How much does Lowes charge to install a Garage Door?


A garage door defines the main point of entry or exit. It should operate as smoothly as possible so that it elevates the overall style of your home. When one needs a new garage doors, its parts or both of them, Lowe helps! They offer both professional and independent installations and manage the entire job. The job starts from the observance, handles measurements, and concluding with all the actual installation.

Installation of Garage Doors by Lowes ranges from $199 to $599, and it depends on the size of the doors and its location. Installing a garage requires skill and time, and standard doors ranges from $600 to $1500. The labor costs are also added, and the new door costs around $300 to $1100.

Lowes offers many different services to assist with indoor and outdoor jobs ranging from attic installation to a garage doors. They offer high-quality professionals to install ladders, stairs, closet doors, and even a door opener. Unfortunately, free installation of the door is not available, but free delivery is available seven days a week.

The test is performed on all the major appliances to make sure it is working, and a demo on how to install it is also given.

What is the cost of installing a car garage door?

 The average single-car garage doors costs around $500 to $800, and a standard two-car garage doors cost ranges between $771 and $1400. A new door costs between $250 and $1500, and it depends on several factors, like the material of the door.

What is garage door installation?

The curb appeal can be boosted in many ways, including changing the garage door. To update the style of the home, a garage, a door can be installed because it encloses the space used for parking cars. All the outdoor store equipment can be stored and made a statement with.

It serves double duty as a hangout exercise room. There are different door screens so that one enjoys the feeling of an open door without flying pests. One should browse through all the available options that complement the entire style and architecture of the house.

Cost of the installation

The installation costs of the garage doors vary, and the door opener installation also varies. Once all the measurements are complete, one receives a project and can work as an independent installer. They should also ensure that all the needs from the door are met.

Garage door opener installation

When looking for a quiet and smart capability and wanting something new to open the installed door with, they should use an opener. An opener can be used to live the garage door effectively, and its installation can be completed. The installation of a Genie Garage door Opener or the Chamberlain door can be shopped online and available in-store.     

Lowes Home Improvement Stores And How Do They Help?

The Lowes Home Improvement stores are known for providing good quality products at low cost. One should look through the available options to find products needed to maintain and repair them. Searching and finding the right doors for your home can be a very hectic task and the best available doors are very expensive.

  • The pricing depends not only on the material but also on the quality, location, and the selection process needs several points to be considered. The installation process, removal of the door, types of garage door opener, construction materials, and the warranty.
  • One of the best buys is the Lowes garage door, and the installers are considered as following strict safety standards. Every installation that is done requires a rating so that the company knows that the customer is satisfied with the services they are receiving. The installation costs range from $199 to $599 and depend on the size. Installing a larger door requires more precision and skills, and the cost of Lowes is slightly more than the other companies and their costs.
  • An alternative to purchasing the garage door should be to compare the installation prices from other companies like Home Depot. The customer can also install the garage door, and the home improvement stores will help in the process.
  • Self-installation takes more time to complete, and the cost of disposing of the old door should also be considered. Self-installation also requires a person’s assistance from at least one person. The Lowes garage door installation service is very reasonable, and it provides the owner with peace of mind.
  • The purchase of the door can also sometimes include the cost of installation, and one should check with the sales representative. The installation starts at $127, and it includes the removal of the old doors and all the other materials. All the requests can be put online, licensed with a professional installer, and scheduled.
  • There is a typical range of installing a door, and it ranges between $733 and $1472, and it varies in the case of a single and double door. The best garage doors are Clopay, Chamberlain, Ammar, Midland, Raynor, Carriage House.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a 2-car new garage door?

The two-car garage door costs around $750-$4,000 and some varieties like the two single garage doors, one single garage door.

2. Is it difficult to install a garage door?

Installing a garage door is not very simple, and it is also dangerous. First, one needs to secure the door with a torsion spring system to install it manually. Then, one needs a drill, open-end wrench, and a hex wrench.

3. What is the average cost of the door installation?

The average cost can also vary, but approximately it costs around $250, and the cost of removing the door is $160.


The Lowes garage door installation has increased with time. Many customers prefer the quality and cost of the services provided. This is the reason why Lowes enjoys an upper edge over the other competitors.

How much does Lowes charge to install a Garage Door?

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