Does Lowes Deliver Outdoor Furniture?

does lowes deliver outdoor furniture

When it comes to delivery and logistics, we all want to have a reliable company that will help with the delivery process as swiftly as possible. More so, delivering furniture can be somehow tasking and less convenient basically because of the bulkiness of the items. Similarly, you might be curious to ask if lowes have outdoor furniture? Well, as stated on their website, lowes offer different varieties of outdoor furniture to their customers who are interested in buying from them. Here you would understand the necessary steps taken by lowes to ensure all your furniture gets to your preferred destination without any damage to the furniture. Read further to find out Does Lowes Deliver Outdoor Furniture or not.

Generally, lowes carry everything from patio tables to chairs to cushions, pillows, outdoor rugs, and other outdoor furniture that might not be mentioned here. They have to ensure that all the orders you have placed on their website get to their corresponding destination without any issues. Besides, outdoor heaters are great additions to a patio, especially if you spend quality time outside and when the temperature drops.

It will be best to know that the lowes truck delivery services are available to any location, be it home or business offices within a 75-mile radius of the fulfillment location. Generally, a local representative of the lowes store would contact you and acquire the necessary information related to your delivery and arrange the most suitable time for the delivery to take place at your preferred location. 

How long does it take lowes truck delivery?

Typically the delivery time is dependent on your order fulfillment. If your order isn’t processed yet, then your delivery information might not be ready. Orders going to all US protectorates take place between three to seven business days only. However, lowes has specifically highlighted that orders outside the US protectorate can’t be guaranteed that the delivery would occur within the standard three to seven business days as specified. Note that your delivery would only take place after the processing has been confirmed. Moreover, deliveries are delayed during the weekend, while you should allow for at least one day for processing before the delivery takes place. 

Meanwhile, orders received by noon on a business day can be shipped out the same day if all processing were done without any delay. However, orders made after noon ET will only be shipped to the customer’s destination the following day; perhaps the following day isn’t on the weekend. More so, the orders made in the store or through a customer’s representative can only be shipped out the same day if they are made before 4 pm local time and it is within a 30 miles radius of the store. All this information is highlighted on the lowes website to help guide their customers with detailed information on how their delivery process is done. Other conditions might be attached to your shipping, for example, the volume of the furniture and other important details associated with the delivery process.

How much does lowes charge for delivery?

The amount charged for the delivery of your outdoor furniture is free. There is a free delivery cap for all items above some specified price range which can be as high as $396 or more. Besides, the representative of lowes would walk you through the necessary details expected of you to follow when it comes to your outdoor furniture. A demo of how you should arrange, assemble or disassemble your furniture would also be performed for you by the expert representative. The shipping methods and level you have opted for to have your furniture delivered, as well as the total weight of your orders, would determine the shipping fees if peradventure you aren’t qualified for free shipping. 

What is the best material for outdoor furniture?

Most of the outdoor furniture sold at lowes is made up of the following:

  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Synthetics like plastic, ABS, and synthetic resin wicker.
  • Woods like teak, eucalyptus, and cedar.
  • Metals such as wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and others.

Why is patio furniture very expensive?

Outdoor plastic furniture is so expensive because the products are produced to withstand the UV rays coming from the sun. This is because the UV rays produced by the sun can easily damage the furniture and cause the color to fade off. The cost is usually based on the way the plastic is molded, and the material is used. More so, the price of the outdoor furniture with the cushion used causes a more increase for a few reasons. 

How much does lowes charge to assemble outdoor furniture?

You as a buyer might not have the luxury of time or patience to put your outdoor furniture together, or you have found it very difficult to assemble; based on the instructions, the good news is that lowes can handle all that for you. You might be considering the cost associated with assembling the outdoor furniture and how much the charges would amount to. However, some people employ professionals to assist them with arranging and setting up the furniture outdoors. So no matter what the style is and the furniture looks like; you would have experts that can easily assemble your outdoor furniture for you among the delivery team. 


As a buyer who has spent a huge amount of money purchasing furniture at the lowes store, you would certainly expect that the delivery process of your goods would be swift and hassle-free. But, of course, the organization of lowes has prepared the necessary steps to make the delivery process easier and have your goods delivered to you at the stipulated time.


Who is eligible for free shipping?

As a customer, if you have spent above the specified amount on the outdoor furniture purchases, you automatically qualify for the free shipping services from the organization.

Can I get free shipping on any item I purchased at lowes store?

No. You can only get free shipping on items that are listed eligible, and more so, orders that fulfill the certain price cap are eligible for free shipping. Besides, based on your purchasing power, the amount spent can also qualify you for free shipping. 

What is the best month to buy patio furniture?

Based on many online publications and recommendations, the best month you can buy patio furniture is between late August and October.

Does Lowes Deliver Outdoor Furniture?

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