How much does Lowes’s charge to install a privacy fence?

How much does Lowes charge to install a privacy fence?

Lowes is one of the best maintenance and improvement companies in the United States of America. The company has over 500 million customers in the US and over 3 lakh employees who are pillars of this tech giant. It was founded exactly 100 years ago, on March 25. Read more about Lowes’s charge to install a privacy fence.

Lowes tends to help students financially by giving Carl Buchan scholarships to deserving candidates and assisting them in sustainable development. 

Lowes has the vision of being a specialty retailer and providing top-notch improvement and maintenance facilities. It is the world’s and United States’ second-largest supply chain as well. They provide many facilities like construction contractors, repair contractors, remodeling contractors, and retail customers. And it continues to grow and open more stores despite the recession due to the pandemic.

Lowes privacy fence service 

Lowes services include a garage door, privacy fence, and other maintenance and improvement services. Unfortunately, it also charges an additional fee for the same.

Installing a Private Fence depends on various following causes: 

  • Price of the Fence
  • Area of House
  • The material used in making Fence
  • Quality and durability 

The price of the Fence is the primary deciding factor for all of the above factors. It may cost up to $4 -$6 per square foot.

  • AREA

The cost per square foot depends on the area of the desired location of Fencing; it can be fixed or charged as per specifications like per 100 ft. The customer will be charged $3 to 7 dollars. 


Every Fence has different uses; Lowes provides its customers with a variety of fences. The following are the various materials used to make a Fence: 

  1. Vinyl
  2. Wooden
  3. Aluminum 
  4. Steel
  5. Chain 

They all also depend on labor cost per linear foot from 5 dollars to 15 dollars.

Vinyl Fence is charged by Lowes 17 dollars per linear foot and 7 dollars for labor per foot.

Wooden Fence is charged by Lowes 12 dollars per linear foot and 12 dollars for labor cost. 

Aluminum and Steel Fences are charged 26 dollars and 12 dollars per linear foot and labor cost, respectively.

Chain Fence costs 7 dollars and 10 dollars per linear foot and labor, respectively. 

Is it worth it? 

After knowing these hefty prices, one may think about private Fencing and its importance!

Why Fencing?

Fencing is a way of marking your territory in general, but it also has some benefits like

  • One can get rid of trespassers and unwanted animals. 
  • It provides a sense of privacy and security.
  • A uniformity of land and property. 

How Fencing is it done?

Fencing is done in a marked or desired place, where the labor first digs up the boundary of the desired area of the Fence and gradually, or as per materials, host the Fence uptight on the holes. 

How to install Fencing Gate?

  • Firstly the tools and the material for Fencing are determined.
  • Then according to the existing fence size, a door is placed diagonally to the Fence. 
  • Further, the extra pieces are fixed, and the fencing gate latched.
  • Finally, the fencing Gate hardware and hinges are installed.
  • More cuts are made if required.
  • It could be customized as per needs and modernism.

How long does it take to Fence?

All it takes is building the fences through the raw chosen and customized materials and then placing them on the place. Hence Fencing may take one week or more as per the area of the field of Fencing.

Could Fencing be done in a day as well?

Typically the fencing work could be done in one day easily if the material used is wood, like a chain, Aluminum, and Steel requires soldering, cutting which require many hours and precision. At the same time, wood comparatively, if on an urgent basis, could be completed in one day.

Which material is best for Fencing?

Amidst all the above-listed materials, Vinyl is the only material that does not require maintenance and is durable. Also, it is cost-efficient. It is cheaper than wood and Aluminum, and running per linear costs 40 dollars in total, making it the most efficient material option to choose.

How much does it cost to fence Hilly areas property?

The rocky places require more human work to make the place even and make the fences stay in their homes. These areas are prone to uneven climatic conditioning and natural calamities. The soil is loose in these areas.

Hence it requires extra support and workforce to hold it upright in every condition.

Do you need Permission to set up a fence?

According to the laws, if the Fence is up to 9 meters, you may not be asked to issue a permit, but in some cases, it is safer to make a permit before Fencing. 

Is Fencing the same as Installing Gates?

The most common misconception is that people differentiate between gates and fences. Gates are used to providing an opening to the indoor and outdoor of property. They provide security as well as passage to enter.

Whereas fences are used to mark, depict and protect the territory or boundary around the property.

They both have different roles to play and provide.

How to install a Chain Fence?

To install a chain Fence, follow these steps: 

  • Firstly gather all the materials.
  • Then make a post hole in the ground where the Fence will be placed.
  • Set the post for the same.
  • Furthermore, attach gate ware and tension band on it.
  • Then install all the caps on it.
  • Attach rails to it. 
  • After this, install the tension band and unroll the band.
  • Finally, you have to attach posts to the tension bar. 
  • And your chain Fence has been Set up.

Do you need the Permission of neighbors as well for Fencing? 

Living in a society can be extremely overwhelming as well as exhausting. Streets may have people who care about their stuff and their surroundings to a great extent; hence, for the safer side, one should inform the neighbors of the fencing work. Not in detail, but just a word of work to be processed in a few days.

How much does Lowes’s charge to install a privacy fence?

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