Why Did Pirates Wear Tricorn Hats?

Why Did Pirates Wear Tricorn Hats?

Pirates are one of the great and quite adventurous species of mankind that exists on the earth. They are found in every sea and every ocean of the world. People take pirates as bad consumers of society, which they are. However, if we think about the positive aspect, we can’t deny that pirates do all these things to survive. And every human being has a special passion for living in society, so do pirates have. Hence, they are negative for society, but they do all of it to live. Read further to know about why pirates wear tricorn hats.

Well, have you ever observed that pirates do wear tricorn hats? Yeah, it’s their custom. However, there’s a big theory behind this. If you are looking for the same, you are absolutely on the right platform; after all, this article will help you know everything about pirates. Presenting you every possible information that you might be searching, related to pirates. 

About Pirates

Pirates are the criminals who do looting in the sea via various ships and boats that pass through. These pirates sometimes plan a great attack on the nearby island or the small village across the sea. They also travel from one sea to another in search of some good loot that they can make. This passion (you may say) is known as piracy.

If we define piracy, then it is an act of robbery or criminal done by sea robbers through various ships or boats to have some goods and valuable things to survive. The people who do this are known as pirates, and the ship they use is known as Pirate Ship. 

After doing great research on the pirates, it has come to know that thieves and robbers are in the community of pirates, but several ordinary people are forced to attempt this crime by washing their brains. They do this all to increase their numbers and spread their community.

Well, now piracy is quite rare as it is found only at some seas. However, historical facts tell that around 1620 to around 1720 is the golden period for pirates. Pirates enjoyed their piracy for about a hundred years, and they ruled about seven seas at this time. People were quite afraid, and so not many ships passed through those areas. So, pirates started attacking the small villages to have food and valuable products to live on. They have their special dresses to have their own identity, and hence, they have their flag so that they could easily be identified and spread their fear across the whole world. Their appearance was quite scary, and they used many weapons to scare people so that they could easily surrender their goods. This is how their lives go on. 

Pirates do have special clothes; however, apart from this, they wear special caps, commonly known as tricorn caps. Have you ever thought, why do they wear such caps? Well, they have a great reason behind that. So let’s take you on the ride, where you’ll know why pirates wear tricorn caps. 

Why Do Pirates Wear Tricorn Caps?

The reason behind the tricorn caps, mostly worn by pirates, is a great history. 

It has come to be known that the tricorne appeared due to the evolution of the broad-brim round hat used by the old Spanish soldiers. This hat was quite in use by Spanish soldiers as they favored it. The reason behind the same was that whenever the soldiers would stand with each other in a queue, their muskets could be held at their shoulders right or left without hitting the hat brim. Also, this hat gave them a great identity and was meant as a symbol of bravery and power. Hence, this was the evolution of the tricorn hat.

Pirates wear this hat because of its great style and appearance. In the late 17th to 18th century, these hats were in great demand by pirates and thus a symbol of fear for people. 

However, as soon as the pirates lost their power, this became the people living in the society. In the late 18th century (after pirates lost their control), tricorn hats were quite a trend, leaving until the late 19th century. Slowly, these caps became part of militaries and navies. Hence, these hats were counted as a trend of the time.

Slowly these hats went out of style because of periwigs, panniers, and the rest of Rococo style. The top hat displaced the hat. Among military and navy officers, it evolved into the bicorne style, which Napoleons favored. It fell out of use completely for enlisted soldiers, and slowly they became out of stock for the entire world. 

So, this was the small reason that pirates do wear tricorn hats. It’s a fact that these hats aren’t available now, but they can be seen on the top of a pirate as a crown. Hence, these are rarely found and have a great impact on the viewers. These might have lost their trend and importance in human life. However, their character still terrifies people and works wonderfully for you if you are a pirate. 

What Do Pirates Do All Day?

The word ‘Pirates’ itself describes them; they attack and do robberies for the entire day. However, this is eventually not true. Yeah, they do robberies, but only if they find some ship or boat in the sea. 

Life on the ship is harsh for them. They have to do their daily chores on the ship itself, including eating and drinking fresh food and water, bathing and keeping the surroundings clean, and a good night’s sleep. And if they are finished with their entire staff, they do have to starve until a new ship or boat arrives. Hence, life is quite difficult, and since it is in between the sea, their life is full of risk. 

Well, it’s quite wrong to be a Pirate; however, an individual needs a lot of guts to live the life of a pirate. 


Hence, the pirates use this wonderful hat to have their own identity and symbolize bravery and power, evolution by the Spanish. It’s a great risk of life to be a pirate. However, this species of mankind rarely exists.

Why Did Pirates Wear Tricorn Hats?

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