How To Sell Feet Pics?

How To Sell Feet Pics

If you’re looking to make extra money on the side, how to sell feet pics may not exactly be the first solution that comes to mind. But actually, it is worth considering – especially if you have beautiful feet.

You could be making a killing just by taking photos of your feet in your spare time and selling them to prospective buyers

Don’t worry if this sounds strange and a little bizarre to you. We will explain everything in due course. To continue reading this article to find out the complete details of:

– Who can sell feet pics

– Who would be willing to buy your feet pics

– How much you can make selling feet pics

– If this is considered illegal or not

– What you need to kickstart the process

– Where and how to get your feet pics sold and the best prices you can attract

– How to trade safely and remain protected from potential scammers

Who can sell feet pics?

Many see topics like this and assume that only women can make it in this trade, but that is not true. Men’s feet sell just as much as women’s.

So this is something that men and women are both welcome to venture into.

Who would be willing to buy pictures of your feet?

If you think that no one would part with their money to see pictures of another person’s feet, you thought wrong! There are several people and even companies who would gladly pay top dollar for feet pics.

The following would pay for your feet pictures:

  • Feet lovers: Or, in other words, people with foot fetishes. People like this gladly pay for feet images to satisfy their lust for feet. All that is required is just photos of your feet and maybe your ankles as well, and that’s it.

But if the idea of selling to people like this feels weird to you and makes you uncomfortable, then you do not have to. There are other people you can sell to.

  • Stock photos sites: Stock photo sites are always on the lookout for all types of pictures, so, yes, they are another viable market: stock photo websites stockpile and archive millions of photos for commercial use. And yours can be some of the pictures they add to their directory.
  • Artists: You can also sell to artists who need them for their work, including sculptures, bronze works, woodworks, paintings, among others. These can be your target audience as well if you are looking to sell feet pics.
  • Modeling agencies: The beauty modeling business is not limited only to face models and the likes. There is a sub-category for feet modeling where feet images are appreciated and well-paid for.

These images are needed for advert images in beauty magazines, at salons, shoe stores, feet jewelry photography, spas, for advertising foot scrub products, and many more.

How much can you make selling feet pics?

It depends. But you can make up to $5 per image as a beginner, which can then rise to as much as $100 or even way more as your feet value increases with time. There are well-documented online reports of people making up to $90,000 annually just by selling their feet pics.

While that might happen only in really few cases, it still shows the massive earning potential available to you if you are willing to explore this option.

If your feet are lovely, feel free to charge accordingly. It is also essential to have excellent negotiation skills. Beautiful feet should get you a little extra. But don’t overdo the pricing so you don’t make your images too expensive to the point that no one would want to buy them.

Is selling my feet pictures in America an illegal activity?

No, it is not. Generally, your feet are part of your body, and you have an absolute right to images of them. So taking pictures and selling them to people willing to pay for them is not an illegal activity.

The only time that selling feet pictures could land you in trouble is if you are selling pictures that are not yours or images of underage children and minors. You can also be in trouble with the law if you sell pictures that you have no rights to.

Just as selling feet pictures is legal in America, it is legal in Canada, in the United Kingdom, and in several other liberal countries that operate a democratic rule but ensure to check so as not to fall on the wrong side of the law.

What do you need to kickstart the process of selling your feet pictures?

The barrier for entry is quite low. And you certainly do not need capital. Selling feet pics is not a venture that requires capital. Your phone camera will do. Most phone cameras have great quality anyway, so that should come in handy.

It is also great if you have nice feet. Crooked feet and other types of feet that do not conform to conventional beauty standards also have a market. But having nice, symmetrical feet with beautiful toenails gives you an edge as it opens you up to several opportunities and not just a specific type of market.

But all in all, it does not take much to start selling feet pics once you have decided to do so. Your phone’s camera will do the trick. Just be creative with the pictures you take by occasionally painting your toenails, using feet jewelry, wearing nice shoes or slippers that accentuate your feet and show off your toenails.

This way, you would be providing potential clients with valuable content that they would gladly pay for and keep coming back for more and more.

You should also be striking up different foot poses and be willing to create some content suited to some customers’ specifications. Surely, personalized orders like these would fetch you increased fees.

Where and how to get your feet pictures sold – and the best prices you can get for them.

The best place to sell pictures of your feet is over the internet and via social media platforms.

This way, you are avoiding the stress of mailing images to customers. In addition, you have people from all over the world as potential customers; the possibility of meeting anyone you don’t want to meet is completely reduced, and your chance of keeping your anonymity remains.

While there are several platforms on which you can make money, it is advisable to settle for only a few.

Pay maximum attention to growing your clientele on these few platforms rather than chasing shadows by trying to be on every different one simultaneously.

So which platforms are great for selling feet pictures, and how does each process work?

1. Instagram

Of course, this list has to begin with Instagram, one of the biggest and most used visual content applications out there.

With about 1 billion monthly users, the extent of your possible reach is vast if you choose to use Instagram as the social media to sell your feet pics.

Simply open a business Instagram account that will be dedicated to your feet pictures. Make sure to include in your bio that you have feet pictures for sale and, of course, add a link through which purchases of your pictures can be made.

Next, gain followers by checking out other pages selling feet images. Follow some of their followers and get them to follow you back since there is a big chance that they are foot lovers who might be willing to pay for your feet pictures.

Make sure you are posting great pictures and occasional short clips regularly as well. It is advisable to do this once or twice daily to tease your customers and show them what they can get when they decide to pay for some exclusive feet pictures and videos.

When you post, you need to add relevant feet pictures tags in your caption. This will expose you to way more people than even your followers. The more people can see your feet pics, the more they are drawn to your page, and the higher your chances of selling to them.

Hashtags like #Feet, #PrettyFeet, #BeautifulFeet, #FeetWorship, and #FeetLovers are popular and well used, but you can do some research and get more relevant ones that can help your visibility.

But don’t forget that each post you make is ultimately to draw your followers to purchase your private, exclusive offers, which goes for a fee.

Get creative and offer discounts and themed content such as ‘bare feet packages,” “cute slippers package,” etc. Each of these packages can offer five images for the price of 3 or something similar to this.

These simple tricks can help you make a bank if you are consistent and dedicated to giving your audience what they want.

2. Facebook

This is as big as platforms get. Almost everyone you know has a Facebook account, so that shows you the size of the market that you can tap into.

Feet lovers on Facebook will pay for your feet images if you follow the right steps, locate their community, and get their attention.

It all starts with creating an account if you don’t already have one. You may not want to use your account where your schoolmates, family, and friends connect with you. So, create a new business account on Facebook.

Be careful not to give out sensitive information and include important information like the link to your sales page and even a link to your Instagram account, particularly if you also have an Instagram account dedicated to selling your feet pictures.

What you need to do next is to join the feet lovers’ pages on Facebook. That is where you will find potential buyers since many of these pages have tens of thousands of community members who will pay for the value you’re offering.

Be active on the page[s] you join. Comment and post so people can notice your pictures, get interested and pay for your feet pictures.

Don’t forget; this is the end goal, so don’t ever lose track of time.

3. OnlyFans

OnlyFans has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its original design is to pay creators who can get people [their fans] to subscribe to their pictures and videos. So it sounds like another great location to sell your feet pictures to subscribers who love your content.

Create an account for your feet pictures and begin to earn. It’s that simple. Because OnlyFans has a system in place that helps you collect funds and pay them to you every month, you will be able to focus properly on creating content and keeping your fans engaged.

You can charge $5 and above on OnlyFans for your feet pictures. For short clips, you want to charge a little more. But don’t make it too pricey to keep your fans coming.

One downside, however, is that OnlyFans takes 20% of your earnings as commission. But if your following is great and your ‘fans’ continually pay good sums for your feet pictures and videos, you can still make money on OnlyFans.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is another multimedia app that’s become popular in recent years. And just like on Instagram and Facebook, people have been taking advantage of it to connect to clients for their feet pictures.

One thing about Snapchat is that pictures and videos [known as snaps] disappear after being viewed by the recipient. You can also set a timer for how long it would take before photos expire and become inaccessible to the client.

You can collect payment for your content using major credit cards or other payment systems online.

Also, you can go premium on Snapchat. This way, only those willing to pay a subscription fee can access your premium pictures and videos.

To make the most of this, post feet pictures to tease people, then let them know that the real deal is in your premium account. Then, draw them in with visual images they won’t be able to resist.

You can then get paid with the SnapCash feature.

5. Twitter

You can also sell on Twitter because feet lovers are everywhere. So the idea is to take your product to them and make them pay for it.

So if you’ve got a Twitter account [or you intend to open one], state it clearly in your ‘Bio’ that you sell feet pictures and videos.

Follow other feet lovers’ accounts you find, and regularly post nice pictures of your feet while reiterating to your followers that you have nice feet pictures that can be sent to their DM for a price.

You can also enter into their DMs to make the offer directly to them. But be sure to get paid before sending the pictures or videos agreed upon.

6. TikTok

Tiktok is now firmly a social media app that is widely loved and used. It already has over 300 million users globally, most of whom are active.

Again, this presents another avenue to meet buyers and clients. Some users are already taking advantage of the platform’s reach to great levels of success, and you can be part of them as well.

Just get on the app, create an account, and begin to share your feet videos. But don’t forget that the aim is to sell and make money. So you’ll need to add a link to a purchase page where people who interact with your TikTok can be directed to pay for your feet pictures on sale.

The purchase page can be your Paypal account, Cashapp, or any other payment system you use.

Alternatively, you can get on TikTok For Business, which focuses on helping people promote their businesses and amplifying them. Doing this will set you apart from those who are just creating content for fun.

7. Feet Finder

Now, this is not a social media app, but it’s just as great as everything that has been mentioned above.

The Feet Finder website is generally recognized and well-rated as one of the best places where feet pictures sellers can meet buyers safely and without the fear or worry of being scammed or getting ripped off.

As the name clearly shows, the website is designed for feet lovers to find people who have them and are willing to sell for a price. So, yes, you can make cool money on the platform connecting to ready and willing buyers.

Your identity is secure, and your pictures are only viewed when they have been paid for.

Like OnlyFans, Feet Finder also takes 20% as commission.

8. Kik

KIK is popular for being an instant messaging app, but it can also be your platform for earning money while selling feet pics.

All you need to do is to create a profile if you don’t already have one. Then look for a selling group to join; there are several of them. Through these groups, you can locate potential customers that you can approach with the proposal of selling feet pictures to them.

One great thing about Kik is that your anonymity is preserved. No one asks for personal details. Payment will be made to you through PayPal for any sale you make.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist is available to users in about 70 countries, and they have about 55 million users. Such numbers open up a world of possibilities for your feet pictures business, and you should be exploring that.

On Craiglist, all you have to do to sell your feet images and clips is to create an account, select the state or country you are targeting, create an ad and select the section you want the ad to be posted to.

Make sure to use titles for your ads that clearly show your intent. For example, use titles such as “Beautiful Feet Pics For Sale” or “Feet Pics For Sale Online.”

Titles like that are clear, and the chance of attracting buyers is high.

To achieve the best results on Craigslist, you should actively engage in forums and constantly look out for buyers who have specifically posted ads calling for sellers of feet pics.

It is also important to always post nice, high-resolution photos because even though there are many potential buyers, they are more likely to go for the best thing on the market than something of inferior quality.

10. Instafeet

Another website that provides you with the chance of selling your feet pics is Instafeet. It is a great tool with which you can amplify your hustle and make sales as well.

Just sign up, follow the prompts and create a profile and begin to post your content for those who love them and would pay for them. 

You want to begin by sharing about five photos and continue from there if you want to see your follower count increase, make more sales, and accumulate more money.

However, there have been reports of shady dealings on the Instafeet website where users have complained about suspicious things happening on their credit accounts used on the website.

So you may want to be careful with that.

11. Shutterstock

Remember at the beginning when it was said that Stock Images websites also pay for feet pictures?

Well, Shutterstock is one of those stock image websites that would be interested in purchasing high-resolution pictures of your feet for good prices.

But the competition is quite high here, and the standard of living is a little above average. So you have to come correct with those images, or your feet pictures may not be acceptable.

12. Other websites

The list of websites that you can sell your feet pictures and videos on include other sites like Etsy, eBay, Reddit, Discord, Whisper, Zazzle, FOAP, Tinder, and Feetify, among others.

Would you be required to pay taxes?

The answer is yes. Because you are making money, your income is subjected to tax laws. So be advised.

Ensure to keep an accurate record of your income to keep track and accurately calculate and remit your taxes.

What else should you know about selling feet pictures?

All the information provided will be useful in your decision to go into the business of selling your feet pics to feet lovers.

But you must also note the following as they are just as important:

– You don’t have to include images of your face or other body parts if you don’t want to. Even if customers make such demands [and they likely will], you must always do only what you are comfortable with.

– Watermark your images and clips as well because some people can rip you off either by buying pics from you and reselling them for higher prices or just completely stealing your photos and passing them off as theirs.

– Don’t stop researching new opportunities, rule changes that can affect your business, and other similar things.

How To Sell Feet Pics?

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