Is Catherine a biblical name?

Catherine is one of the most famous and common names across the globe. The name has different meanings in different languages. However, Catherine is considered as one of the holy names and spiritual names which is probably suitable to name a girl. Christian Parents around the world love the name Catherine, and they would love […]

Is Emma a Girl in The Promised Neverland?

The Promised Neverland is an anime show about children breaking through the reality of the world around them that is already set in the distant future. The show has a total of two seasons. If you haven’t watched it yet but heard that the show consisted of two male characters, you might be wondering who […]

What is the main idea of Platos Allegory of the Cave?

Who is Plato? Plato is an ancient philosopher from Greece who lived from the 340s to 420s. His major interest was philosophy as he was a student of the greatest philosopher Socrates himself taught Plato. After being a student of Socrates, he made remarkable contributions to the field. He founded the first higher learning institution […]

What is the main message of There Will Come Soft Rains?

The main backdrop of this wonderful short story by Ray Douglas Bradbury is the showcasing of the dark side and after-effects of nuclear warfare. In addition to that, the author also sheds some light on two other topics being, the power and reach of technology into our lives, and, the concept of death. Know the […]

Does Garcia die on Criminal Minds?

Penelope Garcia is a character we all know and love from Criminal Minds for her amazing skills as a technical analyst in the BAU. Not to mention, her amazing yet quirky sense of style has left us adoring her more than ever. Later on, she worked as the team’s Media Liaison Officer when Jennifer Jareau […]

Does Hazel die at the end of The Fault in our Stars?

John Green’s novel, The Fault in our Stars, is one of the happiest, most upsetting, most beautiful of books ever to have been penned. The book later went on to be an equally incredible feature film with the same name, directed by Josh Boone, starring Shailene Woodley who played Hazel Grace, and Ansel Elgort who […]

Roll, Camera, Major Payne!?

The year 1995 marked the debut of Major Payne- an American Comedy movie that made a worldwide gross of 30.1 million and about 7 million on the day of its debut making it climb to the second-ranking movie in the US Box Office. The story surrounds a ruthless military officer who is employed among a […]

From Turkey to San Francisco: Living Overseas During A Pandemic

It’s springtime on the Aegean coast of Turkey and it’s almost warm enough to swim in the sea. I hadn’t intended to witness early season flowers—the ones that don’t stick around for the sweltering Mediterranean summer—especially the telltale gelincik (poppy) that delightfully blooms across the region to mark the beginning of the countdown to summer. […]

In The Thick of The Sugar: My Summer Living with a Professional Sugar baby

Summers have always been a time to discover yourself, get closer with friends, try new things—my summer in 2015 was just that. A summer learning about the world around me, and how my life choices changed who I was. In San Francisco wealth is abundant, there is no shortage of riches going around.  Coming out […]

The February Editor’s Letter: Box Seats

February, a month shorter and cozier than all others, is also characteristically packed with reminders of talent and grandeur. It’s awards season. It’s theater season. It’s also, quite wonderfully, symphony season.  Thanks to an unforeseen stroke of luck this month, I found myself with box seats to the San Francisco Symphony on a stormy Friday […]

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