Does an AIRBUS A319 Have TVS?


What Is AIRBUS A319?

The Airbus A319 is a predecessor of Airbus’s A320 series of short and medium to moderate range, constricted body, commercial aircraft the dual engine aircraft jetliners. The A319 seats 124 to 156 travelers and has an effective altitude of 3,700 nautical miles (6,900 km). The airplane’s actual construction took place in Hamburg, Germany, and Tianjin, China.

The Airbus A319 is a slightly shorter fuselage version of the Airbus A320 that first flew by Swissair in April 1996, about 2 years just after extended Airbus A321 and eight years after the initial A320. The airplane maintains a review course with other Airbus A320 related variations, enabling current A320 family crews to operate the aircraft without the requirement for additional training. Since about August 2019, 1,480 Airbus A319 airplanes had been deployed, with 1,436 in commission. 42 more planes are now on the way (comprising 7 A319ceo and 35 A319neo). American Airlines has been the leading company of the Airbus A319 since about August 2019, with 131 airplanes.

Airbus unveiled the A320neo, a fresh crop of the A320 series, in November 2010. (new engine option). The substantially reduced airframe A319neo model includes new, higher efficient vehicles, improved airframes, and the introduction of aerodynamics dubbed “shark-lets” by Airbus. The plane is expected to save more up to 15% on fuel.

Difference Between A320 AND A319

The A320 is a larger variant of the A319. The A319 has a solitary exit door over each of the Port and Starboard wings, but the A320 has two fire escapes per side. There will be more accessible room within the A320 for either premium classes or additional premium economy. The A321 does not have any excessive fire escapes, although it does have four doors on each side. To compensate for the relatively short body, the A318 features a separate (taller) fin. Due to airfield load limitations, certain Indian-only variants of the A320 feature twin bogie main control surfaces.

The A319 is indeed shorter than the A320. The easiest method to quickly identify them is to become familiar with their lengths since this allows me to distinguish between the three A320 family aircraft.

Does it have TVS or not?

People use airplanes not only for the longer distance that needs to be covered but also for the shorter distances. Airplanes are used by everyone to travel all across the world and around the states to visit their relatives or for a business meeting. Therefore, they need to be inside of an airplane roughly between one hour to 36 hours at maximum. Being on the same flight and watching the faces of the same people around you for a longer period can be boring at times, and thus entertainment is provided even in airplanes to keep them engaged. Mostly all the airlines in the world are giving the options of TVs to their customers irrespective of the time they are on the flight. 

Boeing and Airbus aircraft are commonly used by American airlines. Nearly 1500 American-owned Airbus A319 airplanes are operating across the planet. American Airlines is the world’s biggest and most important airline; therefore it must include televisions in its in-flight amusement. Yes, American Airlines has TVs on its planes, and on some planes, you could relax and enjoy while watching movies for free, Television programs, songs, and sports on a seatback display.

Each passenger in the Passenger Compartment will feature an 8.9-inch HD-capable touch screen monitor with a variety of entertainment options like movies, TV shows, games, and music choices. Backseat Entertainment On certain planes, you may watch free movies, TV shows, music, and play games on a seatback screen. To discover what entertainment will be on your flight, click “What’s On My Travel” above and input your flight information. In addition, how many seats are there on an Airbus A319? The A319, a shortened-fuselage member of Airbus’ A320 Family, continues to demonstrate its adaptability by offering a variety of passenger configurations ranging from 110 to 160 seats.

Users can choose between a wide range of options provided by the airlines to watch or listen to or enjoy while they are traveling by their airlines. They can listen to their favorite music, stream the movie they want to watch, read any articles, read the news that is being published on that television, and whatnot. Television makes the in-flight experience quite interesting and helps the flyers to pass their time when they have nothing to do. These televisions can be extremely important if you are traveling with an adolescent. 

Other features of AIRBUS A319 

Along with TV sets, Airbus A319 gives Wi-Fi services to their customers to make their travel interesting and their experience rich. Though the data given by the network providers to the customers are limited, people make full use of these services while traveling from one place to another. The A319 is America’s first hardtop convertible airplane with in-seat infotainment all through the airplane. Passengers will have access to up to 200 films, 180 TV series, and over 350 audio options (including audiobooks, which I think is kind of cool).

With international power sockets and USB connections for each passenger, as well as Gogo’s next-generation Wi-Fi services, the smaller aircraft would be sufficient to keep you powered and informed. The A319 would be the first airplane in American aircraft to be stuffed with Gogo’s ATG-4 Wi-Fi system. To deliver a more robust and dependable service, ATG-4 employs additional antennas and improved data compression technologies.

ATG-4 can transmit up to 9.8 Mbps of speed per plane, compared to the 3.1 Mbps supplied by Gogo technology, making it seem like you’re using a Starbucks hotspot rather than a plane.

The new A319 is a significant improvement over the MD-80 and 757 it replaces. The seats in the Main Cabin have also been modified to allow more space for your knees: the periodicals pocket has been elevated, and the seatbacks have been bent to accommodate your thighs. Grained floor coverings and a fake marble counter give First Class an up-market appeal. The new plane utilizes a timed flow faucet, which is a considerable improvement over MD-80 and 757. This eliminates the need to trigger the water for one arm whilst attempting to rinse the other! American Airlines A319 is the first to have Shark Lets wingtips. The Shark lettuce design improves the efficiency of the wing, allowing it to use less fuel.


The Airbus A319 is one of the famous airplanes that was produced by Airbus and is used for flights to date. All the Airbus A319 planes are filled with TV sets and can be used by the commoners.

Does an AIRBUS A319 Have TVS?

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