Does Hazel die at the end of The Fault in our Stars?

Does Hazel die at the end of The Fault in our Stars?

John Green’s novel, The Fault in our Stars, is one of the happiest, most upsetting, most beautiful of books ever to have been penned. The book later went on to be an equally incredible feature film with the same name, directed by Josh Boone, starring Shailene Woodley who played Hazel Grace, and Ansel Elgort who played Augustus Waters. 


The story is about two cancer-affected kids, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, who happen to meet at a support group especially meant for cancer patients. That is where their adventure begins in all its entirety. Together, they face a sequence of events, which brought them closer, and interestingly, both of them do in fact, fall in love.

However, the twist occurs when the story furthers and the readers realize that Hazel Grace was going to die because of her lung cancer and didn’t really find a point in living anymore either, since she knew her days were numbered. The fact that she couldn’t see a reason to live, until she found a reason to, in Augustus Waters is something that touches the readers incredibly.

We also discover throughout the novel that Augustus Waters was out of any sort of danger since he managed to surpass the stage where he could have been in the danger of death. Now, the massive climax and bummer shock the readers when they come to realize that in the end, it was Augustus who passed away and not Hazel Grace. 

In an interview with the author of the masterpiece, John Green himself discloses the fact that Hazel dies a year or so after Augustus did, because of her cancer. 

Main Idea of the story:

The story genuinely had its reader bawling their eyes out, as they come to discover that Augustus and Hazel couldn’t end up together because Augustus passed away after the abrupt return of his cancer. There were several ideas that the readers could take away from the novel. 

  • Life is short: One of the major takeaways from the story is the fact that life is not as long as we think it is and we must all embrace it as much as possible while we’re here on earth. Everyone’s days are somehow numbered so it’s best to live rather than just exist. 
  • Let people know you love them: Tell the people you love, that you love them no matter what. You might never get the chance to say it to them tomorrow or probably even the next second, so constantly remind them that they are loved and that they matter to you. 
  • Enjoy the little moments: You might not realize it right now, but the little moments that you have, would one day simply be a mere memory, which would eventually fade away or come back in pieces and you’d want to give anything to live that again, might as well live in it whilst you can. 
  • Hold hands often: There’s a special kind of feeling that you encounter when a loved one or a person you fancy touches you, feel that often, let that person know that they deserve nothing less than the world in all its entirety, you might not get the chance to do so again,  so do so while they’re there with you in that specific moment. 
  • Click pictures: It might sound totally insane, but pictures are the only things closest to that one memory you love in all honesty, it’s sort of a time-turner, a reminder, that everything that you’ve felt are not stories, but stories that you were there to witness, stories that you’ve in fact lived. That all of it wasn’t some sort of dream, you were there, alive, living in that moment, with no care of the world. Pictures are important, you wouldn’t think that’s true right now, but they will make sense someday. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Is ‘Five Feet Apart’ copied from The Fault in our Stars?

A1. It does appear that the movie Five Feet Apart has almost the same storyline as that of The Fault in our Stars, however, that is not true. Both the films have somewhere been inspired by real-life stories, albeit both the films are not in any way related to each other. Though it is claimed by many journalists that Five Feet Apart is just an inferior copy of the masterpiece by John Green, from the concept to the plot, with some differences and distinguishing factors here and there, and can in no way be compared because The Fault in our Stars was and is extremely phenomenal even to this date and cannot. To have comparisons they say, the former must have a certain standard, which it did not have, because it was casually copied and remade differently, no matter how well it did at the box office.

Q2. What’s a major takeaway in the Fault in our Stars?

A2. The story gives us the simplest yet important of morals, so to speak, to appreciate and embrace every little moment, before they end and eventually fade away. Hazel Grace was always so consumed with the thought of her having cancer and the fact that she would eventually die and that she didn’t want to give anyone the trouble of that happening that she forgot to live until August Waters happened and flipped things over for her. He just had that ‘Live-in-the-Moment’ sort of attitude that Hazel just had to give in and let loose. 

The little time that the both of them spent together, completely flipped her life over, even though Augustus dies in the end, he made sure he lived before that. 

Q3. What are more films like The Fault in our Stars? 

A3.  Here are some films like The Fault in our Stars.

  • Five Feet Apart – starring Cole Sprouse and Hailey Lu Richardson
  • Me Before You – starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin 
  • Midnight Sun – starring Bella Throne and Patrick Schwarzenegger 
  • Everything, Everything – starring Amanda Stenberg and  Nick Robinson 
  • Before I Fall – starring Zoey Deutch 
  • A Walk to Remember – starring Mandy Moore and Shane WestShane West
Does Hazel die at the end of The Fault in our Stars?

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