything else, but you just can’t seem to understand how much you should invest in a dresser and if it’ll be worth it at the end of the day. This is where we step in, the article further discusses how much you should spend on your furniture and what’s the best type of furniture you could invest in and not regret it even still. 

Investing in a dresser for your home:

A chest of multiple drawers where clothes, accessories, or other things such as utensils can be stored, is what a dresser is. It almost is like a chest but, a fancier version of the same. Dressers are deemed perfect for either your bedroom or your drawing, but you might also find a short little one in kitchen areas of houses, for storing utensils. Any which way it is an intelligent investment for not one, but various reasons, a few of which are as listed below:

  • Drawers: A dresser (if invested in a proper one) could be of great use. It saves up a great deal of breathing space in your room if it’s a large one with multiple drawers. The drawers could hold a ton of clothes inside them, which can make your room look tidier because you can just choose to shove everything into this big guy.
  • Quality: Invest in a GOOD quality dresser, because you would be able to use it for a very long time, without the fear of it running out of fashion or style. Dressers really never do run out of fashion, they’ve been the typical old-fashioned chest of drawers for years now, even though the material might vary.
  • Rent: If you are someone who travels a lot and usually stays in rented apartments, renting a dresser sounds like a clever idea. Their prices may vary with their quality and design but purchasing a permanent one for a temporary house might not be the best thing to do, considering the fact that you are going to move out again, it might get difficult. 

The amount you should spend on a dresser:

Dressers come in different shapes and sizes. The only relevant thing you can do before purchasing one is to keep in mind Quality over Quantity always. It’s not a lifetime investment, but it obviously would mean something to you. So please choose wisely before confirming your order. 

The starting range of GOOD dressers would be around $10 – $50 – $70 which then keeps shooting up to $100. Then there are always ‘mad’ expensive items in the store, which isn’t the best idea if you haven’t had the chance to own a home yet. The same prices are also relevant while renting items. 

What is the best amount you could spend in purchasing a Dresser?

If you decide to rent furniture instead of purchasing permanent ones. It tends to become a smarter choice, because you can always return the item and rent another one when. If you get bored, and that too without much effort.

The best amount you could spend in purchasing a dresser can go up to $400, but only if you own your own home, because then you can actually put in a lot of thought to design the place and furniture yourself, customized items for your home are the best kinds of decisions whereas, if you are at a rented place, try to choose something that is much cheaper, or that falls in the mid-range category, i.e. $40-$45.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Should I purchase fully furnished houses or get them furnished?

A1. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing fully furnished houses. But that can hampers your ideas and designs to have to make that house feel like home. It is not like you have to customize everything in the place. But a few things here and there make it feel like your own deal. On the other hand, houses that come unfurnished gives you an idea of how you would map the whole place to be. You have the privilege of getting the whole thing furnished and fit your own furniture in there to make it feel like home.

Q2. Is it advisable to thrift furniture?

A2. Thrifting is one of the most sustainable forms of the purchase and goes a long way on the environmental front. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind while purchasing furniture from a thrift store. See if there are any damages on the external and internal parts of the piece. You don’t want to buy a sofa or a cabinet that is chipped, that’s a bad investment right there. Also, keep in mind that whilst you’re thrifting you’re purchasing a semi-permanent piece of furniture or art. You should make sure the quality of the product isn’t tampered with. 

Q3. What is the best time to purchase furniture?

A3. It is advisable to purchase furniture in the mid-winters. The reason the statement holds good is that SALES are down during the winters. You might get a massive discount on really good pieces. Though it is difficult to get pieces shifted, because of the weather conditions. It is worthy because something that you would get for like a straight $1000 you’d get for $500 in the winters. Besides its Christmas season so that’s another reason stores offer a huge amount of discounts to their customers. 

Q4.What kind of furniture should I purchase for my one-bedroom apartment? 

A4. There are various stores that offer set furniture for apartments, for renting and purchasing purposes alike. You can get ideas from these stores. A typical one-bedroom apartment with a living and kitchen cum dining area would not really require much. A sofa rug, a cabinet, a dresser, a bed, a couch all of these can be relevant. But please do proper research before purchasing the furniture, make sure it is a rational investment.

How much should you spend on a dresser?

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