How much Horsepower does FORD 8N have?


Ford 8N is a 1950s tractor. It is one of the most popular tractors ever made in terms of numbers sold at least. 8N is almost 70 years old.

At the back of the tractor, you get a blade that you can use to plow or push logs, we can turn it around and pull forward or hook it up for light pulls. It has independent brakes, so you can break the left or right tire independently. This comes in handy because this tractor does not have a locking differential so when you are stuck, both the tires would not spin at the same time. Then you have a lever that you can pull up or down to raise or lower the three-point hitch at the back. It has four gears, the first gear is called low gear, the second one is referred to as plowing gear, the third one is called cultivating gear, the fourth one is high gear, and the last gear is in reverse gear. It has a 6-volt battery, which most people convert to 12-volt. The total weight of the tractor is around 2410 pounds without fluid. Fuel tank capacity is 10 gallons. The rear lift capacity of an 8N is 800 lbs. 

How much horsepower does Ford 8N have? 

The 8N put out between 23 and 27 PTO horsepower depending on the engine and the year. The maximum horsepower of the Ford 8N for the drawbar in the second gear is 23.16. Belt horsepower at 2000 rpm 27.32. 

How to start and operate Ford 8N? 

1. Open fuel shutoff valve 

2. Disengage PTO lever 

3. Set throttle 

4. Choke, if cold 

5. Be on the tractor to start, brakes on, and clutch engage 

6. Transmission in neutral 

7. Turn key to “ON” position 

8. Press the ON button until the tractor starts 

9. Press choke back in 

10. Adjust the throttle 

What to look for when buying an 8N Ford? 

If you are buying a tractor without checking out the points mentioned below, a future of problems might come your way of a lot of work and a lot of issues. Since it is a 1940s tractor, you have to check when were these all parts replaced before buying. Because you do not want it to fail on you when it is needed for the most important day, so double check all the things. 

1. Check out the radiator and see if there is any crust built up underneath the hood. 

2. Look at the fins and make sure it doesn’t look like the fluid is dripping through a bad point on the fins.

3. Check the radiator cap. Go ahead and twist it off to check how the rubber is inside it. Make sure it is not dry or cracked. 

4. If the antifreeze looks diluted and dark green, it is good to go. 

5. See if the 8N is converted from 6-volt to 12-volt because these days, it is a lot easier for you to have a 12-volt system. Batteries are going to be easier to find for a 12-volt system.

6. Check out the manifold and carburetor and make sure it looks clean. 

7. Try shifting all the gears and see if they feel tight or loose. Make sure all the gears are running properly.

8. Check the battery and see how old it looks. 

9. Start the tractor, engage the PTO and raise the three-point. And if it has bars on it, I recommend you to stand on it and see if it stays up with you standing on it. Because if it can hold your weight up, then most likely, it will hold the weight of whatever equipment you’re going to use. 

10. Check out the rear tires. Remember, these are going to be the most expensive part of the tractor. Also, don’t forget about the front tires, make sure there are not any cracks on the side frame.

Should you buy a Ford 8N? 

Now, let us talk about whether you should buy a Ford 8N or look for something else. 

Based on the following points, you can decide on buying a Ford 8N. When you get into the small tractor market, you will find that 8N Fords are in plenty and everywhere. Based on the condition, they are priced from anywhere between $400 to $4000. I would say, if you pay more than $2500 for an 8N, no matter what the condition is, you get taken off.

 The parts of 8N are easy to get, you can buy anything from the casting for the transmissions to engine blocks and stuff. You can build a brand new 8N Ford if you wanted to. 

The other thing you need to take into consideration before you start looking to buy an old tractor like this is that the technology you are going to find on a Kubota or a John Deere, you won’t get it in 8N. 8N does not have any live hydraulics or live PTO. 

One of the worst things that can happen to your Ford 8N is overheating. It can cause several issues like cracking of the block or a blown head gasket. It can also cause the coolant to get in the oil or vice-versa. 

Also, the 8N does not come with a temperature gauge. So, you must know your tractor and should be able to feel it when it’s overheating. If you are not using the tractor frequently, you won’t get used to the normal operation. 

If your budget doesn’t line up for Kubota or John Deere tractors which are around $3000 to $5000, I would recommend you to go find an 8N. If you just got a five or six-acre patch to mow and you just need to put a bush hog on it, find yourself an 8N Ford. 

It is going to be cheap, easy to work on, and most importantly, the parts will be easy to find. It is a simple tractor, so for those who are not very familiar with working on a tractor, it is a perfect option to get started.

How much Horsepower does FORD 8N have?

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