What are the Signs he wants to get you Pregnant?

Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant

A clear-cut way to know a person’s intention is impossible, but you can always navigate around your gut- feeling and read in between the lines to perceive his intentions towards you.

Here in this article, the signs that he wants you pregnant are highlighted so you don’t remain oblivious to that situation.

For those of you who are wondering about this question, there could be several reasons for it. Of course, we cannot put a finger on it and diagnose the exact reasons, but there are lots of subtle signs we can look for and one needs to stay vigilant if they find some signs mentioned here:-

The subtle signs that a man may try to get you pregnant are:-

  •  Watch out for signs like possessiveness and control freak nature:-He is fixated on getting you impregnated to have more control and ownership over you. It’s called a baby trap. Some men want to use this method if they feel like they are not getting a hold of the woman they want to possess. Notice here the word Possess, it is not out of love. You are just a means to fulfill his egotistic longings. 
  • Signs such as He wants to procreate. The situation could be because he considers you fertile ground to give him a healthy baby. Some men would only want a baby to pass down his genes and not because they want a baby for themselves. You need to watch out for this sign by studying his background and getting your facts ready. He may be the only son and he is being pressured by his parents to have a baby so that they can pass on the genes. It is best to study the motives.
  • Another sign is that he is so good around kids lately:-This is also a sign that he is trying to get you pregnant. He babysits his nieces and nephews, gets so interested in discussing the baby’s features about how they will look, starts talking about which school to send them to and whatnot. If your man mellows down around kids, this is a sure sign that he wants you impregnated.
  • He is interested in your period tracker app:-He goes miles to calculate your ovulation timing and asks a lot of questions regarding your contraceptive pills.
  • Another big sign is that you are in a honeymoon stage:- Everyone goes through this stage at the beginning of a relationship and when things are hot and heavy, you seem not able to keep your hands off each other and it’s easy to get out of hand at this phase and think you want something when you don’t, which in this case is a baby
  • He is desperate, which is a huge sign to watch out for:-He knows that you are not ready to commit or be in a serious relationship but he insists on having a baby, to keep you for the long haul. It is his desperate attempt to hook you in. Run.
  • Signs like he only wants to have sex when you are sleeping or when you are the tired:-The reason for that is that he wants you not to be alert and monitor his movements so that he could have his way and get away without putting on protection to get you pregnant.
  • you are not in a real relationship:-He wants you around but he doesn’t want to acknowledge the relationship. He just wants you to be tied down to him so what he does to keep you around is getting you pregnant.
  • Another sign is when your mother-in-law brings up babies out of the blue:– She asks you a question like how many kids you are planning to have? This could be a sign that your man has spoken to his mother about having kids soon and his mother is just confirming it with you.
  • Signs of exterior motive. Watch out! They may link your pregnancy with some legal benefits for your man. Look for some clues on it. Maybe it’s because of some legal agreement or issues relating to inheritance. You find they link the talk about your pregnancy with some ulterior motives.
  • Another sign could be he is in a rebound as he got dumped from a woman with whom he planned his life with and now he is projecting his failures on you by making you pregnant to heal from his hurting heart. 
  • Signs that he has some kind of fetish. For instance, some men have a pregnancy risk fetish. It may be because you are just a means to fulfill this fetish with. You need to watch out for these signs and run in the opposite direction.
  • One sign is that he has a toxic masculinity issue. You have told him your decision of not wanting to be a mother and your decision is not taken well, his toxic masculinity takes over and now he is competing with you to submit to his decision, which is getting you pregnant.

Watch out for these subtle signs in their behavior, habits, and conversations. Most men want a baby for the right reason, but again, there are those who love to get a woman impregnated for all the wrong reasons. Men have nothing to lose in pregnancy but it’s women who have to bear the consequences of it. One needs to make a wise decision and not get trapped and get pregnant with such techniques. Wise up and take charge. Your body is yours alone. Give no one the right to play with your body. If you want to take that path of having a baby, make it for all the good reasons. You should not let him use the baby technique to manipulate you or play with your feelings. A baby is not a toy, neither are you. 

What are the Signs he wants to get you Pregnant?

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