Day: September 10, 2021

How Does Samsung Health App Measure Steps?

Introduction There are bound questions we keep asking, as the world is fascinating with its innovation. This article is for those curious minds who love inventions and innovations, and we are digging deep into answering your questions. Samsung health app uses sensors like accelerometers, pedometers, altimeters, and GPS that are inbuilt in our phones to […]

Untitled - October 18, 2022
Untitled - October 18, 2022

What does eating cake mean sexually?

With time, humans have developed several ways of conveying a particular meaning without using the actual words which might sound problematic in public. These words are often known as euphemistic words used in places of inappropriate or blunt words to soften them. Read more to find out the euphemistic meaning of Eating cake. One such […]

Why Is Neem Oil Banned In UK?

Neem oil can be used for consumption and as well as for applying on the skin. However, when it comes to the consumption of neem oil, it has been found out that it is potentially toxic and can cause several problems. Read further to know why neem oil banned in UK. Most people would wonder how […]

Why are Japanese Maple Trees So Expensive?

The scientific name of Japanese Maple is “Acer Palmatum.” The word ‘Acer’ means ‘sharp’ in Latin, and it can be from the Celtic ac, which means ‘hard.’ The other scientific word ‘palmatum’ means hand-like in the Latin world, which refers to the size and shape of the leaves.  The originality of these expensive trees comes […]

Why Did Pirates Wear Tricorn Hats?

Pirates are one of the great and quite adventurous species of mankind that exists on the earth. They are found in every sea and every ocean of the world. People take pirates as bad consumers of society, which they are. However, if we think about the positive aspect, we can’t deny that pirates do all […]

Why Do My Bisquick Dumplings Fall Apart?

Dumplings are an Asian cuisine that has left many individuals worldwide craving for more at one point or another in their lives. The Japanese refer to these delicacies as gyoza, while the Chinese term them as jiaozi. Dumplings can either be served as boiled, fried, or steamed, depending on the consumer’s mood. These bite-sized treats […]

Are thirty-one bags made in the USA?

About Thirty-one:  Thirty-One is a company founded by Cindy Monroe in 2003 to empower women by creating employment opportunities. There are a variety of products the company deals with including bags, gifts, face masks, small goods, and many more. Read more to know about thirty-one bags. The company’s name is based on the biblical proverb that “celebrates […]

Why is Eeyore depressed in Winnie the pooh?

It’s worth seeing how fictional characters are depicted suffering from mental illnesses. A wide audience of these fictional series is children or teenagers, who might tumble into situations where they might suffer mentally but lack the knowledge about what’s happening with them. Depicting such sensitive topics through film media can make them aware of the […]

What does Enneagram 4w3 mean?

The enneagram is a system that determines human personality as various personality types and their interconnections. There are multiple traits for numerous personality types, and we all will be a mix of some of these traits. To find out what mixture of personality best suits us, it is good to take an enneagram personality test […]

Can you leave Vicks humidifier on all night?

What are humidifiers? A humidifier is a device primarily used to ease problems caused by dry air. Humidifiers need regular maintenance to work correctly and do not become a health hazard. Humidifiers help to soothe issues caused by dry air, which include a bloody nose, dry sinuses, and cracked lips. Symptoms of a cold or […]

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