What Channel is Newsmax on Spectrum?

What Channel is Newsmax on Spectrum?

Media and news channels have seen a sudden growth with time. While channels like FOX News, CNN, ABC News, and CBS News have dominated the market and faced a mixed number of opinions from a different mindset, Newsmax still got successful to get a place in American households. Starting its broadcasting through Direct TV and Dish Network to millions of satellite subscribers, Newsmax is now available on Spectrum as well. So what channel is Newsmax on Spectrum? 

Spectrum Network is one of the best available networks in the market. Having a huge variety of channels in News, Sports, Lifestyle, and Entertainment, Spectrum Cable offers you various combinations and packs to choose from. It is such a great thing that now you can watch your favorite Newsmax Channel on Spectrum. To get Newsmax on Spectrum, you need to subscribe to either Spectrum Silver Package or Spectrum Gold Packages. The channel number on Spectrum vary with every state. To know more let’s get more into, ‘ What Channel is Newsmax on Spectrum?’ 


Newsmax is an American news website that got launched on September 16, 1998. This news and opinion website is operated by NewsMax Media. The website mainly covers news in four categories – NewsMax Health, NewsMax World, NewsMax, and NewsMax Finance which further divides into subcategories. You can assess its website www.newsmax.com through Spectrum’s online network. 

NewsMax’s owner Christopher Ruddy discovered that there is a lesser amount of conservative supporting news media in the market and comes to the opinion of launching this conservative TV channel NewsMax. After getting a new face as a TV channel in June 2014, it gained sudden popularity with its slogan of ‘Local News for Local People’. Most American households switched to NewsMax to start their day for getting updates about the local news. 

As of 2019, it was estimated that around 75 million Americans switched to ‘NewsMax’ for getting daily news updates. Since the launch of NewsMax as a TV channel, it was also taken as a competitor of FOX News. But it brought more attention when NewsMax managed to bring in Ex FOX News host Rob Schmitt, Greg Kelly, and Heather Childers. 

Getting such a famous face from the competitive channel automatically gave it an image that the content will be more informative and will be in support of the right. Along with that, NewsMax created its image as a home to those sensational personalities that are unwelcomed by other channels. Apart from the NewsMax TV channel, the NewsMax website seemed like one of the strongest conservative voices that were available online. 

NewsMax on Spectrum 

Over the years, NewsMax became a local news hub for Americans for getting updates on the latest happenings. Due to this rapid growth and availability, NewsMax is now watched in around 70 million homes. This is the reason why Spectrum Cable Network is now offering NewsMax to its subscribers.

 Although there are various other options where you can watch NewsMax, by getting Spectrum Cable TV plans you can have better options between channels and genres like News, Sports, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. You can easily choose from the one that suits your interest. 

NewsMax is now available on Spectrum on two different subscription packages. One is Spectrum Silver Package covering around 235 channels and costs around $69.99 per month. While the second option you can go for is Spectrum Gold Packages that covers around 340 channels and cost a little more i.e.,  $89.99 per month. Having the choices between both packages, you can go for the packages that are affordable and convenient for you to subscribe to. 

In case, you are already a subscriber of the basic version of Spectrum Cable TV – Spectrum TV Select, you may not find the NewsMax channel. To get that in your subscription, you can easily contact Spectrum Customer Service and ask for the upgrade to the current plan. 

After getting a new subscription, another hassle is to find the number of channels that you want to watch. Especially, in the case of Spectrum Cabel Network, it gets a bit more difficult as Spectrum channel numbers are used to vary from state to state. The same goes with NewsMax Channel, but don’t worry, we are here to help you to find ‘What channel is NewsMax on Spectrum?’ in your area. 

What channel number is NewsMax on Spectrum? 

Finding the NewsMax channel number in your Spectrum Cable TV is a tough job. Especially for those who have recently got their Spectrum Cable TV subscription. But you don’t have to worry because we are here with the complete list of Channel Numbers that will help you to find your favorite NewsMax Channel in your area. 

NewsMax Channel Numbers on Spectrum 
State or City Channel Number 
Albany, NY222
Albertville, AL178
Austin, TX222
Alcoa, TN    185
Akron, OH365
Billings, MT620
Bangor, MN222
Bourg, LA135
Bergen CO, NJ222
Barre, VT172
Cheyenne, WY616
Charlotte, NC222
Corry, PA 365
Columbia, SC222
Duluth, MN132
Greensboro, NC222
Grand Island, NE132
Lancaster, NH222
Milwaukee, WI365
St. Louis, Missouri 248
Worcester, MA132
Yakima, WA165

Famous Shows available on NewsMax Channel 

NewsMax is now a popular name in most households in America. But what are the uniqueness that makes it popular and strong competition among other famous news channels? The reason behind its success is its number of news shows that give an expert opinion on the political happenings in America. 

Since you are going to subscribe to Spectrum to watch NewsMax, we should update you with the best shows available on NewsMax that can give you good insights about the latest happenings:- 

  • Rob Carson’s What in the World? 

In a way to lighten your mood and get updates about the latest happenings, this is the best show you can go for. The host Rob Carson presents the political happenings, cultural phenomena, and absurdity affecting every American daily using satire and humor. 

  • National Report by Shaun Chrisman 

The show National Report is hosted by Shaun Chrisman every weekday from NewsMax TV studious in Manhattan. The show brings the breaking news from Washington, financial markets, Hollywood, and the capital’s around the world. Shaun Chrisman does not just give updates about the latest happenings but presents the in-depth analysis through the interviews and debates with the personalities from different fields. 

  • The Chris Salcedo Show

Chris Salcedo is one the  America’s favorite hosts. He has become the talk of the town since the day he steps in by picking out the wrongs of the politicians as well as biased media channels. His political analysis and conservative views often take conservatives to get in favor of his opinions. 

  • John Bachman Now

The show is focused on the biggest scoops and important stories that happened throughout the day. The host John Bachman gives you a complete and clear analysis of the news. So that you can get a complete understanding of that topic.

  • American Agenda with Bob Sellers 

This is a live news update show. Here the host Bob Sellers provides the latest national and international news updates to the audience. Bob Sellers also invites people from the field of law in the panel to give the audience a better and clear understanding of the news. 

Interesting facts about NewsMax Channel 

If you are a new subscriber or you just got NewsMax on Spectrum Cabel Network, it is better is know some interesting facts about this rapidly growing news channel. Let’s take a glance at some of it:- 

  • Available in all mediums 

NewsMax was started as an online medium with its website www.newsmax.com in 1998. Later in 2014, Christopher Ruddy introduced NewsMax as a TV channel as well as on OTT. Other than that, it is also available in printed form as Magazine which is the largest monthlies in America among the conservatives. 

  • FOX News is its biggest competition 

NewsMax was initially launched to give competition to one of the strongest competitors Fox News. From producing content in every medium to recurring the former Fox News hosts, it’s trying everything in its power to gain an edge over Fox news. 

  • Focussed on Real News 

As compared to its biggest competitor Fox News, NewsMax is more focused on bringing the hardcore News among the audience. All the programs by NewsMax give a factual and expert analysis of the news happening around the capital. 

Conclusion : 

NewsMax is the fastest-growing news channel with its conservative take among Americans. It’s the reason that now NewsMax is available on Spectrum. If you are already a subscriber or switching to Spectrum, you can get a subscription to Spectrum’s Silver or Gold Packages to get free access to NewsMax. You can take help from the channel list given above to find the channel number of Newsmax in your area. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is the NewsMax channel offered by Spectrum? 

Yes, the NewsMax channel is available for free to Spectrum TV Cable subscribers. To get NewsMax on your Spectrum Cable TV, you need to get a subscription to Spectrum Silver Package or Spectrum Golden Package. 

Q: Is the NewsMax channel free on Spectrum? 

NewsMax channel comes free with the subscription of two packages offered by Spectrum. You can either go for Spectrum Silver Package or Spectrum Gold Package to get access to the NewsMax channel and watch your favorite shows. 

Q: Is NewsMax also available as an app?

Yes, NewsMax is now available as an app of its own. To get access to it, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your Android and Apple devices. Along with that, you can log in using the username and password provided by your cable service provider.

What Channel is Newsmax on Spectrum?

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